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A Night to Remember: Liveblogging the 2010 Midterm Results; Malkin's Hot List; Waiting for the West; Reid Hangs On, Buck Ahead in CO; Cali Races Called Too Early?; Update: CO Vote Counting Errors?!; Fiorina Not Conceding; Joe Miller Trails in AK; WA Senate Dead Heat
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Scroll for updates…make sure to scroll all the way down, last update 3:39am Eastern…

Are you ready to rumble? Doug Powers and I are on duty tonight — and we’ll both be chomping on popcorn and sipping our Slurpees (or in my case, Sonic cherry limeades…the next best thing) as the results of the 2010 midterm elections roll in.

Some of the hot, hot races that I’ll be keeping close watch on for you:

AZ-07: GOP rocket scientist and Tea Party upstart Ruth McClung, taking on entrenched, open-borders incumbent Raul Grijalva. *Update 3:33am – McClung and Grijalva have been locked in tight race all night; McClung trailing by the slimmest of margins…roughly 4,000 votes separates them

MA-04: GOP upstart Sean Bielat, on the verge of unseating three-decade corruptocrat Democrat Barney Frank. *Update: Massachussetts, what were you thinking? FNC projects Frank will keep his seat. Thank you, Sean, for standing up and fighting the good fight.

N.C.-07 and N.C.-02: GOP newcomers Ilario Pantano and Renee Elmers taking on Democrat incumbents Rep. Mike McIntyre and Rep. Bob Etheridge. *Update: RENEE ELLMERS WINS, defeats Bob “Chokehold” Etheridge.* Congrats! Pantano concedes to six-termer McIntyre — a heroic, amazing challenge from Pantano. Thank you, 2LT Pantano, for your service and patriotism.

CO governor’s race: Surging independent candidate Tom Tancredo taking on CO George Soros mini-me John Hickenlooper.

CO Senate: GOP/Tea Party candidate Ken Buck, ready to unseat appointed Obama/Salazar crony and cut-and-runner Sen. Michael Bennet.

Kansas Secretary of State: GOP candidate/anti-ACORN corruption activist/immigration enforcement lawyer Kris Kobach, combating the Soros-ization of state election bureaucracies.

Washington Senate: GOP challenger Dino Rossi is in a nailbiter with entrenched Democrat Patty Murray. Might not know the results for a few days, given the state’s past election counting woes.

Wisconsin Senate: GOP challenger Ron Johnson looking to upset four-term Democrat incumbent Russ Feingold.

Florida Senate: Tea Party/GOP candidate Marco Rubio, attracting international attention for his meteoric campaign bid.

Obamacare ballot measures: Citizens get to vote on the federal health care mandate in Arizona, Oklahoma, and Colorado.

And, of course, the GOP ladies driving the establishments left and right mad: Sharron Angle in Nevada and Christine O’Donnell in Delaware.

As of 6:15pm, exit polls are stating the obvious — it’s the jobs, stupid.

The Drudge siren and red font highlight more exit results:


Arkansas: Boozman (R) defeats Lincoln (D)

Ohio: Portman (R) defeats Fisher (D)

North Dakota: Hoeven (R) defeats Potter (D)

Wisconsin: Johnson (R) defeats Feingold (D)

Update 7:00pm Eastern – Congrats to GOP Senate winners Coats (Ind.), Paul (Ky), and DeMint (SC).

As expected, GOP candidate Rob Portman takes OH Senate seat.

Update 8:03pm Eastern – NH GOP Senate candidate Kelly Ayotte projected to win; Christine O’Donnell in Delaware projected to lose. FNC also projecting CT GOP Senate candidate Linda McMahon will lose. Vietnam War fakers everywhere are celebrating AG Richard Blumenthal’s projected victory.

Update 8:12pm Eastern – Marco Rubio projected to win in Florida! If you haven’t seen the best campaign ad of the year, watch it (or watch it again):

Update 8:32pm Eastern Fox projecting Ark. Democrat Sen. Blanche Lincoln losing to GOP challenger John Boozman. Bye, bye, Blanche.

Update 8:41pm Eastern Bummer. WV’s GOP Senate candidate John Raese projected to lose to popular Democrat Gov. Joe Manchin — who won by running to the right, suing the EPA, and disavowing Obama.

Update 10:18pm Eastern (DP) Barney Frank has defeated Sean Bielat. Dangit.

Update 10:21pm Eastern (DP) Fox News reporting John Hickenlooper wins the Colorado governor’s race.

Update 10:26pm Eastern (DP) I’m doing a shot every time Geraldine Ferraro blames Dem losses on their “failure to properly communicate how awesome the health care bill is.” This can’t end well.

