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Seattle-Area Call for Help: Help Us Search for Marizela Saturday
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(Download here in PDF form.)

This is probably one of the most difficult things my family has ever undertaken. It has been an overwhelming week and we need help.

Tomorrow, Saturday March 12, our family will be joining from all over the country to look for missing 18-year-old UW student Marizela Perez.

The full search party will meet at 11:30am tomorrow at the Safeway where she was last seen last Saturday afternoon and spread out across the University District and surrounding areas.

Many dear old friends from my days in Seattle have answered the call. I’m asking for as many boots on the ground as possible, especially Seattle-area readers

familiar with Ravenna Park, Cowen Park, and adjacent neighborhoods.

Info via Marizela’s Facebook page:

Time Saturday, March 12 · 11:30am – 3:30pm

Location Safeway

4732 Brooklyn Ave NE

Seattle, WA

Created By

Ruel Olanday Jr, Michelle Seth, Joy Mendoza

Marizela Perez Search Party

On behalf of the Perez family, we humbly invite you to help aid in the search for Marizela Perez.


…Saturday March 12, 2011

Full search party meets at 11:30 AM


Full search party will meet at the Safeway parking lot,

4732 Brooklyn Ave NE

The store will allow all volunteers to park for free with passes.

Flyers and tape will be provided. If you can bring your own materials, that will also help immensely!

Locations of search:

-Ravenna Park

-Cowen Park







-post flyers

-hand out flyers

My bottomless thanks again to all of those who have helped spread the word and offered prayers and advice.

We can’t and won’t rest until we find Marizela.

(Republished from by permission of author or representative)
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