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Non-Shocker of the Day: Most Transparent Prez Ever Decides Not to be Transparent; : GOP Rep. Mike Rogers Said What?; Update: Obama Sez "We Don't Need to Spike Footballs"
Islamic Rage Boy, 1. Obama, 0.
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Remember how we were waiting for the pic of the century yesterday?

Looks like it’ll be a century before anyone ever sees it.

In the least shocking news of the day, the most transparent president ever has decided not to release the bin Laden photos/video.

MSNBC’er Chuck Todd just tweeted the news: “Pres. Obama has decided NOT to release any photos.”

More from CBS News.

Dhimmitude and non-disclosure prevail.

Back to business as usual, America.

Islamic Rage Boy, 1. Obama, 0.


The Flame Game nonsense:

Meanwhile, sources say, Defense Secretary Robert Gates and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton are advising the president about concerns at the Pentagon and State Department that releasing a photograph could prompt a backlash against the US for killing bin Laden where one does not seem to currently exist.



So members of Congress get to see the photos.

A top Republican who has seen the death photo of Osama bin Laden says releasing the picture publicly could endanger U.S. forces in Afghanistan or elsewhere.

Rep. Mike Rogers, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, says the picture could inflame anti-U.S. sentiments around the world and hamper intelligence cooperation with the United States. He says conspiracy theorists won’t be persuaded no matter what the U.S. does.

But the people who pay their salaries do not.

Like I said:

Back to business as usual, America.


As I’ve reminded you all many times over the last decade:

We didn’t start the fire.

The eternal flame of Muslim outrage was lit a long, long time ago.

You can’t further “inflame” a global inferno anymore than the deadly inflammation the Koran has inspired for centuries.


Oh. Dear.

Obama really said this.


POTUS to CBS “Imagine how the American people would react if Al Qaida killed one of our troops…and put photos of the body on the internet”

First: He compared the killing of a mass murderer fugitive to terrorist targeting of our American men and women in uniform.

And then he had the clueless gall to suggest — despite years of peaceful suffering and endurance from the American people who have been exposed to grisly al Qaeda death/beheading videos and pictures — that somehow we would react violently if shown graphic photos of our defenders of freedom.

Update: Chuck Todd who reported above corrects — It was GOP Rep. Mike Rogers who made the odious comparison.

Dhimmitude is bipartisan.

Back to business as usual, America.


Via White House press secretary Jay Carney, Obama lectures that we “don’t need to spike footballs” and echoed GOP Rep. Rogers’ line that OBL is not a “trophy.”

RennaW hits the nail on the head in her rejoinder to Obama’s admonishment about spiking footballs: “Said the guy who said ‘I won’…and spent $150 million on inauguration.”

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