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Jihadi Commandos in Europe...And on American Soil
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The national security buzz this weekend centered on “commando-style” plots by jihadists in Europe — possibly targeting airport lobbies.

Thomas Josceyln at Long War Journal shines light on the ties between the new plotters and the al Qaeda Hamburg cell linked to 9/11.

Apparently, some British intel officials are unhappy with how the U.S. leaked the new warning about old info:

European officials again made it clear yesterday they were “irritated” with the US for leaking stories before they could gather more intelligence. There was no evidence that a plot was imminent, and intelligence was described by a well-placed Whitehall official as “ill-defined”.

One of those providing information is an Algerian informant – who may have been behind the decision twice recently to evacuate the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Another possible source is Ahmed Siddiqui, a German arrested by the US in July in Kabul. And last month US Predator drones attacked a suspected plotters’ base in Pakistan’s North Waziristan, close to the border with Afghanistan.

An anonymous Pakistani intelligence officer told the Associated Press last week that the Predator’s hellfire missiles killed Abdul Jabber, a Briton who, with his brother, was allegedly suspected of planning attacks on European cities.

British counter-intelligence officials play down any suggestion of links between the US attacks in Pakistan and intelligence pointing to potential “commando-style” assaults in western Europe. European anti-terror officials, who warned against making any such link, also emphasised they had the same intelligence as the US, since they shared it.

Yesterday’s warning from the state department was part of a move to encourage the US and Europe to speak with one voice after the confusion of the past week. It was initially rumoured that the US would recommend its citizens to stay away from high-profile sites in Europe.

As for the forgotten commando-style attack here on American soil by Nidal Hasan, his Article 32 hearing is scheduled this month and will be open to the public.

And no, DHS has issued no public warnings to American citizens on military bases on American soil about the continuing threats they face from the same breed of Koranic-inspired jihad commandos plotting in Europe.

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