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Overdose of SOTU Hype on the Left and Right; Plus: Talk Like a Republican Day!
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The State of the Union self-promotion circus is in overdrive.

On the left side of the aisle, here are your tax dollars at work hyping the Making of the State of The Union Address, featuring Team Obama’s p.r. and speechwriting blowhards patting each other and their boss on the back for their creativity, hard work, and historic stature:

Soon to come: A taxpayer-subsidized documentary behind the scenes of The Making of the Making of The Making of the State of the Union Address!

On the right side of the aisle, this:

I call it GOP Rock Star Syndrome. Conservatives get into unwise pre-SOTU frenzies over the next hot young thing — only to trash them when they fail to meet inflated expectations (see Bobby Jindal).

Rep. Paul Ryan may have “established himself as a leading conservative thinker on federal spending,” as the Wall Street Journal put it, but grass-roots conservatives who remember how he VOTED over the past two years on fiscal issues will wisely take his thoughts and words tonight with a grain of salt.

Flashback April 2009:

Reader Ryan e-mails:

I doubt you’ll even get this with how busy you must be, but I am so disheartened I had to write the only person I really respect as always sticking to her conservative principles. My wife and I are signed up to go to the tea party in Madison, WI on April 15. I was very excited to finally get off the couch and make my voice heard. Then last week, I got an email from saying that the Republican Party of Wisconsin had decided to sponsor the event by providing free parking and shuttle service. In addition (and probably as a condition of the free parking), Rep. Paul Ryan would be speaking. This, the same Paul Ryan that voted yes on the 700 billion dollar tarp bill. I like Paul Ryan and I think he’s a decent representative, but he is part of the problem. How can somebody who voted to spend 700 billion be addressing an anti-tax tea party?

In addition to voting for TARP, GOP Rep. Ryan — billed as a Republican rising star– voted for the auto bailout and the AIG 90 percent confiscatory bonus tax. Crikey. How many strikes do “Republican rising stars” get?

Another Wisconsin voter here highlights Paul Ryan’s troubling votes and flip-flopping:

So now all of a sudden, picking winners and losers in the market is bad policy? But a couple month ago, when Paul Ryan was arguing to give funds to the failing auto companies, that somehow wasn’t “neo-industrial policy” and wasn’t “picking winners and losers”? We weren’t taxing Toyota to save GM then? And now Paul is suddenly concerned about executive control over funding, when he said not one word after President Bush unilaterally, and illegally used TARP funds to bail out the auto industry? He’s concerned about keeping the Fed focused on the financial industry, but he had no problem with the car czar that he proposed in his earlier legislation?

Look, I’m all for cutting off these funds, and perhaps I’m being stupid to continue to go after Paul Ryan like this. But when reading these releases, you’d think that he was against these things the entire time! But only now that a Democratic President is in office, is he all of a sudden for a more reasonable fiscal policy that didn’t bailout industrial concerns.


Well you know what, that’s what a straight partisan hack does. He ought to be apologizing for his previous votes, not pretending he was being responsible the entire time, but I don’t see one bit of regret for what he did previously. And I’ll be damned if I’m going to let him get away with it.

If you have a GOP representative attending your tea party, be sure to look up his/her record on these and other key fiscal votes before you get to the event. Did the congressional reps speaking at your tea party vote for the $6 billion GIVE/SERVE national service boondoggle?

Did they fall for the Chicken Little scenarios plied by Paulson et al.? Ryan did.

I’ve dug up a reminder from the CSPAN archives of Ryan’s “We can’t do nothing!” House floor speech during the crap sandwich vote:

GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann, who kept her head on her shoulders and voted against TARP when push came to shove, will deliver her own SOTU response.

Hey, the more the merrier!


Be sure to check out Caleb Howe’s terrific parody of the SOTU lovefest:!


And one more item from ABC News: President Obama to Propose Budget Freeze and Earmark Ban Tonight

Yes, it’s Talk Like a Republican Day at the White House.

Words, just words.


Gabriel Malor: “Of course, freezing last year’s unprecedented HUGE budget is hardly much of a cut.”

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