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From my review of the movie Detroit in Taki’s Magazine:

Riot Acting
by Steve Sailer
August 02, 2017

The key moment in the self-destruction of the once great American city of Detroit over the past half century can be dated precisely to July 23, 1967, when blacks began the Detroit Riot. Before 4,700 paratroopers from the U.S. Army’s 82nd and 101st Airborne divisions finally halted the orgy of criminality, African Americans had looted 2,500 stores and burned down 400 buildings in their own neighborhoods.

The next year, 80,000 whites moved out of Detroit. …

Of course, today we are instructed to think of these white refugees from black violence not as victims but as perps. Almost nobody is interested in the stories of the millions of Americans whose lives were literally dislocated by the huge surge in black urban crime during the peak years of American liberalism, 1964–75.

For example, the opening text for the new movie Detroit, which opens nationally on Friday, pins the blame for the black riot of 1967 on the economic devastation caused by the 22,000 whites who had presciently left Detroit the year before, apparently taking all the magic dirt with them, leaving only the tragic dirt.

In reality, the Detroit Riot had little to do with economic decline. Instead, it was a classic example of how rising expectations fuel resentment.

Read the whole thing there.

By the way, poor movie reviewer A.O. Scott appears to be having a nervous breakdown (or perhaps a crisis of faith) in the NYT:

In ‘Detroit,’ Black Lives Caught in a Prehistory of the Alt-Right

DETROIT Directed by Kathryn Bigelow Crime, Drama, History, Thriller R 2h 23m
By A. O. SCOTT JULY 26, 2017

• Tags: Movies 
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  1. Detroit isn’t doing too well. Perhaps people don’t really want to pay up to see a story black people rioting, especially when they’ve had plenty of that for free on TV, with BLM supplying the footage.

    In fact, come to think of it, the only modestly successful movie about a black riot was probably Spike Lee’s Do the Right Thing—28 years ago.

    Besides, why pay up to see black folks rioting when everyone around you is paying up to go and see beleaguered white folks fleeing and surviving in Dunkirk? Maybe Katherine Bigelow would have struck more of a chord with the majority audience in this country if she too had made a movie about white flight.

  2. jim jones says:

    Only movies which flatter women or Blacks are popular with those groups, I predict that “Black America” will make more money than “Detroit”.

  3. JackOH says:

    ” . . . [M]ovie about white flight.” There’s an idea that could actually work. Do it in the style of Blair Witch Project, where the evil is unarticulated and suggested by the increasing anxiety and terror of the principal actors, who would be White folks. Mock sound bite from nervous, ethnic housewife: “They burned Billy Smith’s garage. He was only trying to talk to them for Crissake.” Some dialogue could be lifted from actual interviews with terrified Whites of the period.

    Low-budget indie production. If I were a high roller in the movie business–I’m neither–I’d green-light a credible script along those lines immediately. A deft touch in casting, such as the inclusion of sympathetic conservative Black folks, might deflect critics looking for easy pigeonholes.

  4. David says:

    US census data of the white and black population of Detroit over the last century tells a story.

    ———– White —– Black

    1/1/2010 75,660 —– 590,294
    1/1/1990 222,316 — 777,916
    1/1/1980 413,730 — 758,939
    1/1/1970 838,877 — 660,428
    1/1/1960 1,182,970 — 482,223
    1/1/1950 1,545,847 — 300,506
    1/1/1940 1,472,662 — 149,119
    1/1/1930 1,446,656 — 120,066
    1/1/1920 952,065 —- 40,838
    1/1/1910 459,926 —— 5,741
    1/1/1900 281,575 —— 4,111

  5. Of all of Steve Sailer’s ideas, the concept of ‘white flight as ethnic cleansing’ is the one that most needs to be disseminated to a broader audience.

    • Agree: Travis
  6. Going by your review, Steve, this long ditty of a very tedious movie sounds like a big mess. Was it wrapped before Nov. 8, 2016? Had Hillary won, this movie would have gotten a lot of free publicity. Mickey Dees and Morris Dees would have even issued a new set of tiny plastic Detroit 1967 Riot action figures – – – and the freshly cut checks from The Soros Foundation and the DNC would have subsidized a whole new slew of BLM instigated riots across Hillary’s 2017 America. More Black rioting and more Third-World immigration would have been the means by which blue collar Whitey would have been purged and then chased from the purple states for the sake of the “locked” Demo-crap Electoral College of 2020.

    Thanks a million, Steve, thanks for watching the latest piece of steaming Hollywood old rope on our behalf. It’s an absolutely filthy job but you seem to feel it’s your bounden duty to report to us from the front lines of Lefty Cultural Lunacy.

  7. Ben Kurtz says: • Website

    I’ve been meaning to put Detroit up for one of my classic geo-spatial analyses of urban decay, but I haven’t got around to it yet. Below are my links for St. Louis and Baltimore.

    Unsurprisingly, neighborhoods with more Blacks have more problems of all sorts.

    I’m feeling ambitious, so this time I think I shall try to look up census data going back to 1960 or so, and pick out some Detroit-area neighborhoods that started White but turned Black and compare them to other neighborhoods that started White and stayed White. To date, I have tended to work with recent “snapshot” data and haven’t attempted to do anything involving time-series data.

    The problem with contemporary Detroit is that there are virtually no intact White neighborhoods left within city limits — you have to look towards neighboring municipalities like Dearborn and Grosse Pointe to find some. In places like Baltimore, Chicago and St. Louis, however, there are still some White neighborhoods within city limits, which makes for a slightly cleaner comparison.

    • Replies: @Jake
  8. Why the Blacks set their city aflame
    Seems a puzzle as well as a shame.
    But it’s really no mystery:
    They were “caught in prehistory”
    And the Alt-Right’s the party to blame.

    • Replies: @Anon
  9. On a hot July day 1967 I was a 20 year old college kid in a car with my friends in downtown Detroit on Livernois ave. We were coming back from a double header (Tigers-Yankees). We stalled at a traffic light (traffic was not moving) and watched a Detroit cop standing on the corner helplessly watching the mobs looting liquor and appliance stores — free gin and TV sets for the fatsos staggering out of the broken windowed buildings under the weight of their loot. Looking very pleased with themselves, by the way. It was a terrible scene to behold, one of the most unforgettable of my life. In 1972 Coleman Young was elected mayor of Detroit, the first black mayor, and reigned for 20 horrible years. He did a “Robert Mugabe” to Detroit. The remaining whites fled beyond Eight Mile Rd and the city that built the machines that beat the Germans become America’s Zimbabwe. Detroit is now shorthand for murder, mayhem and misery. The city’s fate is an American tragedy of epic proportions.

    Almost fifty years later Baltimore and Ferguson, MO went up in flames, torched by black mobs, but the fault of whites, according the the DC syndics who are reading from the 50 year script written after Detroit’s destruction — racism. Who are the slow learners among us?

    Time to be done with “racism”. See:

  10. Jake says:

    Liberals are always getting things backward to prove that their pets are angelically innocent victims of racism. Timelines are always skewed. As Steve points here, post Detroit riot, the Narrative became that the riot was caused by, and justified by, police racist violence. The scene that this movie takes as its main focus is the one event pointed to.

    But that event was 2 days into the riot. That police possible overreaction was caused by 2 days of savage rioting by blacks.

    It is long past time to break up the USofA. Into a Blue States nation and a Red States nation. 90% or more of blacks will choose Blue States nation, as will 90% or more of white Liberals.
    Shouldn’t both of those groups want – no, DEMAND – to be free of suffering from sharing the same nation with the white trash Deplorables?

    The Liberal faith is that whatever bad blacks do is caused by white trash racists. That being their Liberal faith, shouldn’t the Liberal be on hunger strike to separate his beloved Numinous Negroes from the basket of deplorables?

    To a true believing Liberal, saving blacks from national racism would allow blacks to shine as the great people they are, while us deplorables losing the Numinous Negro and the white Liberals would doom us in every way.

    Shouldn’t Libs want both of those?

    • Replies: @Samuel Skinner
  11. In Comma, NYT Stenographers Discover New Method for Pretense and Cliche’

  12. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:


    And the wooden-heads who run the EU, together with the sh*t-heads who run The Economist magazine simply *INSIST* that massive uncontrolled (replacement) immigration from sub Saharan Africa will magically ‘solve’ all of Europe’s many problems overnight.

  13. flayotters says: • Website

    It’s just all so depressing. Depressing that so little has changed in fifty years. And that we are even less able to cope now than then.
    Maybe this movie is to raise Bigelow’s career black actor quotient (C-BAQ). I imagine this should help in the future when C-BAQ will determine funding for a director’s movies. Good call KB.

  14. The rioting in Detroit broke out on July 23, 1967. Soon after the rioting was quelled, Michigan Gov. George Romney was invited to appear on local TV for an interview. The rioting seems to have caused the good Gov. to lose some crucial political IQ points in his head. He said that he had been “brainwashed” about the reasons the US was in Vietnam. It was not until Time magazine picked up on the Gov.’s “brainwashing” line and published it in its Sept. 15, 1967 editions did the “brainwashing” story then go national. Romney immediately dived in the GOP presidential polls against Nixon.

    The bad publicity grew so adverse that George Romney had to drop out of the GOP NH presidential primary before the balloting could take place there in March, 1968. Nixon was laughing so hard he probably pissed himself! “Brainwashing,” indeed!

  15. Luke Lea says:

    Maybe it’s time for the media to stop covering black rioters like they were children not responsible for their own behavior, since it unintentionally stereotypes African-Americans in general, the vast majority of whom are hard-working, law abiding citizens.

  16. Anonymous [AKA "Stevedore"] says:

    Screenplay by (((Mark Boal.)))

  17. The vestigial folk memory of the massive White flight from urban areas destroyed by wanton Black criminality can only redound to the benefit of the Republican Party. The Democrat Party is now the political party of the Black Lives Matter Mob. White voters know damn well what they mean when they tell realtors that they want to see houses in areas and towns with “good schools.”

    Detroit has been Africanized to such an extant that it can never recover. Detroit is the answer to what happens to towns and cities when Whites take a hike.

    The Detroit Riots, and the Newark Riots, and the Los Angeles Riots and all the other Black riots in the United States must be used as political tools to destroy the evil rats in the Democrat Party. The rodent cowards in the Republican Party, such as Jeff Flake, Lindsey Graham and John McCain must be destroyed as well. White Core Americans must fight for their own interests.

    Why is there no Republican Party political leader who will repeatedly ask why Hillary Clinton moved to the mostly White town of Chappaqua, New York? You know what the frigging answer is. They are cowards, dammit!

    Hillary Clinton moved to Chappaqua, New York to avoid having to live around Blacks and Mestizos. The Whites who got the hell out of Detroit, and their descendants, are highly aware that Whites left Detroit because the Africanization of that city had made living there for Whites a living hell.


    The Motor City Is Burning by John Lee Hooker(song written by Al Smith):

    • Replies: @Thea
  18. slumber_j says:

    I’d heard of Simo Häyhä, but until I read his Wikipedia entry I’d been unaware that he killed his hundreds of the Soviet enemy using iron sights. That’s pretty amazing.

    • Replies: @Autochthon
    , @Olorin
  19. songbird says:

    I saw a Godzilla movie once, which framed an American city by having a white cop struggle with the anti-civilizational behavior of a black thug. The Japanese have a surprisingly accurate view of America.

  20. Maybe I’m just from a different generation, but black riots just don’t seem that big of a deal to me. They happen from time to time for any number of reasons – well, really just one. I’ve been hearing about black “protests” turning into riots since I was a child.

    They don’t represent some larger existential or societial question. Blacks do it in every country where they have large numbers. Not sure why Steve or this film-maker are getting so mentally worked up and looking for deeper answers about this particular riot. It’s just blacks being black. Same old same old.

    • Replies: @Discordiax
  21. Barnard says:

    The wider release for Detroit doesn’t happen until this weekend. I think the distributors were fairly satisfied with the results last weekend for the number of theaters showing the limited release.