Update 10:35pm Eastern (DP) I’m hearing that Nikki Haley has won the SC governor’s race but haven’t yet seen or heard “official” confirmation. Sestak/Toomey in Pennsylvania still very close. Not looking good for Democrat Russ Feingold in Wisconsin, but no call made yet — still over half of the vote to be counted there.

Update 10:45pm Eastern (DP) MSNBC projecting Ron Johnson has defeated Russ Feingold for Wisconsin Senate. Apparently Feingold’s desperate suck-up to the Tea Party didn’t work.

Polls closing out west now…

Update 11:03pm Eastern (DP) CNN calls SC governor’s race for Nikki Haley.

Update 11:21pm Eastern (DP) Screen-grab of the night — Chris Matthews interviewed Rep. Michele Bachmann a little while ago, and somebody behind Bachmann posed a question to Matthews (Bachmann asked Chris the same question):


Update 11:40pm Eastern – Politico just called PA-Senate for grass-roots conservative Pat Toomey.

Allow me a brief moment to say: WOOOOOO-HOOOOO! And phew!

Update 11:21pm Eastern (DP) CNN projects Ma’am — er, I mean, Barbara Boxer — will retain her US Senate seat.

Update 11:21pm Eastern (DP) Jerry Brown wins California governor’s race… again. What’s the definition of insanity?

Also, Jan Brewer has been re-elected Arizona governor. Kasich wins in Ohio.

Update 12:13am Eastern GOP Nevada gubernatorial candidate Brian Sandoval defeats Dingy Harry’s son. One Reid defeated.

Update 12:33am Eastern (DP) CNN projects Republican Mark Kirk will pick up Barack Obama’s old Senate seat in Illinois.

My take on Kirk here.

Also, Harry Reid is projected the winner in Nevada Senate race over Sharron Angle. Suffice to say, this evening provided Republicans with more than enough victories to give them great momentum, but just enough high-profile defeats to avoid getting cocky.

Update 12:49am Eastern Good news: Ken Buck is up in Colorado. 45% precincts reporting in CO: Buck 47.7, Bennet 46.9.

48% reporting

Buck (GOP) 48.6% (652,258)

Bennet (Dem) 46.2% (620,454)

Update 1:09am Eastern Lots of buzz on Twitter about Cali races. Did MSM call the races too early? Tammy Bruce reports that Fiorina is not conceding.

U.S. Senate – General

California – 5441 of 24845 Precincts Reporting – 22%

Name Party Votes Vote %

Boxer , Barbara (i) Dem 1,468,463 47%

Fiorina , Carly GOP 1,461,870 47%

Lightfoot , Gail Lib 56,486 2%

Noonan , Edward AIP 43,296 1%

Feinland , Marsha PFP 40,270 1%

Roberts , Duane Grn 36,321 1%

Update: 1:16am Eastern CO Senate race has swung back and forth…local media reporting a count error in Boulder County…Bennet now ahead by 2,000 votes.

Need Dramamine.


Update: Carly Fiorina took the stage around 2:00am-ish and announced that it would be a “long night.” She is not conceding. “We are in a dead heat. For all those who called the race, maybe that wasn’t a smart thing to do.”

“Gonna be a long night. We’re gonna crunch data. We may not know for hours.”

Boxer crows about her victory, assails “special interests” (not including Big Labor, of course).


Update 2:49am Eastern Alaska Senate returns so far

U.S. Senate

Last update: 11/2 10:50 pm AKST

299 of 438 precincts reporting

Write-In Votes 66,810 39.33%

Joe Miller (R) 59,997 35.32%

Scott T. McAdams (D) 41,383 24.36%

Fredrick Haase (L) 879 0.52%

Tim Carter (NP) 555 0.33%

Ted Gianoutsos (NP) 263 0.15%


Update 2:52am Eastern…As expected, the Washington Senate race is a virtual tie.

Patty Murray 722,396 50.49 %

Dino Rossi 708,391 49.51 %

3:08am Eastern Fun fact from, yes, the Associated Press:

Rs piled up their biggest House gains _ 58 by early Wednesday _ since they added 80 seats in 1938. 1994’s was “just” 54 seats.

Another late pick-up – GOP candidate Joe Heck defeats Democrat incumbent Dina Titus in Nevada.

Update 3:12am Eastern Sharron Angle just wrapped up her concession speech.

Update 3:40am Eastern Michael Sandoval at NRO Battle10 reports that Buck-Bennet race here in Colorado may not be finalized until next week or possibly next month.

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