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Mob Rule Video: Unhinged Crowd Corners Wisconsin GOP Senator Shouting "F**k You," "Shame!"; Update: A Fleebagger Returns?; Plus: Sen. Grothman Speaks; Fleebagger Met State Senate GOP Leader in Kenosha
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I got bad chills up and down my spine watching this group of crazed, pro-union Madison thugs gang up on a lone conservative in a public space just trying to do his job.

Been there, done that. It’s no fun.

Mass. Democrat Rep. Michael Capuano’s words “Get a little bloody” echoed in my mind like a soundtrack while watching the video clip.

The scene: The Madison, WI state capitol grounds.

The target: Wisconsin state Republican Sen. Glenn Grothman.

The mobsters: Anti-Scott Walker agitators shouting “Shame! Shame! Shame F***k you! F***k you!” while beating their tribal drums, blowing their horns, and hounding Sen. Grothman into an alcove.

First, they back him up on the side of a building, chase him across the lawn, and then corner him.

Sick to my stomach.

Before you watch the video, here are more screen shots of the union sympathizers involved:




Source: Phil Ejercito. H/T: HotAir.

It took the intervention of a Democratic state Senator, Brett Hulsey, wearing his bright orange union t-shirt, to get the crowd to retract its fangs. As Allahpundit noted: “Watch and try to imagine what might have happened had Hulsey not been there…If you want to know why Michelle Litjens and other Republicans need a police escort around the Capitol, now you know.”

What did I say the other day when the police capitulated to this band of brats?

When rules are lobbed, mobs rule.

No comment yet from AFL-CIO thug-in-chief Richard Trumka and Civility Cop-in-Chief Barack Obama.

Not. Holding. Breath.


Commenter Pasadena Phil: Notice how at the end, they walk away chanting “Peaceful protest! Peaceful protest!”. I guess that guarantees that the MSM will report that it was a “Peaceful Protest!”. It’s now probably copyrighted so we can’t use that term anymore.


AFSCME, UCFW, SEIU: Does this behavior make all our children proud and improve the national tone, like President Obama asked us all to do post-Tucson?


Breaking tonight…one of the Fleebagger AWOL Senate Democrats has returned to Wisconsin, according to Liberty Chick on Twitter:

“Democratic Senator Timothy Cullen has just returned to #WI tonite. WI-14 is now WI-13.”

Stay tuned for confirmation, folllow-up…

Hope he has security.


Update: – Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit spoke with Sen. Grothman last night. Watch the interview here.

Update: In the video, you can see Sen. Grothman trying to talk to someone on the phone. It was the Rodger Hedgecock radio show. They have audio of the other end of the phone call. Listen here.

Update: Regarding Wisconsin State Sen. Cullen’s whereabouts…Ed Morrissey says he’s at least broken ranks rhetorically…and reader Patriotburr writes:


I just contacted his office and his aid[e] told me that it is just a rumor, that he has not returned, and that he will “not return without all the others.” “No one wants to be the 20th vote,” she said. I asked if the senator had any plans to return soon and she reiterated, “Not without the others.”

Thanks to most of you for your support of our state’s budget reform!

Wisconsinite supporting Scott Walker!


Update: The Wisconsin State Journal reports that Fleebagger Cullen met with the state Senate GOP leader in Kenosha on Monday.

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