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Democrat Jerk Ousted by N.C. Voters Gets New Government Gig
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Remember this piece of work? The throttler in the classic Democrats Gone Wild video is (former) Democrat Rep. Bob Etheridge, who lashed out at two college kids with the audacity to question him last summer about his adherence to failed Obama policies:

Etheridge was ousted in November by GOP newcomer Renee Elmers.

But arrogant pols never die. They just land new taxpayer-funded gigs.

And this one’s a doozy:

Former U.S. Rep. Bob Etheridge has a new job.

Gov. Beverly Perdue said Tuesday she has appointed the Democrat to oversee North Carolina’s share of the federal stimulus program. Etheridge replaces Dempsey Benton, who departed his position at the Office of Economic Recovery and Investment in November.

Money will go through the program through at least 2012, but nearly 80 percent of the recovery funds have already been spent. Etheridge will oversee how the money is dispersed and make sure projects under contract are getting done.

That’s right. Etheridge was booted out of office thanks to the Tea Party movement — which coalesced against the federal porkulus — and now he gets to redistribute porkulus wealth on the public’s dime.

Cue the Dance of the Lemons.

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