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Finding Marizela: New Tip Line, Billboards, and Missing Persons Resources
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Our family has a new independent tip line for citizens who may have information leading to Marizela’s return.

The number is 1-855-MARIZEL. Anonymity is guaranteed. Please spread the word.

Many thanks to Ned Cullen and the generous folks at ClearChannel Outdoor for their help in posting digital billboards across the country about Marizela’s disappearance. The alert (pictured above) will be broadcast in Los Angeles, the Seattle area, Salem OR, San Francisco, Sacramento, Phoenix, and Las Vegas:

Help us bring Marizela home.


On a related policy note, the state of Delaware has taken steps to adopt a “Gold Alert” system for automatic highway bulletins on missing adults.

Similar “Silver Alerts” are issued in other states.

We spend so much time fighting the things that government should do, that we too often take for granted the things government should do. This is certainly a legitimate and basic law enforcement/community safety function that public resources should fund. There should be far more coordination — interstate, intrastate, and local-county-federal — than currently exists.

Let’s Bring Them Home is a good resource for information about missing persons campaigns/legislation.

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