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The Search for Marizela; Plus Seattle Fundraiser/Benefit Concert in May
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There has been much going on behind the scenes and I’ll have more to say when there’s more to say, but to answer some of the local media who have contacted me this morning:

Yes, in response to a local Seattle-area blog post yesterday, we are searching more parks and other locations for Marizela with the help of an amazing, generous, and dedicated team of experts who have flown in from all across the country — including Arkansas, Maryland, Texas, and Colorado.

No, we did not authorize the Seattle Parks and Recreation Department to contact anyone about the search.

And yes, we will have more to say AFTER we allow our team to do their work.

We said we wouldn’t rest until we found Marizela.

We won’t. We aren’t.


For Seattle-area readers, Marizela’s friends are holding a benefit concert and fundraiser in May to support the family’s continuing search efforts.

More info here.

Thank you so much for your continued thoughts and prayers!

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