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Lame-Duck Watch: House Tax Deal Vote Approaches; Update: 218 Vote Threshold Reached, on to Obama's Desk; Final Vote: 277-148
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We’re about one hour from the House tax deal vote.

It’s the usual parade of class-warfare demagogues. Drinking game buzz words:


Millionaires and billionaires.


Rich, richer, richest.

Social Security.

Via Allahpundit, a rundown of possible votes tonight:

Robert Costa at NRO has a status report. Remember, Pelosi screwed up earlier this afternoon by agreeing to let an amendment on the estate tax provisions come to the floor via a procedural rule that would have deemed the entire tax cuts package passed if the amendment passed. House liberals would have had no opportunity to register their opposition to the overall package, which was a dealbreaker for them. So, back to the drawing board for a new scheme:

House Democrats say there will likely be a total of four votes tonight related to the tax bill:

1) A vote to amend the existing rule to include a simple up-or-down vote on the tax deal.

2) A vote on the rule itself

3) A vote on the Pomeroy amendment, which would increase estate tax rates from the levels in the Senate bill.

4) A vote on final passage of the bill.

The first vote undoes Pelosi’s screw-up, the second one allows the House to proceed on the legislation, and then come the votes on the amendment and the final bill. I’m not sure of the schedule yet, but you might want to turn on C-SPAN now to make sure you watch vote number three on the estate tax when it happens. If that somehow passes, all hell’s going to break loose, starting in the Oval Office. No Republican in the Senate will agree to a further estate tax hike — I think — which means the deal will be effectively dead and the White House will be left flailing for a new compromise. Since every last Democrat in the House knows that and knows the stakes for Obama if the amendment passes, I’m guessing that they won’t let it pass.

Update 10:05pm Eastern Democrat Rep. John Yarmuth complains that maintaining current tax rates is “GIVING” “bonuses” to the “wealthy” that “they don’t need.” Here’s the video via Ian Schwartz.

Jeb Hensarling supports the tax deal, but pushes back against the class warfare demagoguery of the Dems. Video: “No poor person every hired me.”

Update 10:24pm Eastern GOP Rep. Patrick Tiberi: “The road to prosperity is not class warfare.” Amen.

Update 10:40pm EasternClass warfare demagogue queen Nancy Pelosi urges support for Pomeroy estate tax amendment, whose passage would require that tax deal be sent back to the Senate — effectively killing the deal.

Weaker Pelosi yammers about the “wealthiest” and the “richest” and “fairness” while protesting that “we admire success,” really.

Triple-snort-worthy: “President Obama was a job creator from day one.”

It’s opposite day (or rather, opposite night) on Capitol Hill!

“I salute President Obama for what’s in the bill, but I’m sorry for the price.”

Rant over.

Now, Jan Schakowsky squawks: Koch family! Koch family! Walton family! Gallo! Campbells! ARGH!

Barney Frank: BOOOOOOOSH! Warren Buffet! [Wipe spittle]


Update 11:05pm Eastern Democratic Majority Leader Steny Hoyer making closing arguments before Pomeroy amendment vote.

“There’s probably no one on the floor who likes this bill,” but he’ll vote for it anyway.

Crap Sandwich redux. First vote on Pomeory estate tax amendment now underway…clarification…this is the Levin amendment substitute for Pomeroy amendment…

Update 11:38pm Eastern Levin/Pomeroy amendment going down by big margin– 190-230 with 16 NVs…late votes still being tallied…

Final vote: 194-233.

Update 11:53pm Eastern The 218-vote threshold has been reached. Still four minutes left to vote. The tax deal passes.

Ed Morrissey quips on Twitter: “President Obama successfully whips Dem caucus to endorse Bush tax policy.”

Melissa Clouthier tweets: “So after all the class-warfare rhetoric & hating rich people thing, the Dems sided with George W Bush.”

11:59pm Eastern One minute before midnight, the House final tax deal vote is announced: 277-148. A few boos in the chamber.

Or maybe they were saying: “BOOOOSH!”

Via steveegg, breakdown of the vote by party:

Dems – 139 ayes, 112 nays

Pubbies – 138 ayes, 36 nays


Last update of the night. Here’s the roll call vote.

Just fyi: the conservatives who voted no and wanted GOP to fight for better deal…


Barton (TX)

Broun (GA)









Franks (AZ)

Gingrey (GA)


Graves (GA)


Jordan (OH)

King (IA)






Moran (KS)


Poe (TX)

Rogers (AL)





Wilson (SC)


Just a reminder: The unemployment benefits extension isn’t free.

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