    • Agree: EriK
  22. Dr. X says:

    I find it interesting that the the Detroit riots, Watts, and the 1968 King assassination riots coincided almost perfectly with blacks achieving “civil rights” and the overturning of Jim Crow.

    In other words, it was not oppression that prompted the blacks to riot, but freedom — and the knowledge that whites were no longer going to punish blacks for civil misbehavior as they would have done under segregation, but rather, would beg the Negroes for absolution for “causing” them to riot.

    • Agree: Anonym
    • Replies: @David In TN
  23. It is redundant by now to say, “Great article!” but I’ll do it anyway.

    Great article (film review, whatever).

    I think that you are often too eager to assume that a particular artist is subverting the PC paradigm (wishful thinking?), but the frustrations of the reviewer below suggest that you might be on to something.

    She found the message “conflicted.”

    As did you….

  24. peterike says:

    Shame on you Steve. Your review is one long act of noticing, in the rear-view mirror. Don’t you know that’s verboten?

    Also, I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m already dead sick of seeing John Boyega’s fat, stupid face everywhere. I guess we’re stuck with him for years to come.

    Meanwhile, back at the NY Times, the #1 reader’s pick comment is exceptionally woke.

    I haven’t seen the film, but I was there for the real thing in 1967. As a Canadian kid delivering auto parts from a Toronto electroplater, what I witnessed looked less like an uprising against social injustice, and more like an obscene orgy of self-destructive entitlement, greed and materialism. I found myself in the middle of a neighborhood whose residents were in a religious frenzy, burning down their own main street and destroying businesses run by their productive neighbors. I saw black males running down the sidewalk with TV sets and clothing looted form shattered businesses. I saw women shrieking at their men to grab merchandise that had not yet been stripped by the predators. I saw police and firefighters trying to maintain some semblance of order, using only fire hoses as weapons. The intermittent pop-pop of gunfire was continuous, seemingly from apartments above the looted stores. It was the firefighters who got me out that day, letting me slip into their small convey of fire trucks with my 59 Chevy and escape the worst of it.

    It was the rationality and courage of the firefighters and police that left me with my only positive impression of that day. By comparison, the utter irrationality and greed of the looters, regardless of provocation, was clearly a model of behavior that would uplift no one.

    • Replies: @Anonym
  25. Yak-15 says:

    It’s bad enough that blacks, on average, lack the intellectual ability and time preference to succeed in modern, technologically-advanced societies. It’s worse that progressives continue to feed the black masses propaganda centered around the notion that blacks are agency-less victims of a nation built (somehow by blacks?) with the expressed goal of exploiting people of color for profit. This builds the dual narrative:

    1. If you fail, it’s because whitey holds you down.
    2. If you succeed, you are just feeding more to the white oppressors who are stealing your talent, intelligence, etc.

    Of course, the most successful amongst the black community intuitively understand this is an absurd dichotomy. But even they continue with the narrative because it profits them and add to the bonfire of racial animus. All the while, the black masses of dullards, incapable of critically sifting through the narrative, take home the message that they must blame others for their problems.

    This breeds animosity, as Steve points out in his narrative of black/white America, and is the major driver of BLM and “Detroits.”

    Rather continue to regurgitate iSteve and his perspicacious view of reality, I want to ask the readers what they believe will change this narrative? What will alter the course of the future to help build a better nation that makes the most of each’s ability and quenches the fire of racialized identity politics? Is it ineveitable that there is no solution other than separate nations? Will the vast majority of “good-whites” continue the economically costly system of affirmative action, handouts and looking the other way in perpetuity? Or, will a blanket of race realism slowly envelop the nation as the genetic sciences paired with evolutionary biology and psychology demonstrate the truths belied by “noticing?”

    • Replies: @Thea
    , @Alfa158
    , @Anonym
  26. Mr. Anon says:

    It’s almost as if Bigelow and Boal don’t really believe the politically correct story they are telling.

    I thought much the same thing when I saw Zero Dark Thirty. The plain story presented was of heroic CIA and US military operatives hunting down bin Laden and, as such, was a pretty standard post-911 USA-USA chest-thumping kind of narrative. But what was actually shown subverts that narrative: powerful globe-girdling empire devotes vast resources to track down one man and, ultimately, sends a group of heavily armed, highly trained killers to murder him in his bed. It actually portrays the whole affair as being rather squalid and distasteful. As if to say: this is what your empire is actually based on. Still cool with it?

  27. yaph says:

    Steve did you read this: ?

    The only Rep to contact Angus Deaton about the white death was Keith Ellison.

  28. By the way, poor movie reviewer A.O. Scott appears to be having a nervous breakdown (or perhaps a crisis of faith) in the NYT:

    Is it because it has become a viral meme of Alt-Right is to remind folks, with the exception of our beloved Mr Sailer, that the phrase “(((The Movie Critics)))” simply refers to a an incestuous echo chamber of well connected 3rd & 4th generation red diaper babies like A. O. Scott at the top and a legion of impoverished SJW silly goyim who will never pay back their six figure graduate film studies debt. at the bottom.

    What happens to “the critics” when “Generation Z(yklon)” no longer pays attention to them whatsoever?

    • Replies: @Jenner Ickham Errican
  29. Point Break, Blue Steel, and The Hurt Locker were ridiculous.

  30. Arclight says:
    @Luke Lea

    Agree – most black Americans are decent people who are embarrassed by the way these losers act and people who make excuses for them. The Dems/media thought BLM and the riots in Ferguson and Baltimore would help keep black turnout high for the 2016 election, but instead it fell to the level we normally see with Obama out of the picture, and Hillary didn’t even get quite the same percentage of black support either.

    Chris Rock has an older bit about how much normal black people hate trashy black people – I doubt he would pull that one out today given the pressure on high profile black people to parrot the oppression narrative, but the thoughts he put out there remain true.

  31. Cavanagh, a Kennedyesque young Irish Democrat, had won a stunning upset in 1961 by campaigning against police brutality. He appointed a reformist police chief and instituted affirmative action. He was overwhelmingly reelected in 1965.

    How many rehearsals for the Late Obama Age Collapse are there in American history?

    • Replies: @guest
  32. @Arclight

    Goodblacks vs Badblacks.

    Maybe it’s a universal story.

    What’s the Goodyellows vs Badyellows equivalent?

  33. @Arclight

    Perhaps analogous to the distaste the white elite have for “deplorable’s”.

  34. @PiltdownMan

    Saying Do The Right Thing is about a black riot is like saying The Lord of the Rings is about a piece of jewellery….

    • Replies: @guest
  35. Yak-15 says:

    Clearly the majority of black people hate the bad lots of their community causing dysfunction and blight. But many of them also point the finger at whitey for their failings in life.

    But how do we ever address the results of a meritocratic system in which prosperity skews away from blacks due to genetic factors without mentioning those factors? Especially a system that handsomely rewards upon the acquisition of complex skills and application of fluid intelligence?

    What do we do?

  36. @slumber_j

    I thought it was pretty amazing, too, until I learned he was camouflaged the whole time, sniping at enemies whose leaders had not issued them camaflouge or even white uniforms, and everything took place in snow. He was effectively an invisible man shooting at guys waving lit sparklers around. The number is still high – he was obviously a Hell of a shot – but under those conditions any number of other excellent marksman may have, I expect, performed comparably.

  37. eD says:

    There is a valid historical point that Steve is coming close to making here.

    In pretty much every instance, where we have historical records, where some group that has been under legal restrictions has been emancipated, in the aftermath there has been an explosion of crime and violence perpetrated by people in that group. The latest example is South Africa. But Irish Catholics in the nineteenth century are another example, so the key factor does seem to be the fact of the emancipation. This points to something deep and unpleasant within human nature.

    However, in every instance eventually the criminal activity just burns itself out. But n every instance opponents of the liberalization point out that the oppressed group will use the liberalization to take vengeance on their former oppressors, and this point turns out to be correct.

  38. anonymous • Disclaimer says: • Website

    A.O. Scott’s NYT review is quite a read, the comments are interesting too. My favorite:

    Sasha Stone
    North Hollywood July 29, 2017

    Why is it that whenever I see a story on this movie, no matter where it is, no matter if it’s a review or a broader piece the comments always always always lead with angry resentful white men in defensive mode – as if to even admit this exists at all or that it happened somehow implicates them specifically. How frustrating that this movie will likely get it from both sides – with black critics angry that white filmmakers dared to tell the story, and white audience members (most of whom here haven’t even SEEN it) resentful of the facts. I guess this is why the majority of films put out by Hollywood are by white men and about white men. They’re the only group no one complains about. [Emphasis mine] Detroit is one of the best films of the year and will get no credit for that for whatever reason. It is a story every American should see if they’re to really understand why there is a “Black Lives Matter” rather than an “All Lives Matter.” This should not have to be this hard to have this discussion. [Emphasis mine] No one was ever convicted of any of the murders of these three black men who met their fate at the Algiers Motel. That to me is bigger and more important than any whiny gripes by white dudes who can’t take the heat.

    Uh … Sasha, I’ve got some news for you about the men making films.

    • Replies: @anonymous
    , @Jack Highlands
  39. Ian M. says:

    My father grew up in Detroit in the ’50s and ’60s. He has home video of the riots and of the destruction left in its wake. I myself didn’t grow up in Detroit proper, but I went to school there as a child and my family went to church there.

    My father (and others I’ve talked to) always maintains that Detroit’s decline had started well before the ’67 riots and that the riots merely exacerbated the phenomenon. For example, Detroit’s population had already begun declining in the ’50s. My father also places a lot of blame on the interstate system that was built in Detroit in the late ’50s: it enabled middle class people to move out to the suburbs since they could still commute to work in a timely fashion. Moreover, the construction of the interstate system forcibly moved quite a few families via eminent domain. For example, 100 families from my father’s church alone (not a large church) lost their houses and had to move. Many of these moved to the suburbs since they had to move anyway. The church never really recovered and struggled through the next few decades with increasing blight and crime in the surrounding neighborhood before finally closing sometime around 2000.

    • Replies: @anonymous
    , @David
    , @Dee
    , @Art Deco
  40. Yak-15 says:

    Well, it still has not “burned out” in Haiti despite 200 years and zero whites left.

    • Agree: Barnard
  41. @eD

    I think multiple instances Jews gaining freedom and not rioting as well as East Asian examples, such as Japanese-Americans after internment, and Northern European examples, such as Norwegians in the post-war, puts the issue of heredity back on the table. (Apologies to you Irish out there.)

    • Replies: @peterike
  42. @Luke Lea

    I’m sick of the “most blacks are hard-working, law abiding citizens,” especially around here where commentators understand basic statistics.

    Averages matter but so do the tail ends. It doesn’t matter if your average black person isn’t a criminal. It doesnt’ matter if your average black person wouldn’t participate in a riot. What matters is that black communities have enough people at the margin who are criminals and who can’t control themselves enough to not riot. It also matters that there are enough of these people to overwhelm through the threat of violence the “good” blacks.

    Maybe it’s time for “good” blacks to control their violent tail end. If they are incapable of doing that because of the sheer size of their violent tail end, well, that’s just their society as it should be.

    In addition, due to regression to mean, I don’t want the good blacks heading to my neighborhood for safety. That will simply lead to the destruction of my neighborhood because 1) the good blacks will entice not-quite-so-good blacks to follow and their really not-so-good relatives and 2) the good blacks kids will regress toward their less intelligent, more violent mean.

    So, yes, I can judge a community by the actions of the whole.

    Black society as a whole is simply different from white society. Sure, some blacks would prefer it to be more like white society, just as some whites act black. But those hard-working, law-abiding blacks have never been able to contain/control their lower elements without the help of whites, which tells me that they don’t speak for the black community.

    Why is it so hard for people around – of all places – to accept that blacks are just different from whites and that will create a different society.

    • Replies: @Alfa158
    , @Anonymous
    , @Olorin
  43. @Arclight

    Agree – most black Americans are decent people who are embarrassed by the way these losers act and people who make excuses for them.

    Well, they’re not that embarrassed because they don’t do much of anything to stop those people.

