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1,471: Another Day, Another Round of Obamacare Waivers
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Congratulations to the 39 new recipients of coveted Obamacare waivers!

The latest batch was disclosed yesterday on the HHS/CMS website:

Updated July 15, 2011

As of the end of June 2011, a total of 1,471 one-year waivers have been granted. This update includes 39 new approvals. The number of enrollees in plans with annual limits waivers is 3.2 million, representing only about 2 percent of all Americans who have private health insurance today.

Waiver applications will no longer be accepted after September 22, 2011. As noted above, on June 17, 2011, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) introduced a process for plans that have already received waivers and want to renew those waivers for plan or policy years beginning before January 1, 2014. The new guidance extends the duration of waivers that have been granted through 2013, if applicants submit annual information about their plan and comply with requirements to ensure that their enrollees understand the limits of their coverage. Existing waiver recipients must apply to extend their current waiver and all applications must be submitted by September 22, 2011; after that date applications for an extension will no longer be considered. Any plans that have not yet applied for a waiver also must apply by September 22, 2011.

Until a few months ago, the HHS/CMS waiver page allowed you to view the entire en masse list on an .html page in chronological order. The waiver recipients are now broken down by type and posted in a bit more unwiedly.pdf files. As far as I have been able to piece together for you based on their approval dates, these are 36 of the 39 new golden ticket holders whose applications were signed off in June. Not sure what the other three are. If anyone wants to spend a Saturday morning perusing the data to see whether you can find what I missed, give me a holler.

Self-insured employers

Tanimura & Antle Spreckels CA

UEA New Hire Murray UT

Acrux Investigation Agency, LTD Lakeview OH

Comcar industries, Inc its Affiliates & Subsidiaries Auburndale FL

Mays Housecall Home Health Inc. Antlers OK

Pecan Valley Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center San Antonio TX

Southwest LTC Frisco TX

Air Central Heating & Cooling Yuma AZ

Spanish Meadows Brownsville TX

Wesco Industrial Products Co. Lansdale PA

Cameron Mitchell Restaurant Columbus OH

Hadley, Inc. Thermal CA

Kovacevich 5 Farms Delano CA

Fresh Harvest, Inc. Somerton AZ

Pasquinelli Produce Co Yuma AZ

U. S. Security Associates, Inc.

Health reimbursement arrangements

Special Needs Program, Inc. Ghent NY

Health Care Compliance Minneapolis MN

Independent School District Rosemount MN

Iron Workers Local 33/440 Supplemental Benefit Plan Rochester NY

City of Eden Prairie Eden Prairie MN

SouthWest Transit Eden Prairie MN

Warren Washington ARC Queensbury NY

CSEA Strategic Benefit Trust Albany NY

Heaven’s Hand Community Services, Inc Brooklyn NY

Multi-employer plans (Taft-Hartley union plans)

Plumbers and Steamfitters Local Union No. 43 Health and Welfare Fund Goodlettsville TN

Day Care Council Local 205 DC 1707 Welfare Fund New York NY

Roofers’ Local 195 Health and Accident Plan Cicero NY

Arkansas Pipe Trades Heath and Welfare Fund Oklahoma City OK

Chicago Laborers’ Welfare Fund Chicago IL

Insulators Local 112 Heath and Welfare Trust Fund Lake Charles LA

Southeastern SEIU Health and Welfare Fund Jonesboro GA

Western Teamsters Welfare Trust Seattle WA

Teamsters and Employers Welfare Trust of Illinois Springfield IL

International Brotherhood Electrical Workers Local 139 Welfare Fund Elmira NY

Non-Taft Hartley Union Plans

Uniformed Sanitationmen’s Association Security Benefit Fund New York NY

GOP Sen. John Barrasso will introduce an Obamacare Waivers for All bill next week.

Repeal, of course, is the ultimate waiver.



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