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Crash the White House/Medicare Czar Closed-Door Meeting
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Let’s briefly review the Obama administration’s unprecedented transparency record:

*Loophole-ridden, special interest-pandering DISCLOSE Act

*Backdoor kickbacks

*Secret Big Labor deals

*C-SPAN camera evasion

*Disclosure-ducking coffeehouse meetings

*Sunlight-shirking holiday and midnight floor votes

*Behind-the-scenes recess appointments

That’s for starters. And now, the White House is set to hold a new round of backdoor meetings with recess appointee Donald Berwick, the Medicare/Medicaid czar, on the besieged Obamacare mandate.

The Hill reports:

The White House has invited stakeholders to discuss the healthcare law with the administration’s controversial appointee to head Medicare.

According to a memo obtained by The Hill, the event on Friday with Medicare Administrator Donald Berwick at the Eisenhower Executive Office Building next to the White House will be the first of several meetings on healthcare’s implementation to be hosted by administration officials.

The invitation from administration health policy adviser Zeke Emanuel, former Obama Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel’s brother, marks a renewed outreach to industry stakeholders from a White House that had initially promised to keep lobbyists at arm’s length. The invitations for Friday’s kick-off meeting were sent to specialty medical societies, which have a lobbying component, according to several sources.

“We are kicking off a series of White House meetings between senior administration officials and healthcare providers to exchange ideas on areas in need of attention,” Emanuel wrote in the invitation. “We invite you (or a representative) and your organization to join us.”

I hope Tea Party activists and Health Care Town Hall protesters in the D.C. area can get to the Eisenhower Executive Office Building on Friday and crash this meeting.

Let the sun shine in.

Demand answers from cut-and-run Don Berwick.

And bring your “Dude, Where’s My Waiver” signs!

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