    Without outside influence, different communities find their own rhythm. Blacks left alone create far more violent societies than whites. It’s almost as though they aren’t whites in black face.

    Despite all the HBD talk around here, a lot commentators sound oddly like SJWs in terms of continually being shocked, shocked that blacks (or Asians or Hispanics) as a group aren’t acting like whites.

  44. Art Deco says:

    In pretty much every instance, where we have historical records, where some group that has been under legal restrictions has been emancipated, in the aftermath there has been an explosion of crime and violence perpetrated by people in that group. The latest example is South Africa.

    No it’s not. The homicide rate is half what it was in 1994 and no worse than it was in 1984. If South Africa was ever a tranquil country it has not been so at any time in the post-war period.

    • Replies: @Yojimbo/Zatoichi
    , @fnn
    , @Lot
  45. @Luke Lea

    I know what you mean, kinda like all those moderate Muslims…

  46. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:
    @Luke Lea

    African-Americans in general, the vast majority of whom are hard-working, law abiding citizens.

    I don’t know about the VAST majority, but certainly a near majority of black males are NOT law abiding citizens.

    There are statistics all over the web, not always well-defined, but haven’t something like 50% – 60% of all black males been incarcerated or been on probation?

    In 2013, …by age 23, 49% of black males… have been arrested

    • Replies: @Art Deco
  47. I just noticed the date. 50 years ago a week ago Sunday. Shouldn’t there have been some kind of celebrations, drinking, TV retrospectives, etc? Memorial rioting?

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  48. @Art Deco

    I think you meant to state, “South Africa was ever a tranquil country it has not been so at any time in the post-Aparteid period”.

    That’s when things really started going off the rails. Prior to the fall of Aparteid, South Africa was quite safe (all things considered).

    • Replies: @Art Deco
    , @Johann Ricke
  49. jJay says:

    Some of those whites moved to California in the late 70’s and early 80’s. CA was attractive then because it mostly avoided the recessions. They would get a bit upset when I pronounced it Dee’-Troit.

    And most have since moved on. The ‘wandering whites’ is a real, measurable demographic entity, I suspect, something the Audacious Epigone could perhaps take a look at.

  50. songbird says:

    It’s true that revolution is often precipitated by reform.

    I wouldn’t draw to strong an analogy with Ireland though. It’s history was more troubled. For instance, the 1800s followed on 1798, and the Famine was a pretty big event, not really with parallels in America or South Africa.

    A lot of the troubles in 1800s Ireland arose out of the land laws. Typically tenants had no paper lease, which meant they could be evicted whenever, even in the dead of winter, whether they had always paid their rent or not. Whether their wife was 9 months pregnant or not. Whether they had built their house or invested in improvements in the land. They were often lied to, told it was safe to make investments, then evicted. Sometimes a family was in a townland for hundreds of years.

    Not to make excuses for it, but it’s just not very analogous to prosperous Detroit (Ireland didn’t have the hard coal for industrialization) or Zimbabwe or South Africa, where just the act of white ownership seems to create a target, regardless of the local relationships.

    • Replies: @snorlax
    , @YetAnotherAnon
  51. J1234 says:

    Henry Ford is an American hero, but his altruism towards blacks over 100 years ago helped destroy Detroit. He hired blacks for line work positions at the same pay of white workers, an ethical impulse to be sure, but one that would eventually draw millions of southern blacks to Detroit, especially after he announced the $5 day.

    He also tried to integrate black and white workers on the line, until he found it wouldn’t work. Then he started an interracial work camp in Georgia, which raised his status as the prototypical equal opportunity employer, inspiring even more southern blacks to head for Detroit.

    He was a rural northerner who had little experience with blacks, and being born during the civil war seems to have instilled some “Glory, Glory Hallelujah!” feelings in him. Ford isn’t the only person responsible for the downfall of Detroit, but he started the process. And all with good intentions.

    • Replies: @songbird
    , @Art Deco
  52. Bugg says:

    Pity anyone who would sit through this dreck. So white flight from the criminality and disorder of inner city blacks are at fault for everything? Keep hitting us off the head with Evil Whitey 24/7. Except even here the filmmakers had to let some truth slip out.

    Who is the target market for this; “Madea” fans and 1990s rap moviegoers talking back and in some cases gettin’ real with it in the theater? Who would finance it?

    One funny thing from the trailer is John Boyega of “Star Wars” fame plays the whorehouse security guard complete with a square badge and police-like uniform. Not being familiar with such establishments, is such a thing anything but laughable?Did they give him a W2 and profit sharing too? Or is it an attempt to make what the filmmakers know to be ridiculous plausible?

  53. “What makes Detroit a better movie than it sounds is that Bigelow and Boal, in their uneasy awareness that their reconstruction of events isn’t all that plausible, can’t seem to help subverting the simple hate-whitey propaganda melodrama that the critics wanted from them.”

    Two things.

    1. The film does sound like a stinker, to be quite honest. And August is particularly known for being the graveyard month for films not showing much promise. If Detroit were all that, why wasn’t it released say, in the middle of October, which is usually the time when films for Oscar consideration tend to be released.

    2. Regarding the disjointed message between “hate whitey” and “maybe the rioters were thugs” Perhaps the film was taken away from Bigelow and re-edited by the studio during post-production. After all, the studio heads certainly adhere to the progressive dogmas and don’t want to be blatantly accused at the next party “So, you hate black people, huh? You think they’re all a bunch of thugs, huh? You racist!”

    So to head that kind of murmuring off at the pass, the studio re-edited it to save face.

    Also, the fact that Detroit was not released in October (or around Thanksgiving) tends to indicate how little they think of the project as a whole.

    Release it in October thru Christmas, when pictures are primed for Oscar consideration, and it’s suddenly a prestige picture.

    And the studio didn’t do that.

  54. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Those statistics are really quite remarkable.

    • Agree: bomag
  55. peterike says:

    I think multiple instances Jews gaining freedom and not rioting

    Fair enough. Killing 20 or 30 million people in Russia, fine, but at least it wasn’t “rioting.”

  56. peterike says:

    Viewing photos of old Detroit is instructive.

    • Replies: @JeremiahJohnbalaya
  57. Bleuteaux says:
    @Alastair Trumpington

    Certainly the most undercovered of his ideas.

  58. snorlax says:

    The Irish didn’t have it great but they weren’t the most oppressedest people evar. Their lot in life was similar to that of the inhabitants of other agrarian regions in Europe and the UK.

    • Replies: @songbird
  59. BB753 says:

    Is there such a thing as “Detroit Board of Tourism”, you might wonder?

    Well, I found this:

    “America’s Great Comeback City” is their motto.
    I guess it’s only fair since Detroit has been trying to make a comeback for 50 years, now!

  60. ‘… Cavanagh, a Kennedyesque young Irish Democrat…’

    He also died at a Kennedyesque age of 51.

  61. Vote Democrat, so the Democrats can do for America what they have done for Detroit.

  62. mobi says:


    Canada kicks PISA ass, because – ‘equality and migration’.

  63. Thea says:
    @Charles Pewitt

    Whites appear to be allergic to fighting for their group interests.

    I don’t know how deep the Soviet influence went towards the 1960s race riots but it must have been a sizable portion. Now they are gone but their spirit lives on in Alerican cities.

  64. anonymous • Disclaimer says:
    @Ian M.

    You may want to read the E. Michael Jones book The Slaughter of Cities. That includes extensive documentation about the undermining of neighborhoods that led to the flight that churchs and schools experienced.

    • Replies: @Ian M.
  65. @songbird

    Landlords with no care for their tenants are not confined to Ireland (look at what the clan chiefs did to their own kinsfolk in the Highland Clearances). But the effect of the bulk of landlords sharing neither kinship nor religion with their tenants was to make their iniquities stand out starkly.

    After most of Ireland received independence, the IRA continued to murder Protestants (and Catholics who had served in the Great War) in places like West Cork. The Protestant population of the South dropped by 32% between 1911 and 1926, and continued to decline until 1991, by which point only a third of the 1911 numbers remained. Now, with the general opening of Ireland and the collapse of Catholicism (a tragedy for Ireland), numbers are almost back to 1926 levels, though how many of the new Protestants are Pentecostal Africans I can’t say.

  66. @Luke Lea

    It’s a sort of ideological black box (pardon the pun) – eruptions of black rage are treated as an inevitable, unstoppable act of nature like a Hurricane or Earthquake, where the precipitating “butterfly flapping its wings on the edge of the Sahara” is chattel slavery. It’s in no way the behavior of assembled individuals and amenable to criticism. You can’t even question the degree to which black rage is based upon half truths, lies, and outright falsehoods that large numbers of blacks believe (i.e., that the K for Kosher on foodstuffs is the mark of the KKK feeding them poisons, or the lie of “Hands up Don’t Shoot” promoted by the media). They get exasperated if you ask why rage putatively over police injustices leads to smashing the windows of a locally owned convenience store and stealing two handles of cheap gin.

  67. @Yak-15

    But how do we ever address the results of a meritocratic system in which prosperity skews away from blacks due to genetic factors without mentioning those factors? Especially a system that handsomely rewards upon the acquisition of complex skills and application of fluid intelligence?

    What do we do?

    A bit OT, but, looking ahead to all jobs, including intellectual jobs, being taken over by AI and by robots, and with the advent of a guaranteed annual income, will whites have any advantage over blacks? One can picture the situation where blacks take over society.

    • Replies: @Jack Hanson
    , @bomag
  68. @Citizen of a Silly Country

    Not sure how old you are, but there was a time before mass incarceration and universal air-conditioning and xboxes and weed. (All of which, in my opinion, have played a role in reducing crime rates). A time when the full force of young testosterone-fueled dumbassery was in play. A time when rioting meant that large swaths of city would burn.

  69. Thea says:

    A common enemy that is a threat to both groups.

  70. guest says:

    You know, that “pre-history of the alt-right” gimmick works even better with Dunkirk. Because it features Nazis, I mean. Even if we don’t see them directly. (I don’t know; I haven’t gone to the movie.)

    I look forward to a long period of all enemies of Progress in popular culture being alt-right.

  71. ic1000 says:

    Steve, thanks for linking both A.O. Scott’s NYT review and your own at Taki’s. The juxtaposition is informative.

    I read Scott’s first. He’s so worked up that it’s hard to learn much about Kathryn Bigelow’s new movie, the ostensible subject of the essay. He seems distraught that the WASP males controlling Hollywood ignore oppressed people of color, and fail to tell the stories of oppressed people of color, and tell those stories in ways that are always hostile to the oppressed people of color. With Detroit being an example of all three, although in some ways perhaps it isn’t.

    Or something.

    Your review’s plain words and timeline helps sexplain Mr. Scott’s angst.

  72. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    Riot culture is best expressed through rap.. which is all over the place.

    Bigelow made the disgusting and sleazy STRANGE DAYS written by Cameron.

    It too features some black pathology but also an African Queen hero and bad bad white cops.

    As ugly as Natural Born Killers…and without satirical content. Earnest political porn is the worst.

  73. Jim says:

    According to liberals the only thing worst for blacks then the presence of whites is the absence of whites.

    • Replies: @Travis
  74. Anon • Disclaimer says:
    @Alastair Trumpington

    Black Fight leads to White Flight. Ironically, whites turn black in mentality when there are too many blacks. They think ‘run like a mothafuc*a’.

    American Pastoral covers some of Newark Riots, and it shows America really changed in that era.

    So, Detroit has two meanings. It is a specific city and a metaphor. There is Detroit and ‘Detroit’, just like there are Palestinians and ‘Palestinians’. The recent anti-BDS move by ADL and AIPAC is so much like anti-Pan-Europeanism by the same people. And just like Palestinians got ethnically cleansed, whites are getting ‘Palestinianized’ all across Europe due to ‘refugee’ influx’ resulting from Wars for Israel.

  75. guest says:

    No, it’s more like saying the Lord of the Rings is about a war against evil to save Middle-Earth. If I was looking for an analogue for the ring, I’d say Do the Right Thing was about a trash can or a picture on a wall.

