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DREAM Act Denouement: Dems Fight for "De Facto Americans;" Vid Link Added; 8:35pm ET House Voting, Senate Delayed; Pelosi Gloats: House Passes Nightmare Act, 216-198, Roll Call Vote Added
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Dingy Harry delayed the Senate cloture vote on the DREAM Act this afternoon to allow the House to get first dibs.

Debate is underway and the open-borders colors of the Democrat Party are on full display. A Democrat congressman from my state of Colorado, Jared Polis, just called illegal aliens “de facto Americans” (h/t Larry Ackerman).

You can watch live now on CSPAN here — if you can stomach it.

I’ll update with roll call votes as things develop.

Allahpundit weighs in: “Assuming DREAM crashes and burns, can we expect an angry presser this evening from Luis ‘My only loyalty is to the immigrant community’ Gutierrez? Remember, he vowed last week that DREAM’s failure would be the last straw, forcing him to fulfill his destiny as a hybrid of Gandhi, Jesus, and Luke Skywalker and lead a protest movement aimed at pressuring Democrats into being even bigger amnesty shills than they already are. Let the Tequila Party begin!”


Ian Schwartz has the video of Rep. Polis coining the new Democrat euphemism “de facto Americans.”

Whoops. Not sure why comments/trackbacks were closed. Think I tripped something up accidentally on WordPress. Open! Have at it!


Update 8:38pm Eastern Appalling. The House “debated” the DREAM Act that few actually have read — but there was no real debate because the Dem leadership prevented any amendments from coming to the floor. It was an abuse of the lame-duck session and a legislative farce. Most ethical and open my you know what.

Voting is underway. Stand by.

9:00pm Eastern Weaker Pelosi announces: 216 – Yea. 198 – Nay. Motion adopted.

8 Republicans voted yes. 38 Democrats voted no.

Dems cheering DREAM Act illegal alien bailout lustily on floor.

The fight moves to the Senate tomorrow. Vote is scheduled for 11am Eastern.

Fire up those phone lines, folks. We’re down to the wire.


Last update: Here’s the roll call vote.

The 8 illegal alien bailout Republicans are:



Diaz-Balart, L.

Diaz-Balart, M.





Allahpundit points out:

Joe Cao (defeated in general election)

Mike Castle (defeated in primary)

Lincoln Diaz-Balart (retiring)

Mario Diaz-Balart

Charles Djou (defeated in general election)

Vern Ehlers (retiring)

Bob Inglis (defeated in primary)

Ileana Ros-Lehtinen


Yes, those Republicans sided with Weaker Pelosi and her moronic monologue comparing the DREAM Act zealots to the Founding Fathers. See Gateway Pundit for more, if you can stomach it.

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