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Thank You for Your Support: Www.Findmarizela.Com
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Readers, we can’t thank you enough for your support of our family’s search for Marizela Perez. It has now been 16 days since she disappeared from the University District on the afternoon of Saturday, March 5.

Remember: You can find all the background information and latest updates at, her Facebook missing persons alert page here, and at my archive of Marizela posts here.

There are no new leads in the police investigation to report. We have hired a private investigator to assist in the search.

Your continued donations will help enormously in supporting the family as life remains on hold while Marizela is missing.

As of 3/20, donors had generously pitched in $6,800 via Paypal. You can donate here.

Again, the generosity and compassion of so many people across the country has been overwhelming.

“Thank you” can’t begin to cover our gratitude.


Tammy Bruce graciously covered Marizela during a nearly 15-minute-long segment on the Laura Ingraham show on Friday. The interview is here.

A reader with a different attitude e-mailed last week:


Love your column and often visit your site, but a week of “Where is Marizela?” is six days too much. Japan is burning, Libya is engulfed by civil war, the president is nowhere to be seen — and neither are you!

Take it from a cold and heartless conservative: Leave the missing persons reports to Nancy Grace. We know you care.


First, guest-blogger Doug Powers is keeping you up to date when I’m not online.

Second, more power to Nancy Grace for covering missing persons cases that would otherwise slip through the cracks. I may not always agree with her approach, but I have a new appreciation for her vigilance.

Third, family comes first in my conservative household. Sorry if you don’t share those values.


One more thank you to the North American Missing Persons Network for spotlighting Marizela’s case and providing support/advice.

Another huge thank you to Ed Morrissey and Hot Air readers for their continued help in spreading the word about Marizela.

Wish I had time to personally thank every blogger, reader, and viewer out there who has been supportive — please know that each and every one of your messages, donations, blog posts, and prayers means the world to us.

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