  76. guest says:

    Sorta like my half-Irish grandmother, who used to demean what she termed “Shanty Irish.”

  77. guest says:

    “How many rehearsals for the Late Obama Age Collapse are there in American history?”

    How often have Americans eased the whip hand regarding blacks?

    Figuratively speaking.

  78. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    Globalists learned from Detroit.

    Detroit fell economically because whites left after the riots(but then, whites had been leaving earlier as well because suburbanization was taking place regardless. Even without blacks in cities, many whites were moving to suburbs for fresher air, more space, and green lawns. And less urban noise.)

    Anyway, Detroit would be rich and thriving now if whites had stayed and kicked out blacks….

    …which is what gentric cleansing is about.

    So, since the Age of Clinton, the strategy has been to push out blacks of cities. It was done economically, both privately and publicly. By having homos buy up properties and raise rents and break black leases, more whites could move in. This was classic gentrification.
    But there was also public role. Section 8 and all that. If blacks are just pushed out to nowhere, they will resist and riot. So, their relocation was sweetened by having them move to nice quiet white suburbs or small towns. It was sold as ‘integration’. Section 8 was public bribery of blacks to move to ‘safe prosperous white suburbs’. Blacks would have resisted if they were to be relocated to run-down black-dominated towns or black suburbs.

    So, urban libs who don’t want blacks got into the dirty habit of accusing suburban whites of ‘racism’ and dump blacks on them. It’s like how rich nations dump toxic materials on third world to recycle.
    (If most races have to work and save to move into better neighborhood with better schools and less crime, blacks are expected to be given access for free without any effort on their own. Ironically, the reason why whites and others moved to such communities was to get away from blacks, but blacks are now dumped on them. It’s like rabbits fleeing from coyotes only to have their sanctuary filled with coyotes. It’s like draining a boat that is filling with water.)

    It’s also like Wall Street dirty tricks, bundling toxic loans with good ones and selling them all around the world.

    Diversity has good hardworking people. Asian-Indians, for instance , are very successful. But diversity bundles good people with bad people and confused everyone through such bundling

    Anyway, new strategy of urban globies is Blaxodus. Convince the Negroes that their departure from the cities is to the green pastures of white suburbia where those ‘racists’ must be taught a lesson. Urban globies segregating themselves from blacks by dumping integration on Other whites.

    So, when BLM riots hit cities, the urban globies are even more eager to hasten Blaxodus and pass off their hot potato to others.

    And we see the same crap in Europe. EU told Italy to take in all those Africans. And Italians are sick of Italy turning into Shitaly. So, they wanna play hot potato or hot eggplant by passing off Africans to other parts of Europe.

    And look at Spain. These ‘poor refugees’ all have attitude of gangsta rappers coming to take over.

    In 21st century, invaders and marauders are called ‘migrants’… which is like calling a burglar a ‘visitor’.

    • Agree: BB753
    • Replies: @Authenticjazzman
  79. guest says:

    Not in pretty much every instance, but often amelioration only encourages the complainers to become violent. It did with the American revolution.

    Regarding blacks, we call this phenomenon Victory Riots, like when the Lakers or whoever win the NBA championship. “We got rights, y’all! Let’s celebrate!”

  80. songbird says:

    He also predicted its downfall, very presciently, back in the ’20s.

  81. Vincent says:

    All I could think of is that line from Kentucky Fried Movie: “Take him to Detroit!”

  82. Alfa158 says:
    @Citizen of a Silly Country

    Derb wrote a commentary on that a few years back. It is not enough for a community to be 85% law abiding, smart, church-going, hard-working etc. The 15% who aren’t will destroy any chances of civilization. The proportion of bad eggs needs to be in the low single digit percentages for the society they are embedded in to be able to control them and function properly. All those nice church going Black ladies are not enough to offset the rambunctious “youngsters”. ( Note: I’ve stopped using the term “youths” because it is just a code for the dreaded n word.)

  83. anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Not sure how old you are, but there was a time before mass incarceration and universal air-conditioning and xboxes and weed. (All of which, in my opinion, have played a role in reducing crime rates)

    I believe it plays a LARGE role in reducing black crime, and hasn’t received anywhere near media coverage reflecting how it’s changed society in general, and male black culture in particular.

    I was out with an acquaintance to go see a movie. He said, “got some pot. want some before the movie?” I hadn’t smoked pot in 20 years. I thought, “eh. why not?” He lights one up and says, “just take one puff.” I thought, “in my day, I could smoke half a joint, no problem. what’s he going on about?” I took three puffs. Soon after…


    I fell into a state of introverted paranoia that I’d never experienced. I told my friend, and he said, “I told you, only one drag…” I asked him, “what is the point of this drug? why would anyone willfully decide to take this stuff?” He said, “it’s okay if you only take one drag. you didn’t listen.”

    The point being, back in my day, a lot of people my age took drugs to expand their minds. The pot of today is intended to shut you down, and close off the world. Don’t believe any pothead. This stuff is like an animal tranquilizer. It makes you paranoid, but it doesn’t matter because you’re too stoned to want to do anything about it. However, I would imagine mixing it with some kind of upper would be a baaad idea.

    On to video games… I don’t play them, but I have tried them out at friend’s houses once in a while. What I noticed was we’d start at 9 pm, and an hour later it would be 3 am. That is, you lose all track of time, and it would take many days or weeks to “finish” a game under that schedule. Another way to block out the real world.

    Mix that with today’s pot, and the user might as well be in prison.

    Black lives matter, indeed.

  84. David says:
    @Ian M.

    That’s an interesting comment, thanks.

  85. JackOH says:
    @Alastair Trumpington

    Yep, agree, AT. I think there’s a body of international law, too, that at least suggests to this non-lawyer that the “ethnic cleansing” of Whites from America’s cities amounts to a crime. If there’s a case to be made for the criminality of that “ethnic cleansing”, I think it can be made in a calm, deliberate way that respects many, but not all, political sensitivities.

  86. 3g4me says:

    @35 Yak15: You’re over thinking this. Diversity + proximity = war. This is what separate countries are for. Take a brief look back on what you know of history. I challenge you to find any multi-racial or multi-national entity that “resolved” what is essentially unresolvable. One people conquers the other, or the groups separate, or some sort of hybrid (which is unlikely to retain the better features of either group) emerges. Did the mass immigration via Ellis Island lead to America becoming more or less true to its cultural and political founding? I’d argue the answer is clearly that the immigrants changed the country more than they were changed, and not for the better, but you may have a more romantic or emotional attachment to such than I. I do extensive genealogical research out of pure curiosity, but really retain no emotional attachment to the vast majority of those who are genetically supposed to be “my people.” I value the better culture and religion and civilization that I am privileged to be part of and that my children have been born in and raised to promote and defend – White, Western Christendom.

    • Agree: Barnard
    • Replies: @Yak-15
  87. @David

    Steve says in his review that Detroit has lost “almost a million people since 1967”. True, but the city’s population decline since the early 1950’s is much more than one million.

    “The city’s population peaked in 1950 at 1,849, 568. The latest data have the population at 672,795 residents.”

    Detroit is the only city in the top 25 to have lost population since 2010. The city has lost 3,541 residents in the last year.

    As someone old enough (barely) to remember what the city looked like in 1968 (The Detroit Tigers won the World Series in 1968), the most striking difference is the amount of vacant land.

    Just mile after mile with no one there.

    • Replies: @Jus' Sayin'...
  88. anarchyst says:

    I grew up in Detroit and have a different “take” on the demise of this once-great city.
    1. “Blockbusting” by greedy real estate agents was rampant. These real estate agents would send postcards to residents of certain neighborhoods stating “A ‘new family’ is moving into your neighborhood. If you would like to sell your home, please contact me at xxx-xxxx. A “new family” was a euphemism for “black family”. Real estate agents played on the fears of the white (then the majority) citizenry.
    2. Real estate speculators conspired with HUD (Housing and Urban Development) government agencies to raze the best houses on every block, while leaving the “shacks” standing, in order to depress property values.
    I realize items #1 and #2 are at cross purposes, but they were a reality in 1960s Detroit.
    3. The 1967 riots destroyed much of the cities retail businesses in the various business districts throughout the city. Black owned businesses had “soul brother” spray painted on the exterior walls of their businesses so that the “angels of death” (actually rioters) would spare them from destruction. Almost none of the retail business districts survived the riot.
    4. The election of Detroit’s first black mayor, Coleman Alexander Young was the “death knell” for this once prosperous city. Overtly racist, hating “whitey”, he got along well with the “movers and shakers” business people (as long as the campaign contributions kept flowing) while openly blaming whites for the city’s problems. His predecessor’s successful program “STRESS” (Stop The Robberies, Enjoy Safe Streets) disguised police officers as decoys–vulnerable old citizens. When the predators attempted to rob them, quite often, they were dispatched to “the great hereafter”. Mayor Young fulfilled his campaign promise to “get rid of the STRESS program as too many of his homies were “meeting their maker”.
    White people fled the city, as they were tired of the rampant crime, indifference to them by city government, and generally wanted to get away while property values were still stable. Most of the whites who “stayed on” were police and firefighters, who were required to live in the city as part of employment residency requirements.
    Downtown Detroit IS making a comeback, along with the New Center area and other isolated pockets, but many of the neighborhoods have turned into “combat zones”…

  89. @Jake

    There is a story about a Jester and a King. The Jester set up an elaborate logic puzzle using boxes- you know the kind ‘only one of these is telling the truth, box a says, etc’ and made a fool of the King.

    The next day the King responded with his own logical puzzle with the threat of death over the Jester’s head if he opened the wrong box. Sweating, the Jester puzzled through the puzzle, opened the correct box… and saw it had a knife.

    “I don’t understand” he exclaimed.

    “Rather simple; the writing on the box has nothing to do with its contents” the King stated.

  90. Alfa158 says:

    The problem will resolve itself over the long run by the fact that Whites will become just another minority. At present the Asians, Hispanics, Muslims, etc are politically allied with Blacks in a United front to hammer Whites for the goodies. Once Whites become less significant numerically and financially, I don’t see the other non-Whites taking up the White Man’s Burden.
    If continued automation eliminates most jobs and almost everyone with no special talent ends up on a bare subsistence guaranteed income there will be no scapegoat group you can hammer for the gibs. The most likely future is Brazil.

  91. Art Deco says:

    I think you meant to state, “South Africa was ever a tranquil country it has not been so at any time in the post-Aparteid period”. That’s when things really started going off the rails. Prior to the fall of Aparteid, South Africa was quite safe (all things considered).

    It was no such thing, which you’d realize if you looked at the actual homicide statistics and not at the contents of your rectum. There has been no net increase in the frequency of homicide in the last 30 years.

    Street crime was a matter of intense anxiety not merely in the late Apartheid period, but in the pre-Apartheid period, and was one of the vectors influencing the National Party victory in 1948. See Alan Paton’s Cry, the Beloved Country for a sense of how the public atmosphere was perceived by the white Anglophone city population of the era.

  92. Barnard says:

    65% of black Americans support Black Lives Matter and only 12% oppose them.

    70% cite racial discrimination as a major reason blacks are unable to get ahead, only 43% cite “lack of motivation to work hard.” 66% claim blacks are treated less fairly than whites when applying for a mortgage.

    Here is Serena Williams, arguably the most successful black female athlete ever, writing about the “black woman pay gap” and still trying to claim victimhood because someone allegedly yelled out a racial slur within ear shot of her and Venus and Indian Wells in 1998.

    I would say it is quite clear that a majority of black Americans don’t hate the bad lots of their community enough to do anything more than blame whitey for their problems.

  93. songbird says:

    I’m not a believer in holding grudges or victimhood. The condition of the Irish was sometimes the same, sometimes worse, and sometimes better than other common folk. I have certainly nothing against the English and want to see them presevered. But Ireland has some unique history. One can hope that it will provide more armor against the guilt complex many Europeans seem to have. If so it shouldn’t be spurned.

