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White House Academic with Zero Business Experience Explains "Startup America"
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Austan Goolsbee and the “Valley of Death”

Yes, there is such a thing as the “White House White Board,” where Obama bureaucrats and czars get to show off their central-planning chops and lecture America’s real movers, shakers, and job creators on how government will play an integral role in rescuing us all.

Today’s White House White Board lesson on “Startup America” comes from Austan Goolsbee — the Chicago academic/Obana crony last seen parsing the word “recovery” and scoffing at prescient critics of the subprime crisis.

Innovation: Those who can, do. Those who can’t, tell everyone else how to hitch the collective economy to the wagon of the State and how much (er, little) they should make doing it.

I’ve got better ideas for what belongs in the “Valley of Death” Goolsbee drew on his white board.


Commenter Papa Louie: “…’Start-up America’ is really ‘Shut-down America’. You have to level a building before you can fundamentally rebuild it.”

Commenter Forest: “I’ve started two successful small businesses. This video is insultingly idiotic. Every single thing this regime says about small business is designed to sound good to people who know nothing about small business. It’s unbearable to listen to this stuff, but hey, they did talk to ‘hundreds’ of small businessmen about their great desire for another government program ‘for’ small business…But I did love the (now banned) incandescent light bulb representing an entrepreneurial idea in the graphic of the start-up small business guy. Terrific timing on that.”


Words that never come out of the mouths of Obama’s central planners — except when uttered as an epithet:


Reminder: Liberty, not “government vision,” yields innovation.

Put this on your white board:

(Photo credit: Dr. Michael Hankamer)

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