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The Ick-arus of Capitol Hill Gets Ickier; Update: Press Conference 4pm EST; No Resignation; Classic: Breitbart Hacks Weiner Presser; "To be Clear, It Was Me and I Sent It;" 6 Women, 3 Years; the Girls “weren’t Young Per Se.”
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If Congressman Skeevy thought he could just wait it out and have the story die down, he was sadly mistaken.

Mo’ girls.

Mo’ pictures.

Mo’ problems.

One fellow Democrat in N.Y. has begun “praying for Weiner.”

Ugh. The Ick-arus of Capitol Hill keeps getting ickier.

And ickier.

Is Resignation Watch premature?

Update (DP): Weiner has called a press conference for 4 p.m. EST. Resignation or “a few weeks off for Internet sex addiction treatment”? An announcement that he’s seeking spiritual counseling from the sage clergyman who officiated his wedding perhaps?

Update (MM):: NY press says ix-nay on resignation. Political tweeters buzzing that Andrew Breitbart is in attendance at the presser.

Update 4:07pm Eastern – Too freaking funny. Breitbart is up at the podium talking to reporters, justifiably claiming vindcation while press takes photos and CNN journalists pretend they don’t know what he’s talking about when he says vindication. CNN won’t play sound. Fox is carrying livestream here.

Weiner press conference hacked!

Landscape with the Fall of Icarus – William Carlos Williams

According to Brueghel

when Icarus fell

it was spring

a farmer was ploughing

his field

the whole pageantry

of the year was

awake tingling


the edge of the sea


with itself

sweating in the sun

that melted

the wings’ wax


off the coast

there was

a splash quite unnoticed

this was

Icarus drowning


Update Weiner “takes responsibility” for tweeting pkg “as a joke” to Seattle student.

“To be clear, it was me and I sent it.” Chokes up talking about wife.

Acknowledges Internet relations with 6 women over three years” — including during his marriage.

“I’m deeply ashamed of my judgment and actions.” No apology to Breitbart and conservative blogger/journalists.

“I take responsibility” — and “I am not resigning.

Defiant and jerky as he “takes responsibility.”

“I was trying to protect my wife…We have no intention of splitting up.”

“Some of the relationships go back as much as three years.”

“It was a dumb thing to do to say lies about it.”

4:36pm Eastern – Weiner finally apologizes to Breitbart and rest of media he lied to the past week.

Weiner volunteers: “I’ve never had sex outside my marriage.”

Once again, Ick-arus doesn’t know when to shut up. Talks about working long hours.

Women reporters getting impatient. Girls he tweeted are “young enough to be your children!”

Weiner denies knowing how old the girls were while claiming they were adults. Called out by female reporter.

Eupehmism-tastic: Weiner hopes this will be seen as “an aberration from which I’ve learned.”

Ruh-roh: “I never had an intention of having a relationship with underage women.”

Reporter to @RepWeiner: “Was there anything predatory about your behavior?”

Weiner: The girls he engaged in communications with “weren’t young per se.” *Per se.*

Weiner sez he won’t use social media the same way. Giggles. “FB is useful way to get out the message.” And the package.

Circus ends.

Except it doesn’t.

He refuses to resign after lying to his wife, his staff, his constituents, and the media.

Can this stand?

Exit question: How long ’til @RepWeiner starts bragging again about how many new Twitter followers he’s picked up?

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