  94. Art Deco says:

    He also tried to integrate black and white workers on the line, until he found it wouldn’t work.

    Blacks and whites work alongside each other in the same establishments on a daily basis. There are 18 million working blacks and very few black-only establishments.

    • Replies: @J1234
    , @Anonymous
    , @EriK
  95. Art Deco says:

    But how do we ever address the results of a meritocratic system in which prosperity skews away from blacks due to genetic factors without mentioning those factors?

    The income levels of black Americans are similar to those of Mediterranean Europe and employment-to-population ratios less than 10% below those of the other coarse racial categories.

    • Replies: @Yak-15
  96. Anon • Disclaimer says:
    @Eustace Tilley (not)

    Why the Blacks set their city aflame
    Seems a puzzle as well as a shame.
    But it’s really no mystery:
    They were “caught in prehistory”
    And the Alt-Right’s the party to blame.

    In a way, blacks are closer to nature. In the wild, creatures just take what they can. It’s rule of muscle and aggression. All of humanity was like that at some point. But in colder regions, people were forced to work more closely together cuz of the cold. Team work was more crucial, and the less cooperative got weeded out, especially during long cold winters. People acting like rappers during winters would have died.

    Also, rise of civilization meant those who were too disruptive and unruly got weeded out thru exile or execution. It went too far in Japan, which is why they are bunch of docile dorks there.

    In Africa, the hunter-warriors could run free in hot sun and had to compete with wild animals.

    So, football is like the ideal black sports. While all sports has some action or violence, football is most extreme. While football has rules, the play itself is total mayhem. It is why someone like George Will prefers baseball which is more regulated by proper conduct and respect for space. There is more of a ‘negotiation’ between pitcher and batter. More like mental debate as to where the ball is gonna go. There is also a steady progression of events.

    Football is more like war between lions and hyenas and crocodiles and etc. It’s GRAB the loot and it’s mine. There is no need for proper conduct. It’s a pile-on mayhem with top thug getting the ball.

    Baseball is very space-centric. Players are spread out on the field and each must stick to his position. A outfielder would never play infielder. Third baseman would not play first baseman and second baseman would not play catcher. And there is supposed to be no contact among players except tagging with ball.


    But in football, integrity of space crumbles. It is full contact, and in the melee, even the assigned roles can all messed up. The quarterback sometimes has to play running back. The defense may get the ball and then it has to go ‘offense’ and run with the ball. Also, even the notion of ‘offense’ and ‘defense’ is messed up in football. In effect, the defense must be more aggressive and offensive. It goes all out to sack the quarterback or crush the running back. In contrast, it is the offensive line that has to play defense by protecting the quarterback who has to play relatively gingerly and elegantly by making a surgical move with ball by throwing or handing to another player. Because defensive line needs more explosive power, it is dominated by fearsome blacks with more fast-twitch muscles.

    White mentality is more baseball like. Respect for space. Baseball is a spread out game where each player sticks to his place. Also, the batting team goes one after another in orderly fashion. Batting team cannot rush the field with baseball bats and beat up the other team. They have to stand in queue like the soldiers in Dunkirk.

    So, politics of space between whites and blacks is like baseball vs football. Whites want to broaden it and respect each other’s space. Blacks want to make space collapse and just run into other places to loot. We see same pattern in Europe with African invasion. It’s like football vs cricket.

    Blacks don’t respect spatial integrity. They just run to grab stuff they want.
    It’s like how Fred G. Sanford and Grady act.

    Blacks often say stuff like, “If they got something and I want it too, but they don’t give it to me, I will have to GRAB it.” It’s black idea of justice. It’s jungle justice. If other races think like this, their societies would also be Detroit. Imagine if a German or Japanese felt that way every time they saw someone with stuff they wanted. So, if someone is driving a nice car, the first thing that pops into German or Japanese mind would be, “He got, I don’t got it, I want it, and since he won’t give it to me, I will take it.” It’s no wonder so many kids get killed over Air Jordans in black community.

    And who can forget this?

    Jungle Justice enters Japan even though Japanese hosts were generous. The African Mind just ‘gots to have me’ what they see that others got. For them, it doesn’t occur to work, strive, save, and then get it by rules.

    Given black nature, nations like US and Brazil are in big trouble for having brought over blacks long ago. They are stuck with them. But nations without blacks should consider themselves lucky. What a blessing not to have all these blacks.

    But US culture dominates the world and Black Coolery is part of cultural colonization of the world. Also, there is jungle fever as spread by pop culture. So jungle junk is like a sex drug of women around the world, which is why even Japan is ending up with mulatto athletes and mulatto Miss Japan, all the result of black males. Jungle Fever may be the Afro-colonization instrument around the world, especially as its championed by rap music, Hollywood, and black-dominant globo-sports. Look how the Jamaican runners are colonizing white wombs all over. The idea of racial equality is just hogwash.

    And as if US doesn’t have enough of a black problem, Maine and Minnesota brings in more blacks from Somalia. And Nigerians are pouring into Europe and US.

    And they all come with Jungle Justice mentality.

    When will people realize that slavery was not the problem. It was WHOM they enslaved. If US had slavery with white slaves or Asian slaves, this problem would not exist. White ex-slaves would have integrated with rest of white society like former Russian serfs just became Russians or like former Chinese slaves just became Chinese. Or if US had enslaves a race smaller and weaker than whites, then things would have been much calmer. I highly doubt if descendants of Vietnamese-American slaves would be acting like blacks today.

    The real problem is whites brought over blacks, a people more muscular and more aggressive.

    Unless that is addressed, no progress is possible.

    But PC favors mendacity over veracity.

  97. Art Deco says:

    You’re going to tell a 52 year-old building custodian that he’s ‘not a law abiding citizen’ because he was arrested 30 years ago?

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  98. Yak-15 says:

    One of my favorite games to play with liberal friends/family/coworkers I argue with is “Name a high-functioning multi-racial/multi-ethnic society.”

    South Africa?

    The game is fun because it is unfairly biased towards my success at the expense of the foolish viewpoints of the others. The fact that the game is enthusiastically played by every leftist I meet terrifies me because of the power of POC to cloud otherwise intelligent people’s understanding of the world.

    “But what about the United States” is perhaps my favorite answer to dissect.

  99. @Anon

    “Attitude of gangsta rappers”

    Yeah it’s amazing how the Africans managed to pick up on the thug image, of course the net is all over Africa, so it’s really not amazing.
    In earlier days in Europe, Africans were gentlemen, suits and ties , university backgrounds etc, and now they are walking around with their pants below their butts, reversed baseball caps and a menacing “Thug” expression on their faces, and the stupid/crazy Germans assume this behavior represents “Black culture’”.

    Authenticjazzman “Mensa” society member since 1973, airborne qualified US army Vet, and pro Jazz artist.

  100. Yak-15 says:
    @Art Deco

    The income levels of African Americans are biased considerably higher due to affirmative action and government guaranteed employment. They are also much higher because the strength of the broader US economy.

    Employment rates of Euro Med countries are a poor metric because of the different, arguably inefficient economic systems they employ. It’s foolish to compare these types of economies because they are so dissimilar. Don’t forget that the Med countries are also under an imposed system of debt peonage by the EU whereas the US continues to juice its economy with large volumes of debt.

    • Replies: @Art Deco
  101. Travis says:

    so true..the things blacks fear most are dogs, ghosts, registered mail and sending their kids to an all Black School.

    • Replies: @Light Roast
  102. @Robert Hume

    Might as well wonder what society would look like if aliens attack.

    Amazed at how many people around here swallow buzzword laden PR releases intended for VC types as gospel fact and believe AI and robotics is a done deal when it comes to the labor force here on The Most Important Comments Section Ever.

    • Replies: @Lot
  103. anonymous • Disclaimer says: • Website

    Sasha Stone is the editrix of Awards Daily and Sailer’s Law comes into play.

  104. J1234 says:
    @Art Deco

    Blacks and whites work alongside each other in the same establishments on a daily basis. There are 18 million working blacks and very few black-only establishments.

    I’m aware of this. Everyone is…painfully so.

    It didn’t work in the early twentieth century because workers weren’t bound by p0licy and law to act like they can get along with blacks. They typically weren’t fired for voicing displeasure for working alongside of blacks. Employers couldn’t be sued by the government for not hiring blacks.

    Blacks can be good coworkers, but very often they aren’t…and very little can be done about it, especially in the public sector. Even my liberal democrat college professor spouse was complaining the other day about having to work with a typically militant precept oriented black academic who’s required by the government to be associated with a particular project (for no other reason than her race.)

    And don’t even start a conversation about minority graduate students. It’s as if they’re expected by academics to under-perform in every arena outside of black studies (Asians excepted, of course.) But will my spouse say anything to anyone at work? No…that would be a mortal sin for a liberal.

  105. MarcB. says:
    @Luke Lea

    “Maybe it’s time for the media to stop covering black rioters like they were children not responsible for their own behavior”

    Blacks have no agency until they accomplish something admirable.

  106. @anonymous

    Sasha, I’ve got some news for you about the men making films.

    Sasha Stone is herself, of course, a film industry Jew. Therefore, she’s well aware who these “white men” in Hollywood are. What she is doing, in fact, is playing her part in the tidy little narrative of ‘when we are good, we’re a shining Jewish light, but when we are bad, we are white.’

    • Replies: @Stan Adams
  107. fnn says:
    @Art Deco

    Before the dismantling of apartheid (the process began in the 1980s) violent crime was confined (almost entirely) to the black townships and other black communities.

  108. Lot says:
    @Art Deco

    First world homicide stats are usually very accurate. Third world ones are not. So you cannot compare South African stats from 1984, 1994, and 2017.

    You might be right about crime rates, but you are not right to cite these homicide stats.

  109. Mostly OT:

    Halle Berry has a new movie, Kidnap, coming out on Friday. The plot: “Someone’s snatched her elementary-school-aged son and she’s fighting to get him back!”

    The fifteen-second trailer that I was forced to watch – YouTube wouldn’t let me skip it – showed Berry driving like a maniac on a crowded freeway and muttering stock action-movie phrases such as “You messed with the wrong mother!” It made the flick look like a lame crapfest.

    Berry isn’t getting any younger, that’s for sure.

    Wasn’t she the one who had a breakdown when Henry Louis Gates told her that her genetic background was heavily European?

  110. Lot says:
    @Jack Hanson

    There is no evidence that tech progress is causing more job losses now than before.

    In fact it looks like the process is considerably slower now than 1950-2000.

    As for “basic income,” the share of our economy going to income support transfer payments like welfare is also on a very slow secular downtrend, both here and in Europe. There is sinply no political support for it.

  111. Dmon says:

    I think I originally read about the great assault on Cobo Hall in a book called Detroit-A Biography (Scott Martell, 2014. He gave it a significant section as a major contributor to accelerating white flight. Interestingly, if you google it, it takes considerable effort to find any allusions, and a lot of sites are blocked at my work. Kind of like it’s being shoved down the ol’ memory hole. The Chicago Tribune article makes it sound almost routine, but in the book, it was described as practically an apocalypse. I am old enough to remember reading about in newspapers back when it happened, but it was just a blip on my teenage radar.

    • Replies: @Hrw-500
  112. muse says:

    The 1967 black riots cause many in Detroit to leave, but it was the court ordered desegregation via busing that caused the mass exodus.

  113. Tiny Duck says:

    America has never broken with its racist past and its need to enshrine racial and religious supremacy even though half of our population is not of European descent. This was clearly seen in Trumps recent Long Island and Warsaw speeches. He after all started his campaign and won the election by tossing our the Nixon/Reagan dog whistle for a bull horn hurling bigoted attacks on Hispanics, African Americans, and Muslims. Given how diverse our country is this cannot stand. Racial and religious supremacy in American domestic and foreign policy must be defeated once and for all.

    • LOL: Seamus Padraig
    • Replies: @Detective Club
  114. @Jack Highlands

    And Sharon Stone is the shining exemplar of the shameless film-industry shiksa who will do anything to get a role.

