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Berzerkely City Council Votes Tonight on WikiLeaker Honors; Update: Tabled Indefinitely!
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Photo credit: Brad Froehle

Last week, I flagged the latest stunt by city government officials in the People’s Republic of Berkeley — a resolution honoring Wiki-leaking saboteur Bradley Manning.

Tonight’s the night the city council will vote. The meeting is underway and is livestreaming on the Berzerkely website here. According to the council’s notes, the meeting may stretch into the 11pm Pacific hour, with the Manning “hero” resolution not scheduled until item 26 on the official agenda.

Here’s a sample of what else is preoccupying the PRB:

Action Calendar – New Business

23. City of Berkeley Responsible Banking Policy

a. From: Human Welfare and Community Action Commission (PDF)

Recommendation: Direct the City Manager to review the impact of enacting a banking policy that gives preference for City banking, depository and investment relationships to banks and other institutions that meet a set of community reinvestment goals such as loans to local homeowners and businesses, the establishment of local branches in low income communities, and local employment opportunities.

Financial Implications: See report

Contact: Leah Talley, Commission Secretary, 981-5400

b. From: City Manager (PDF)

Recommendation: Continue banking with current partner and direct limited staff resources to pursue a dialogue with Wells Fargo Bank about community needs to ensure that Wells Fargo includes Berkeley in its economic recovery agenda.

Financial Implications: None

Contact: Jane Micallef, Housing, 981-5400

24. Authorization to Sign Downtown PBID Petition and Ballot on Behalf of the City and Contingent Funding for Program Based on Increased Downtown Parking Meter Rates (PDF)

From: City Manager

Recommendation: Adopt a Resolution:

1. Authorizing the City Manager to approve and sign the “Preliminary Petition to Form the Downtown Berkeley Property-Based Business Improvement District” document on behalf of City-owned properties in the proposed Downtown PBID area; and

2. In the event the petition is successful in triggering a ballot process to establish a Downtown PBID, authorizing the City Manager to vote YES on any ballots on behalf of City-owned properties in the proposed Downtown PBID area; and

3. Request that the City Manager come back with an Ordinance to increase Downtown parking meter rates by 25 cents per hour to fund this program. This Ordinance would be contingent on successful establishment of the Downtown PBID and would take effect the date that the PBID officially commences.

Financial Implications: See report

Contact: Michael Caplan, Economic Development, 981-7530

25. Response to Peace and Justice Commission report entitled “Opposition to Secure Communities” (PDF)

From: City Manager


1. Do not adopt the proposed Resolution by the Peace and Justice Commission (“PJC”) regarding the federal government’s “Secure Communities” program, and

2. If Council would like to voice opposition to the Secure Communities program, direct the City Clerk to send a letter requesting the Governor-elect and the state Attorney General-elect to either:

a. Stop the state Department of Justice (“DOJ”) from sharing arrestee fingerprint data with federal law enforcement agencies for the purpose of deporting illegal immigrants arrested for minor crimes; or

b. Have California opt out of the Secure Communities program altogether.

Financial Implications: None

Contact: Michael Meehan, Police, 981-5700

26. Support and Free Pfc. Bradley Manning and Proclaim Him a Hero (PDF)

From: Peace and Justice Commission

Recommendation: Adopt a Resolution to support and free Pfc. Bradley Manning and proclaim him a hero.

Financial Implications: None

Contact: Eric Brenman, Commission Secretary, 981-5114


Update 1am Eastern Looks like Berkeley got a case of cut-and-run. The council has tabled the vote indefinitely for further “investigation.”

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