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Chicken Dance: Another Endangered Democrat Bails on Debate -- and More!
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The other day, I noted that beleaguered Democrat Senate candidate Alexi Giannoulias of Illinois had bailed on a debate with GOP opponent Mark Kirk. Polls show Kirk leading the Obamas’ shady banking buddy.

Looks like the chicken dance is all the rage among endangered Democrats.

Here in Colorado, 4th Congressional District Democrat Rep. Betsy Markey went AWOL on her latest debate, too. Via the Daily Camera (h/t Complete Colorado):

A Democratic congresswoman who has declined most debates didn’t show up when her Republican challenger taped a solo appearance on Colorado Public Television.

Republican Cory Gardner criticized Rep. Betsy Markey for refusing debates that don’t include two minor-party candidates. Several news agencies have refused to allow the small-party candidates to join.

So Gardner sat next to an empty chair Thursday and answered questions for a half-hour about tax policy, health care and the war in Afghanistan.

Polls show the candidates in a virtual tie.

(Support Cory Gardner here.)

Let me know if you spot any Democrat chicken dances in your neighborhoods. Bok bok bok bok!



Democrat chicken dancer sighted in Florida, via reader Thomas: “Republican Congressional candidate Mike Prendergast is pressing incumbent Democrat Kathy Castor to debate him. He plans to hold a rally tomorrow near downtown challenging her to respond to a series of debates. A news release about the rally reads: ‘For nearly a year, Mike Prendergast has been listening to voters from the 11th district hearing repeatedly that incumbent Congresswoman Kathy Castor has ignored them and their concerns.’ The Prendergast campaign sent certified letters to Castor’s home and and office notifying her of the challenge last week, but say they have received no response.”

Reader Tim in Philly:

Here in Philadelphia, we don’t have an election season ‘chicken dance’, we have an all-the-time chicken dance!

Two of the so-called Representatives, Allison Schwartz and Chaka Fattah are never seen, never around, never have town halls. Of course that is if you don’t count the telephone town hall Schwartz once had with selected constituents.

They just sit back and wait for the blind loyal democrats to re-elect them every two years. What those who vote for them don’t realize is we get no ‘Representation’ at all from our ‘Representatives’.

Fattah and Schwartz are true Pelosi-Reid-Obama tow the line, the hell with the ‘people’. Get our agenda done Democrats.

Our other Representative, Bob Brady is seen much more often compared to Fattah and Schwartz. Brady is commonly seen out and about with union leaders (and their blind followers) and he can also be seen instructing all other politicians Fed, state and local what to do and how to vote….a true machine.

These three ‘representatives’ are the epitome of the ‘royalty’ attitude.

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