    Fun fact: Hungarian-born Joe Eszterhas, who wrote the scene that made Stone a star, once scripted a movie where Jessica Lange played a lawyer who defended her father against charges that he was a Nazi war criminal. A few years later, Eszterhas’ father was accused of being … a Nazi war criminal. The old man was not deported, but Eszterhas all but disowned him on a personal level.

    If you can stomach Eszterhas’ leftism, check out his books. They make for interesting reading about the demented slaughterhouse of a dream factory that is Hollyweird.

    • Replies: @Jack Highlands
  115. Dee says:
    @Ian M.

    “My father also places a lot of blame on the interstate system that was built in Detroit in the late ’50s: it enabled middle class people to move out to the suburbs since they could still commute to work in a timely fashion.”

    I see that reason a lot, but Detroit was pretty much built out by the late ’40s. They needed a couple of hundred acres with railroad access to build a new plant. Only place you could do that at a reasonable cost was to go above 8 Mile and buy some farm land.

    When Cadillac built the Poletown plant 25 years ago, they had to buy and demolish 1000+ homes and couple of hundred businesses to make it happen. Compare that to getting a farmer to sell you 200 acres for $1000 an acre! Even $10K an acre was still cheap.

    Then you had the Baby Boomers being born; average of 4 kids per family. They needed a bigger home than what was available in Detroit. Plus you had a new home with all the latest features, not something built in the ’20s with one bathroom for 7 people.

    Only way they didn’t push out would be an urban development boundary like Portland and Toronto have. They just decided no suburbs, everything was built in town and damn the cost! That can work if you have a diversified economy and a desirable location, neither of which Detroit had.

    The only reason Detroit and surrounds got populated was because of the high paying jobs. Once the jobs left, so did the population. No one moved there because of the great weather, that you could go to the beach or go snow skiing on the same day, or the magnificent scenery….like they did to Kali….

    • Replies: @utu
  116. @Stan Adams

    They were rolling out the red carpet for the premiere of “Kidnap” at the Hollywood Arclight as I was coming out of the showing of “Detroit” on Monday. Halle wasn’t there yet.

    I’m looking forward to the scene where Halle tells the kidnapper on the phone: “But what I do have are a very particular set of skills; skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you.”

    My impression is that Halle is a good actress in extremely dramatic scenes requiring a lot of wailing and gnashing of teeth, which is what she won her Oscar for. But she is wooden and uncharismatic in quiet, easier scenes. That’s kind of the opposite of what you’d expect from most actors, so it accounts for her uncertain reputation after all these years: She’s bad at the easy stuff, but good at the hard stuff.

    • Replies: @Stan Adams
  117. AndrewR says:

    I’ve been promoting the idea that Detroit experienced an ethnic cleansing in the decade or two after the riots, but communists seem to dislike this idea.

  118. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:
    @Art Deco

    Yes, but certainly four out of five of his male children are criminals.

    • Replies: @Art Deco
  119. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:
    @Citizen of a Silly Country

    Black society as a whole is simply different from white society.

    I read a comment on a post a few days ago stating simply that, “blacks are odd.”

    • Replies: @Marty
  120. @Arclight

    It’s almost like the majority of political discourse is the right half of the bell curve striving to come to terms with the thoughts and motivations of the left, which doesn’t generally have the wherewithal to express itself in writing.

    We’ve all known underclass and normal black people. The idea that some TV-stealing hoodrat is motivated to action by some Langston Hughes poem is, of course, completely ridiculous. Likewise the idea that the entire black population of Detroit was driven to violence through careful consideration of housing policy.

  121. @anonymous-antimarxist

    What happens to “the critics” when “Generation Z(yklon)” no longer pays attention to them whatsoever?

    Or really pays attention to them? The answer’s in your question.

  122. @Tiny Duck

    Hey, Tines, I got a News Flash for you. You want to know why Trump won last year’s election? There was no “dog whistle” involved, whatsoever. Blow on this, Tines : HILLARY CLINTON is the answer! Kamala Harris & Faux-co-hontus are warming up in the bullpen for 2020, Tines. Be afraid. Be very afraid!

  123. Anonym says:

    I was going to excerpt that but thankfully you have done it for me. Some of the best alt-right material comes from the NYT readers’ picks, lol.

    I was also going to excerpt this from the article itself:

    The specific, close-up acts of cruelty you witness are comprehensible as manifestations of a systemic, continuing and frequently invisible pattern of injustice.

    Yes, frequently invisible patterns of injustice. So invisible as to be like the aether from the aether theory – invisible because of non-existence.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  124. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:
    @Art Deco

    Blacks and whites work alongside each other in the same establishments on a daily basis.

    True, but not altogether comfortably.

  125. EriK says:
    @Art Deco

    There are 18 million working blacks and very few black-only establishments.

    How many work for the Govt.?

  126. utu says:

    But development of suburbs was part of a bigger plan in which car industry, oil industry, rubber industry and obviously construction and development firms had great stakes. It allowed people to move to their own homes in suburbs that were larger than their homes or apartments in cities. Once they moved out their civic interest and investment in the well being of inner cities diminished. Cities were destroyed by the execution of this plan after WWII. At some point Robert Moses, who had no driving license himself, was stopped in carrying out the plan to the end for the NYC. However this was not the case in other places. Public transportation was destroyed in many cities.
    On April 9, 1947, nine corporations and seven individuals (officers and directors of certain of the corporate defendants) were indicted in the Federal District Court of Southern California on counts of “conspiring to acquire control of a number of transit companies, forming a transportation monopoly” and “conspiring to monopolize sales of buses and supplies to companies owned by National City Lines”[38] which had been made illegal by the 1890 Sherman Antitrust Act. In 1948, the venue was changed from the Federal District Court of Southern California to the Federal District Court in Northern Illinois following an appeal to the United States Supreme Court (in United States v. National City Lines Inc.)[39] which felt that there was evidence of conspiracy to monopolize the supply of buses and supplies.[40]

    In 1949, Firestone Tire, Standard Oil of California, Phillips Petroleum, GM and Mack Trucks were convicted of conspiring to monopolize the sale of buses and related products to local transit companies controlled by NCL; they were acquitted of conspiring to monopolize the ownership of these companies. The verdicts were upheld on appeal in 1951.[41] GM was fined $5,000 and GM treasurer H.C. Grossman was fined $1.[42] The trial judge said “I am very frank to admit to counsel that after a very exhaustive review of the entire transcript in this case, and of the exhibits that were offered and received in evidence, that I might not have come to the same conclusion as the jury came to were I trying this case without a jury,” [43] explicitly noting that he might not himself have convicted in a bench trial.

    The San Diego Electric Railway was sold to Western Transit Company, which was in turn owned by J. L. Haugh in 1948 for $5.5 million.[44] Haugh was also president of the Key System, and later was involved in Metropolitan Coach Line’s purchase of the passenger operations of the Pacific Electric Railway. The last San Diego streetcars were converted to buses by 1949.[45] Haugh sold the bus-based San Diego system to the city in 1966.[46]

    The Baltimore Streetcar system was purchased by NCL in 1948 and started converting the system to buses. The Pacific Electric Railway’s struggling passenger operations were purchased by Metropolitan Coach Lines in 1953 and were taken into public ownership in 1958 after which the last routes were converted to bus operation.

    E. Michael Jones in his The Slaughter of Cities: Urban Renewal As Ethnic Cleansing goes further by making point that the destruction specifically of ethnic white neighborhoods was also an objective.

    There were many witches mixing the stew in the pot. But Blacks at best or worst were just an unwitting ingredient and tool.

  127. @Steve Sailer

    The longer trailer is a little more flattering:

    Interesting that they made the kid into a “black geek” with glasses.

    There is a seeming continuity error in that, as she runs toward the car into which her son has been pushed, her jacket starts to fall off, exposing her bare right shoulder. But then we cut to a rear shot, and the jacket is back on again. Would a panicking mother racing toward the scene of her child’s abduction have the presence of mind to pull her jacket sleeve back up?

    Steve, who’s the most famous actor you’ve never seen in person?

  128. Shaq says:

    Maybe Detroit just likes to riot (2004; ironically, from the Baltimore Sun):

  129. Jake says:
    @Ben Kurtz

    Have you done such for other cities, like New Orleans and Memphis?

  130. Anonym says:

    Rather continue to regurgitate iSteve and his perspicacious view of reality, I want to ask the readers what they believe will change this narrative? What will alter the course of the future to help build a better nation that makes the most of each’s ability and quenches the fire of racialized identity politics? Is it ineveitable that there is no solution other than separate nations? Will the vast majority of “good-whites” continue the economically costly system of affirmative action, handouts and looking the other way in perpetuity?

    The white world, and especially the baby boomer and silent generation has “gone soft”. However, a lot of white people from several generations are rapidly hardening the **** up. Our reduced economic circumstances due to the anti-white wealth transfer system of taxation, welfare and the prohibition against freedom of association, and the anti-white violence we are exposed to is shaping us as we speak. I don’t care to make the most of everyone’s ability in my land. I want my land for my kith and kin, and whether that’s solved with cargo ships on the way to Liberia or some other way, frankly I don’t care. Demographics can go both ways, and I want it going my way.

    In this environment the so-called “goodwhites” are only going to be signalling their vice. It will be an increasingly less hospitable environment to vice signal in, methinks.

  131. @Dr. X

    I’ll repeat an anonymous quote from a Nixon administration official in 1969 referring to why black riots had stopped:

    “You riot against your friends. Mitchell means business.”

    The “friends,” of course, were LBJ, George Romney, and Jerome Cavanaugh.

  132. Barnard says:
    @Stan Adams

    I saw the whole trailer for Kidnap in the theater and couldn’t believe anyone would sit through it. Sounds like it was shot in 2014 and the release has been delayed for two years. The studio is hopeful because the film had promising scores among African Americans in the test audience.

  133. @Paul Jolliffe

    At some point the invaders make the place so uninhabitable that even they no longer want to live there. What happens when they move out depends on how wide a swath of destruction the invaders cut. If they’ve left behind some decent neighborhoods, some repairable infrastructure, and the hope they invaders will never return, then recovery to a previous habitable state is possible. BTW, White homosexuals are often the pioneers in this process, like grasses and bushes after a forest fire.

  134. @Stan Adams

    I dunno, I was driving to Bob’s Big Boy in Toluca Lake in the 1970s when Bob Hope pulled out of his driveway in his Cadillac. He was in his 70s then but he looked like he was in his 50s.

    I walked by Will Smith hitting golf balls at the local driving range, but he was just the Fresh Prince way back then. Robert Downey Jr. was a dad on the other team of various games of our sons at the park around 2002, but he wasn’t Tony Stark then, he was legendary tragic screw-up Robert Downey Jr. They don’t hang around my neighborhood when they make it big. My neighborhood is more like the guy who played insurance salesman Ned Ryerson in “Groundhog Day” might be the most famous local resident you see out and about.

    • Replies: @Stan Adams
  135. @Stan Adams

    I dunno, I was driving to Bob’s Big Boy in Toluca Lake in the 1970s when Bob Hope pulled out of his driveway in his Cadillac. He was in his 70s then but he looked like he was in his 50s.

    I walked by Will Smith hitting golf balls at the local driving range, but he was just the Fresh Prince way back then. Robert Downey Jr. was a dad on the other team of various games of our sons at the park around 2002, but he wasn’t Tony Stark then, he was legendary tragic screw-up Robert Downey Jr. They don’t hang around my neighborhood when they make it big. My neighborhood is more like the guy who played insurance salesman Ned Ryerson in “Groundhog Day” might be the most famous local resident you see out and about.

  136. @David

    There are 75,000 white people in Detroit? Holy cow. What the hell are those people smoking?

    Sure you can buy a house for $1000 … but you have to live with black people … in Detroit! Life is too short.

    (Now if you could get say 5-10,000 white people in a white-identity cult, to go homestead a particularly neglected area that was mostly abandoned or where you could buy out the other blacks, close the side streets, build a razor wire perimeter, fix up the housing, control your neighborhood schools–that would be kind of cool, or at least make a cool movie script. Of course, in real life the black bureaucracy/police would shut it down.)

