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Biden's Chief of Staff Bails Out
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Ron Klain, VP Joe Biden’s chief of staff, is getting out while the getting is good and leaving the gaffetastic clean-up work to someone else. Looks like he may have been gunning for a higher position and fell short.

Aw, well. There’s always a crony business willing to hire.

Via the NYTimes:

It’s not just President Obama who is looking for a new chief of staff.

Ron Klain, Vice President Joe Biden’s chief of staff, is leaving his post at the end of January.

Mr. Klain will become president of Case Holdings, the parent company of the investment company named for his old boss, former AOL chief Steve Case, an official told the Caucus.

Mr. Klain had been mentioned as a possibility to replace Rahm Emanuel as Mr. Obama’s chief of staff. But the president is now in talks with former Clinton administration Commerce Secretary William Daley. In any event, Mr. Klain decided to take Mr. Case’s job offer in part because it was the kind of opportunity that doesn’t come along often, the official said.

Who will mop up after Biden now?

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