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Whenever Obama Says "Millionaires, Billionaires, and Corporate Jet Owners," Substitute "Obama Bundlers"
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At his latest in a series of pointless press conferences decrying talk over action, President Obama this morning trotted out his worn old class-warfare line about the need for millionaires, billionaires, and corporate jet owners to share in the “sacrifice.”

Whenever you hear him use that line, substitute “Obama bundlers.”

Perhaps someone can slip it into the Teleprompter of the United States one of these days.

Obama fundraising breakdowns are out today.

iWatch reports on the latest activities of Obama’s elite campaign finance bundlers. You can bet the bagman-in-chief isn’t telling them to eat their peas. Wagyu beef and caviar, maybe.

The Obama campaign, in a joint effort with the Democratic National Committee, earlier this year asked about 450 leading fundraisers to bring in $350,000 each by the end of this year. iWatch News has learned that the bundlers were also told they were expected to pull in the same amount next year— an extraordinary $700,000 per bundler over the course of the president’s re-election effort.

And the bundlers have responded. Two fundraisers confirmed to iWatch News that when the Obama campaign releases its list of bundlers on Friday, a number of individuals will be listed as having already raised more than $500,000.

Some of these bundlers are going even further. At least two fundraisers, Hollywood mogul Jeffrey Katzenberg and hedge fund executive Orin Kramer, who raised over $500,000 each in 2008, have also been working to raise unlimited donations for two outside groups that were created earlier this year by a pair of ex-White House aides to help the President win re-election. (The outside groups are Priorities USA and Priorities USA Action which raised between $4 million and $5 million in their first two months of operation enroute to a goal of $100 million).

The early and aggressive fundraising by the Obama campaign, the DNC and outside groups underscores how the money chase for the next election is expected to far outpace the fundraising frenzy of 2010.

All that bundling muscle was instrumental in the ability of the Obama campaign and the DNC to collectively raise $86 million in the second quarter. The campaign keeps $47 million of it.

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