    • Replies: @mobi
    , @songbird
  137. @Travis

    Or what really strikes fear into their hearts:

    Warning: NSFW

  138. Anonymous [AKA "JoeT"] says:
    @Achmed E. Newman

    There have been plenty in Detroit, where it is now called a rebellion.

  139. @Yojimbo/Zatoichi

    I think you meant to state, “South Africa was ever a tranquil country it has not been so at any time in the post-Aparteid period”.

    That’s when things really started going off the rails. Prior to the fall of Aparteid, South Africa was quite safe (all things considered).

    It was safer, but not actually safe. The murder rate had been spiking in the decade just prior to the end of apartheid.

  140. mobi says:

    There are 75,000 white people in Detroit? Holy cow. What the hell are those people smoking?

    You’d think so. On the other hand, I grew up in a very middle-class, whitebread neighbourhood that has, apparently, become one of the darker and more troublesome in the entire city since.

    Somehow, though, on the rare occasions I find myself there, I just can’t bring myself to see it as anything other than my ‘old home’ – the place of all my childhood memories. I don’t feel nervous at all.

    ‘It aint a ‘hood – I grew up here’.

    I suspect white South Africans understand.

  141. Hrw-500 says:

    There’s also some Arabs and Chaldeans who might be counted as white. And there’s also an Hispanic community around the Southwest area known as “Mexicantown” near the Ambassador bridge.

    Slightly off-topic, I saw this comment from Stan D. Mute about Detroit

    And I spotted these articles about William Walter Scott III, the guy who started the riot and his son wrestles with the carnage.

  142. Olorin says:

    I’m so out of the mass culture loop in lo these wildfiery months of summer landwork that I saw the headline “Detroit” and thought it was going to be about the latest Kander/Ebb/Fosse musical, score and script found in a suitcase in an attic of a Grosse Pointe Victorian, as directed by Lin-Manuel Miranda.

    Kathryn Bigelow, huh? Huh.

  143. Olorin says:
    @Citizen of a Silly Country

    Also of huge import:

    1. Regression to the mean.

    2. Affirmative action employing and promoting people well past their capacities.

    3. What percentage of a subpopulation has to be feral before it brings the whole shebang down?

    4. How much/many of higher accomplishments that it cannot create for itself is a population entitled to demand (by definition of/from others)?

  144. whorefinder says: • Website

    As Vox Day wrote, SJWs always double down.

    Remember how a few years ago some SJW writer was all upset that people weren’t breaking down in tears (as he did) and breaking box office records at Selma? Well, instead of realizing that a 2-hour-long lecture about how evil whitey is/ how noble blacks are won’t make money, won;t make whites worship blacks more, and won’t get communism passed into law, it seems the last 5-10 years has been a lot of doubling down, forcing White guilty-black nobility Oscar-bait films onto Americans as propaganda and penance—“You will eat your vegetables, and you will like it!

    Yes, race-guilt movies have been a thing for a long time, but usually confined to television, and then usually only in the money-losing after-school-special/PBS slots or the cliched “very special” episode. Even as a kid these works seemed didactic, like a secular catechism we were supposed to watch and rote-repeat the lessons from (“racism is bad, racism is bad, racism is bad…”).

    The notable exception to this genre was the excellent Roots, which as any intelligent person knows now, was an entire fabrication; we should have known Alex Haley was full of it, since he was the person Malcolm X chose to dictate his autobiography to, and which is full of holes and half-truths (as Haley himself noted in the afterword).

    But it seems like since Crash (2004) we’ve gotten a steady diet of one Oscar-bait race-guilt, blacks-are-awesome film that’s crappy, big budget, and pushed to the moon for awards: Selma, Seven Years a Slave, Django Unchained, The Jackie Robinson movie, Race, Dreamgirls, Hidden Figures, Moonlight (bonus—black and gay!) and now Detroit. And if you say anything bad about these works of “art”, you’re a racist!

    And yet they’re not making money and turning people into Trump voters.

    Vox Day is right. They’re just doubling down on the fail.

  145. KenH says:

    I’m sure Detroit will depict the blacks as mostly innocent of wrongdoing while having to contend with trigger happy white bigots on the police force. Hollywood will show that blacky dindunuffins and if he did sumthins then whitey caused him to.

  146. BenKenobi says:
    @Alastair Trumpington

    This can happen in non-violent ways too. In BC, the cities of Surrey and Richmond are effectively Punjabi/Sikh and Chinese, respectively.

    Part of the High/Low coalition Steve has already written about. The foreign ringer so aren’t just the low.

    It’s all ethnic cleansing.

  147. @Discordiax

    I have no doubt about that. I’m not saying that black riots aren’t a hugely destructive thing. I’m simply saying that they happen regularly. Yeah, there’s always some particular ignition switch, but the engine is always ready to start up.

    Good or bad, it’s just blacks being black.

  148. Olorin says:

    A well maintained, cleanly sighted-in, Finn-barreled Mosin-Nagant M28/30 (the rifle Häyhä is shown holding in various photos) is one of the most accurate old soldier open sights rifles I’ve shot, up there with the M39 or Swiss K31.

    Not to be confused with the Suomi KP/-31 SMG–a “machine gun,” with which Häyhä defended positions at Kollaa and made a good number of his kills from high ground.

    IME the Suomi produces a surprisingly flat trajectory and a nice little sound like a power stapler or a sneezing fawn.

    Remember also that that winter of 1939-40, temperatures at Ladoga ran -10 to -40 C. You don’t need a Hollywood headshot to make a kill in that cold. Blood loss will cause already marginal body temperature to plummet, increasing the potential lethality of any hit.

    Also, analyses of the wind speeds that winter show that they were well below average, but more than nothing. So from a shooting-from-concealment perspective, someone adapted to the cold with excellent hunter genes (stillness, precision, patience) and extensive practice with his own rifle would be able to pick a calm shot situation…with the target in range at a great disadvantage climatologically/metabolically speaking.

    I prefer an M39 or M28/76, the latter being the antecedent of the TRG. But Häyhä didn’t have an M39, and what gets the job done isn’t the rifle but its operator.

  149. @Stephen Paul Foster

    I was born in southeastern Michigan and, except for one year, I’ve lived here my entire life. Even now, while I dwell in farm country, I’m still close enough to Detroit to get its over-the-air television stations.

    Watching the destruction of the city has been heartbreaking. I’m too young to remember the riot, although it’s part of family lore. I can remember Coleman Young ordering white people to get north of 8 Mile Road. They, of course, obeyed.

  150. @Art Deco

    So, you are saying that South Africa now is no less dangerous than it was during the Aparteid era? That the various South Africans who write about South Africa now, and unlike yourself, actually live there, don’t seem to hold to your viewpoint that the nation is on average as safe as its ever been.

    • Replies: @Art Deco
  151. @Steve Sailer

    Every day, I drive past a house that once belonged to O.J. Simpson. The neighborhood is no Brentwood, but it’s decent enough.

    Before his incarceration, I used to see him around all the time. As I’ve mentioned before, I once sat next to him at a bar.

    The bartender later gushed that he was a “really nice guy” who left her a huge tip, but a waiter at the same restaurant told me that he was a nasty jerk and a cheapskate.

  152. TWS says:
    @Luke Lea

    Agency is the one thing liberals cannot allow. We’re all slaves to our impulses and ancestors actions. Sins of the father.

  153. songbird says:

    I’ve always thought the solution to Detroit is to disincorporate it. What I mean is that many metro areas swallowed surrounding towns and cities during their growing process and are really bigger than they need to be. Breaking it back up might spur some competition in better government, for instance, police response times.

    The only other solution I can think of is ED-209s.

    • LOL: bomag
    • Replies: @Art Deco
  154. Marty says:

    I was waiting to get into a (mostly black) basketball game in Berkeley in 1995 when a fight broke out on the court. A black guy waiting beside me said to me, “black people are messed up, man.”

  155. bomag says:
    @Robert Hume

    AI and robots… will whites have any advantage over blacks? One can picture the situation where blacks take over society.

    We have been trained to view society as the care and feeding of designated demographics who make scant contribution and require high maintenance; we may program the initial machine intelligence to carry this on, but I doubt it will survive the first software update.

    A parasite does not survive without its host.

  156. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:
    @Stephen Paul Foster

    I read through your blog post, and I think your idea has a core that is eminently viable, even if the trappings don’t work. Obviously, the idea of making a “racism” charge a criminal offense is not going to happen any time soon. I personally think it is misguided, since I don’t think that any expression of ideas ought to be forbidden by law, no matter how absurd. But this leaves the option of social sanction. It is possible to imagine a society in which the accusation of “racism” is akin to an accusation of “witchcraft”. This now strikes me as about right. The charge of “racism” typically carries the insinuation that the “racist” believes that certain people are in some deep, deep way inferior, even sub-humans, and ought to be exterminated if posssible. But the simple fact is that nobody who is not an idiot believes that every white person, for instance, is more intelligent than every black person. (Some do believe this, but they are idiots.) Nobody who is not an idiot denies that blacks, for instance, tend to do better than whites at some things that are admirable in their own right. (Some do believe this, but they are idiots.) On a moral level, the insinuation that someone is a “racist” amounts to the charge that someone believes that certain people should NEVER be viewed as individuals, but only as instances of a group. Nobody but a moral imbecile believes this, even if anyone with a grasp of reality also grants that there are situations in which people need to be judged as group members. (Combat between uniformed armies, for instance.) The charge that someone is a “racist” might, and I think ought to, become akin to the charge that someone is believing things that are utterly absurd. I am starting to think that the way to achieve this involves accepting this on a personal level, and being willing to defend this position, to some extent, in actual life. The simple fact is that not even ardent self-proclaimed white nationalists are “racists” in the sense suggested by widespread use of the term. Most promulgators of actual genocide have not even been “racists”.

  157. Ian M. says:

    Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll check it out.

  158. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    @123: systemic

    NYT writers, SJWs, and black female black studies majors love the word “systemic.” Besides the fact that their benefactors can’t define the word, it’s getting worn out, like “racist.”

  159. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:
    @Stan Adams

    who’s the most famous actor you’ve ever seen in person?

    Actress Garcelle Beauvais at the Miami International Airport in 1998. Hulk Hogan shopping with his son at the Tampa International Mall in 2003. Niles Rogers at the Denver International Airport in 2015. Oh, and, well not an actor, but former Red Sox left-hander Bill “Spaceman” Lee spoke at my 1973 little league awards diner.

  160. Art Deco says:

    The income levels of African Americans are biased considerably higher due to affirmative action and government guaranteed employment.

    There is no ‘government guaranteed employment’. There’s a mild bias toward public employment among black workers. The propensity to work for public agencies exceeds the mean by about 20%. They’re abnormally represented among the population of military NCOs, postal employees, municipal bus drivers, and social workers. (Not schoolteachers, interestingly enough).

    And, no, I don’t think you’re going to find an econometric study of any rigor which will demonstrate that AA nets black workers more than 6c on the dollar, if that. You can give it a shot, though. A college near you is likely to have an EconLit subscription.

    They are also much higher because the strength of the broader US economy.

    Strange as it may seem to you, there is this thing called ‘human capital’ and people with dark skin acquire it just like anyone else.

    • Replies: @Yak-15
  161. Art Deco says:

    The dense settlement in Wayne, Oakland, Macomb, and Washtenaw counties is already distributed among over 100 municipalities.

    What Detroit might benefit from is some modifications in local government boundaries and in the division of labor between levels. Assemble the dense settlement in one unit, distributing the exurban territory among surrounding counties or in residual counties, move a selection of functions from the municipal government to the superordinate government (e.g. the police force, the child protective and foster care apparat, and the transit authority), and staff and deploy those forces optimally. A restructuring of Detroit’s obligations and tax architecture might help as well.

  162. Art Deco says:

    That the various South Africans who write about South Africa now, and unlike yourself, actually live there,

    Ilana Mercer can review the crime statistics just like you can. She chooses not to.

