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Big Nanny Bloomberg's Latest Initiative: Govt-Sponsored Fashion Jobs
Fashion DON'T.
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Not satisfied with taxing carbon, soda, and salt, Big Nanny NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg is sticking government’s nose into yet another area it doesn’t belong — and isn’t needed.

Introducing Nanny Bloomberg’s own taxpayer-backed version of Project Runway!


You May Be Going To Government-Organized Fashion Events Soon

If Anna Wintour is the queen of fashion, a new king Michael may have just emerged. And no, it’s not Kors—it’s Mayor Bloomberg.

With foreign competition increasing and the internet slowly becoming a convenient and cheaper outlet to obtain goods, Bloomberg has instated six new Manhattan-based fashion initiatives geared towards helping young hopefuls get their foot in the door and offering assistance to emerging talents with potential for growth.

The initiatives, and why Bloomberg cares>>

The first, New York City Fashion Draft, will allow students worldwide to come to the city and meet with companies for purposes of fashion recruitment. Fashion Campus NYC, which is also geared towards industry hopefuls, is a set of business seminars that also covers information about living and working in Manhattan, while New York City Fashion Fellows gives thirty emerging talents in the business end of fashion management access to networking and mentors.

For those more established in the industry, there’s the NYC Fashion Fund and Institute, which provides business assistance for up-and-coming designers and manufacturers, Project Pop-up, an annual competition for creative retail concepts with a possible pop-up store as the end prize, and Designer as Entrepreneur, which, as its name implies, helps designers expand their business knowledge through finance-related seminars.

NYC and New York state don’t have a problem attracting top talent to the city.

The problem is in keeping fashionistas — or any other entrepreneurs — in the high-tax, business-unfriendly environment.

Businessman Tom Golisano outlined the real problem last May when he went Galt:

Politicians like to talk about incentives — for businesses to relocate, for example, or to get folks to buy local. After reviewing the new budget, I have identified the most compelling incentive of all: a major tax break immedi ately available to all New Yorkers. To be eligible, you need do only one thing: move out of New York state.

Last week I spent 90 minutes doing a couple of simple things — registering to vote, changing my driver’s license, filling out a domicile certificate and signing a homestead certificate — in Florida. Combined with spending 184 days a year outside New York, these simple procedures will save me over $5 million in New York taxes annually.

By moving to Florida, I can spend that $5 million on worthy causes, like better hospitals, improving education or the Clinton Global Initiative. Or maybe I’ll continue to invest it in fighting the status quo in Albany. One thing’s certain: That money won’t continue to fund Albany’s bloated bureaucracy, corrupt politicians and regular special-interest handouts.

How did the state get to this point? By spending, spending and spending some more.

Haute couture doesn’t need a government handout. It needs government to do what every wealth producer and creative talent needs it to do to thrive: Get out of the way.

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