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Left-a-Palooza! -- Updated
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Earlier this week, I covered the SEIU 1199/Patrick Gaspard ties to the organizers of today’s Left-a-palooza in Washington.

Regular readers are also familiar with many of the “One Nation” organizations’ progressive K Street/DC roots.

Open-borders zealots will be out in full force. No doubt some of the same types of paid, non-English-speaking day laborers who’ve been hired by California Democrats will also be in attendance.

Their creed: One Nation, under government, indebted to Soros, with mortgage payments and social justice for all.

The union buses are still rolling in, but at the “One Nation” site, they’ve already posted aspirational photos of the scene at the mall:

Look for MSM coverage to go out of its way to emphasize the “diversity” of the crowd and de-emphasize the Marxist kookery.

Or don’t bother looking at all. Several readers tell me they will be participating in get-out-the-vote efforts this weekend in their neighborhoods while the progs hold their march. Excellent idea.

Update (DP):

HAP has video of the litter on the Mall after today’s rally (including a video of trash left at the WWII memorial). Presumably it’ll be the job of a separate set of union workers to clean that up. Compare that to the condition of the Mall after Glenn Beck’s Restoring Honor rally.

In comparison though, today’s rally still doesn’t live up to the Barackalypse at the Mall after Obama’s inauguration.

Doug Ross more pics here, including this one… so nice to see them getting the kids involved:


More photos of the crackpottery at Nice Deb.

Update II: The photo here was taken after the rally in front of the monument honoring the president the Obamaniacs claim to have the utmost respect for — aside from Obama of course.

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