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Biden Booed in Philly, Shunned in Wisconsin
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Home Depot Joe Photoshop: American Elephants

He brags often and loudly about being a son of Pennsylvania. But Joe Biden’s Scranton yarns didn’t protect him from a typical Philly welcome.

A Washington Post sports writer notes that Phillies fans booed Biden during Sunday’s baseball game.

And a reader e-mailed me last night:

My son (26, a good Republican) was at the Philadelphia Phillies play off game last night, 10/16/2010, in Philadelphia. He told me the following:

Joe Biden was there and when his image appeared on the screen, a smattering of clapping started but it was then replaced with booing that proceeded to get louder and louder. Everyone around him was booing as loud as they could. Then after it stopped, conversations all around him started about Obama, Pelosi and healthcare, etc. He reminded me that the members of the audience were not just from Philadelphia City but from surrounding counties in PA and NJ. His entourage then cleared a path through traffic making it far worse and delaying all which then cemented in the minds of the fans the elitism of government officials. Gotta hope it is a sign of the election to come. Obama did this in NJ right before the Christie election in the Camden area the night of a game in Philly, making everyone late for the game and annoying all ticket holders from New Jersey.

It should be noted, of course, that Philly sports fans are equal-opportunity when it comes to their derision of politicians. And this is, after all, how we Philly-born people roll:

But Scranton Joe’s unpopularity does seem to be an emerging midterm election theme:

Reader Eric e-mails from Wisconsin: “At Biden’s trip to Milwaukee last week to help campaign for Congressman Steve Kagen he drew a whopping 80 people. Also, quite interesting that the fundraiser was held in Milwaukee rather than in Kagen’s district over 100 miles away.”

Hold on tight, Joey B. Hold tight.

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