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Photo Gallery: What Big Labor Protesters Are Teaching Kids (Language Warning); Update: Slobs and More Vulgarity and Fox Hate
Keepin' it classy.
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Thanks to reader Justin Falk for sending along these pictures from the progressive Peace&Love march in Madison, Wisconsin today (language warning). Keep it classy, progs!

New Civility. Same as the Old.

All in good, clean fun!


Commenter Aloha Guy: “A gang bang? I guess it is like Cairo.”


Ann Althouse documents the trash the union slobs left behind….


Update: Another lovely photo and observations from reader Mary Thompson — who e-mails: “My thirteen year-old had a large male scream “f*ck you!” several times and then say he was a teacher. This was because he was holding a Walker sign. I had a teacher hit me with her sign for taking a picture of it. I was not holding any signs or wearing anything that would identify my position.”

Feel the classiness!

Charming. A kid getting his/her Cee-Lo-inspired profanity on…Big Labor-approved! Thanks to reader David K

Can’t have a prog pow-wow without more requisite Fox hatred and race-baiting (photos also via David K):



Yes, even a few Wisconsin Democrat officials are embarrassed by some of the vulgar signs. Tim Graham of the Media Research Center lays out the Left’s incurable double standards over the last two years:

Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chairman Mike Tate is condemning signs carried by pro-labor protesters that compare Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker to Hitler, Benito Mussolini and Hosni Mubarak and showed the governor with a cross-hairs rifle sight over his face.

In an interview with, Democratic Party of Wisconsin Press Secretary Graeme Zielinski said that Tate and the party “absolutely” condemn the inflammatory signs but says that they are not representative of the majority of the protesters who have taken to the streets in opposition to the Governor’s plan.

“This is absolutely not representative of what the protest is that’s out there,” said Zielinski. “Frankly it’s offensive to a lot of the protesters, average working men and women who are out here with their families peaceably demonstrating and exercising their first amendment rights.”

…Tim Graham, director of media analysis for the Media Research Center the parent organization of, praised the State Democratic Party for condemning the signs and agreed that those wielding them make up only a fraction of the protesters.

However, Graham also pointed to what he said was a double standard when it came to the media’s coverage of inflammatory behavior depending on which side of the political spectrum was involved.

“The big difference is that throughout the last couple of years with the Tea-Party movement the media and the Democrats made an enormous big deal out of the tenor of signs,” said Graham. “Whether they were Obama with a Hitler mustache or Obama in a Witch doctor outfit or violent imagery.”


“The real double standard here is that while the media was constantly harping on tea-party, they’re not harping on signs this time around. We’ve seen some of these signs going by in the stories but there’s no commentary on them. So you might see a sign saying “Hosni Walker” flash on your screen, but there’s nobody saying “extreme,” Graham told

“Nobody’s worried about the tenor of the rhetoric and that’s a double standard. What the media was trying to do to the tea-party was suggest that they were, as a whole, a group of freaks. In this case they’re basically describing them as poor teachers who are being denied their rights.”

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