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South Jersey-Area Readers: Fundraiser for Marizela TONIGHT!
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Friends of my missing cousin Marizela Perez are holding a coffehouse/fundraiser for her at her hometown high school, Egg Harbor Township HS in EHT, NJ tonight.

If you can make it out to support the family and the private search efforts for Marizela, please join them! I’ll be there in spirit and I know so many of you who can’t travel out to the event will be there in spirit, too. The kids will be selling the orange support bracelets I mentioned a few week ago (directions on how to get yours here). Admission is $5.

Details via Shore News Today:

The friends of Marizela Perez – a 2010 graduate of Egg Harbor Township High School currently missing in Seattle, Wash. – have organized a benefit to raise money to find her. The coffee house event is from 8 to 10 p.m. this Friday, April 8 in the cafeteria at Egg Harbor Township High School. The doors open at 7:30 p.m. and admission is $5.

“A bunch of clubs are joining to help put this together, and all of the profits are going to her family, who’s trying to pay for a private investigator,” said Elizabeth Janansky, a friend of Marizela’s and also a 2010 graduate of the high school. “There’s going to be food for sale to raise money, too.”

The benefit will also feature an art sale, a fitting fundraiser considering Perez’s interest in art.

We have been so blessed with Marizela’s volunteer army across the country — so many more working behind the scenes. Your generosity and activism have been overwhelming.

Together, we WILL find her.

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