    • Replies: @Yojimbo/Zatoichi
  163. anon • Disclaimer says:

    The real question is why people stay in these hellholes. The thing is, they don’t. unless there is it is valuable dirt.

    East St. Louis. Gary Indiana. Etc. They are just abandoned like small rural towns that fade away. Of course, it is worse, since they don’t go especially quietly, but they just disappear.

    There was tons of investment in property. Housing, churches, schools, infrastructure, social institutions. So everyone left that could afford it that was white. A lot of blacks left also. Blacks had a choice. They could move into better houses in better neighborhoods that where ethnically cleansed of whites. If they wanted. They could ‘rent seek’ and get government jobs and get elected to political positions. And also — it was the center of a donut. The metro area is pretty similar to other cities. I was in West Bloomfield a couple of years ago and it could be any nice white suburb.

    A black urban ghetto is remarkably empty. There are no businesses and no reason for a white person to visit one.

    But if there isn’t a compelling reason for preventing total desolation — that’s what you get. A black area in an economically viable urban area gets basic services. The police and fire department get paid and still function. And more than that, depending on the luck of political boundaries and regional wealth.

    I suppose the real question is more like why should anyone care that everyone voted with their feet and simply left Detroit. A lot of the first round of black officials tended to be pro law and order. But when they had to deal with the result that it was too much for the criminal justice system and that the lineal relatives of their church ladies and constituents were ending up in prison, it became unpopular.

  164. Art Deco says:

    Black employees by industry:

    1.14 million in ‘public administration’
    0.66 million in ‘social assistance’ (some for public agencies, some for philanthropies).
    0.73 million in residential care (e.g. nursing homes; sometimes public, usually philanthropic)
    1.5 million in educational services (> 80% public)

    Roughly 3.3 million, or about 18% of the total work for public agencies.

  165. Art Deco says:

    See James Q Wilson and Richard Herrnstein. All but a modest minority of male youth (they put the figure at 90%) engage in some sort of criminal activity in their adolescent years. Street drugs, vandalism, petit larceny, DUI, criminal trespass, &c. People do things at that age they never do again. Only a small minority are a repetitive, persistent, and abiding problem for the police. (In the general population, 5-6% is commonly cited, with much activity intensely concentrated; the NYC police estimated ca. 1980 that 70% of the robberies in the Five Boroughs were committed by fewer than 4,000 individuals).

    A great deal of the difference in the incidence of criminal acts among blacks is attributable to the greater promiscuity of black criminals, not to the more extensive prevalence of criminality among the black population (though there’s some of that too).

  166. Art Deco says:

    E. Michael Jones in his The Slaughter of Cities: Urban Renewal As Ethnic Cleansing goes further by making point that the destruction specifically of ethnic white neighborhoods was also an objective.

    Jones was at one time an interesting writer, but he had a tendency to go off the rails dreaming up conspiracies (none of which he can substantiate). One involved the Rockefeller Foundation scheming to prevent the United States from turning into a Catholic country (something that wasn’t going to happen no matter what the Rockefeller Foundation did). He also seems to think that if you move ethnic Catholics from core cities to suburban neighborhoods, ethnic Catholics disappear from the political process. Math is not his subject.

  167. Art Deco says:
    @Ian M.

    . For example, Detroit’s population had already begun declining in the ’50s.

    That happened everywhere. Greater worker productivity was expended in the purchase of single-family homes and lawns. Very few core cities suffered a breakdown of order on Detroit’s level. Up until 3 years ago, the homicide rate in the Detroit municipality exceeded that in Chicago by a factor of 3. Detroit’s suburbs have a very similar homicide rate to Chicago’s suburbs (about 2.4 per 100,000).

    • Replies: @Yojimbo/Zatoichi
  168. @Stan Adams

    Thanks – hadn’t Wiki’d Eszterhas in a long time and hadn’t recalled seeing anything on the Hungarian film ‘Children of Glory’ before: Esterhaz has a writing credit on it.

    Now that film documents a Saileresque subject if ever there was one: a perfect intersection of politics and sport. This was the 1956 Olympics ‘Blood in the Water’ match between Hungary and the USSR, six weeks after ‘The Other October Revolution.’ Hungary won 4-0 and went on to their 4th gold medal in water polo.

    It was only because of the Southern Hemisphere games that year that they were held after the Hungarian Revolution at all – it was as if the mighty heavens and the almost equally mighty IOC were presciently in league to give Hungary its moment of revenge.

  169. Hrw-500 says:

    There’s some exterpt of Scott Martelle’s book posted on Google books. Others books on the subject are Charlie LeDuff’s “Detroit: An American Autopsy” and “Detroit: The Unauthorized Autopsy of America’s Bankrupt Black Metropolis” by Paul Kersey who also written other books about St. Louis, Chicago, Baltimore, Atlanta and posted some blog posts like this one.

    Watts and Compton had seen black flight and are now Latino.

  170. @David

    The figures for 2000 are missing, I filled them in, along with some of the totals:

    Year — White — Black — Total
    2010 — 75,660 — 590,294 — 713,777
    2000 — 116,599 — 775,772 — 951,270
    1990 — 222,316 — 777,916 — 1,027,974
    1980 — 413,730 — 758,939 — 1,203,339
    1970 — 838,877 — 660,428 — 1,511,482
    1960 — 1,182,970 — 482,223 — 1,670,144
    1950 — 1,545,847 — 300,506 — 1,545,847
    1940 — 1,472,662 — 149,119
    1930 — 1,446,656 — 120,066
    1920 — 952,065 — 40,838
    1910 — 459,926 — 5,741
    1900 — 281,575 — 4,111

    Source for the data from 1950:
    Remaking Post-Industrial Cities: Lessons from North America and Europe, edited by Donald K. Carter
    3: Detroit Case Study, by Dan Kinkead, p. 50
    Routledge, Mar 2, 2016

    • Replies: @bored identity
    , @David
  171. @Art Deco

    > There has been no net increase in the frequency of homicide in the last 30 years

    This is argued against in the article posted above by Johann Ricke:

    Murder in South Africa: a comparison of past and present, first edition

    This paper looks at a history of murder in South Africa. The official statistics in the New South Africa (since 1994) show that violent crime has had the greatest increase of all crime categories. Murder is a sub-category of “violent crime”. The official state statistics claim that while, since 1994, all sub-categories of “violent crime” are on the increase, murder is the only sub-category on the decrease. However, these statistics are contested, for example, Interpol have South African murder statistics that are roughly double the official South African state statistics, while the South African Medical Research Council claim there are roughly a third more murders in South Africa than the official police statistics reveal. This casts doubt on the New South African government’s claim that the murder rate has in fact decreased since 1994.
    Written by: Rob Mc Cafferty (M. Ed)
    Communications Director
    United Christian Action
    Date: June 2003

    It is clear from this study that violent crime has continued to climb faster than any other category of crime in the New South Africa. The only apparent category of violent crime that is in decline is murder. However, the Medical Research Council, the Department of Home Affairs and Interpol all seem to agree that South Africa’s murder rate is far higher than the official statistics show. Nevertheless, regardless of what may be the reasons for this apparent under-reporting, South Africa has earned the title of the “crime capital of the world” – especially as regards violent crime. While crime rates are increasing, conviction rates are decreasing (or certainly not keeping pace), thus adding to the South Africa’s “culture of violence”.

  172. @utu

    Uh, so what? Did you presume that people living in cities would last forever, and that urban dwelling was to be the natural state of mankind indefinitely? Not really seeing any relevant point.

    If anything, those that remained behind in the cities (predominantly blacks) during the mid. century should’ve been able to maintain the infrastructure as best as possible. Not that it would have been easy, but the idea that ‘Well, since most of the whites vacated the place, obviously the blacks had no real recourse except to riot, loot, and burn down the mostly vacated cities.’

    One thing forgotten: the American psyche has always been vast, wide open spaces. Not cities. Wide open spaces in the 18th/19th centuries meant leaving the coastal areas for the Western frontier. In the mid. to late 20th century this meant leaving the cities for the suburbs, to build a new future for their families, to chart a new course, in wide open spaces that hadn’t been lived before.

    So what regarding how it happened? That doesn’t justify the upward rise in crime following. After all, once the millions of pioneers left the coastal regions in the 18-19th centuries for the West you didn’t suddenly see massive upticks in crime in Boston, Philly, NY, etc. because of all those people leaving to settle the frontier.

  173. @Art Deco

    Very few core cities suffered a breakdown of order on Detroit’s level.

    Au contraire. Most of the major cities suffered breakdowns relative to their population size starting in the 60’s, and it was mainly due to black crime. Check out Paul Kersey, who has well documented Detroit and many other major cities decline that began roughly in the mid. ’60’s.

    And the big picture point is that prior to the ’60’s with the rise in urban black crime, most of US’s cities were relatively safe. Actually very very safe in most of the cities.

  174. @EriK

    And who’s fault is that? If blacks do not have an inner ability to go out and start their own businesses, that is on them.

  175. @Art Deco

    Actually, whenever Ilana writes about South America and the crime, she doesn’t paint a pretty picture.

    The point is that, you don’t live in South America, and Ilana Mercer, at least for many, many decades, did live there and thus would have more credibilty to write about where she came from and lived for several decades.

    Also, why should anyone automatically take your stated stats when you don’t provide any citations.

    At least Paul Kersey when he writes about crime in America’s cities provides US/state government links for people to verify.

    • Replies: @David In TN
  176. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    The real question is why people stay in these hellholes. The thing is, they don’t. unless there is it is valuable dirt.

    I think I have a solution, indeed a way to become very rich.

    Diversity is giving us a kind of voodoo economics.

    It’s like Latin America gave us Magic Realism.

    Now, there is Magic Academism and the theory of Magic Dirt. Apparently, being a Magic Negro isn’t enough. He needs Magic Dirt.

    So, how about we bottle or bag magic dirt in nice parts of America and sell them to blacks and other people who do less well economically. They can carry around this ‘magic dirt’ like rabbit’s foot, and luck will be on their side.

    Damn, I’ll make my billion real fast.

    You see, if you want more home run hitters, just put some magic dirt under any batter.
    It’s like Air Jordans will turn any kid into a NBA pro.
    Magic Shoes.

    This is what I’m gonna sell and become as rich as Bezos.

    And if we want really good swimmers, we gotta get that Magic Water.

    Did they save any water from the pool swum by Mark Spitz or Michael Phelps?
    Throw a Negro in a pool with a sprinkle of that water and he will win 8 golds.
    It’s as holy as the water of Ganges.

    Magic Dirt and new holy water.

    21st century secular thought.

  177. @Yojimbo/Zatoichi

    Don’t you mean South Africa rather than South America?

  178. Hrw-500 says:

    I wondered the same thing. Besides Ilana, there was Mike Smith who writted blogs post about South Africa, his blog is no more but some of his articles was saved on

  179. Yak-15 says:
    @Art Deco

    La Griffe estimates it’s closer to 25 cents on the dollar. It’s rather rough in its estimation but it’s methodology is logical.

    Of course all humans can learn and improve which has nothing to do the market rate differences for wages in different wages. Do you really believe a masseuse in Thailand, at 1/15th the pay, has any less skills than the American equivalent? The difference, of course, is the economic background of that masseuse’s nation.

    Your citation on the public sector mean is a bit of an obfuscation. While blacks make up about 20 pct more of the public sector than whites, they also make up 1/6 of the population. So, a substantially larger portion of blacks are employed in the public sector than whites. This is clearly a huge employer of blacks that contributes substantially to their income levels in the US.

  180. @European-American

    Put your Hate Stats away.

    “Detroit” is a heartwarming story of historically deprived , yet proud and resourceful community.

    Young African Americans from the earliest age are forced to deal with all kind of life-challenging situations that their white privileged peers never have to worry about.


    ( bored identity just can’t wait to find out what’s gonna happen with young Kynadi once she starts to sport hoodies. )

  181. David says:

    I wanted to say thanks for adding that missing year. I wasn’t able find it.

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