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What Rahm Has to Look Forward to
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Rahm Emanuel heads back to Chicago to run for mayor. Given the wreckage he helped preside over in Washington, the Windy City’s woes look like a cakewalk.

Here’s what he has to look forward to:

– A $654.7 million city budget hole.

Massively underfunded city pensions.

Public school disaster.

Public housing disaster.

10.8 percent unemployment.

Public corruption And more corruption. And more corruption.

– Consistent ranking as one of the nation’s most miserable and stressful cities.

Rahm will feel right at home.


On his left flank, Rahm faces a possible challenge from open-borders zealot Rep. Luis Gutierrez and state Sen. James Meeks.

Gutierrez has the requisite corruption taint:

The Tribune reported in May that the FBI has interviewed City Hall employees and Chicago aldermen about Gutierrez’s ties to a corrupt developer, citing records and interviews that raise new questions about the congressman amid an ongoing federal investigation.

A former alderman convicted in the investigation told FBI agents that Gutierrez boasted of helping his longtime political supporter Calvin Boender obtain a lucrative zoning change for a development on the city’s West Side. Another alderman told agents this year she thought Gutierrez was going to buy a home in the development.

And several city planners told investigators they were stunned by the highly unusual intervention of a congressman in a local zoning matter.

The FBI asked about Gutierrez as recently as February, but most of the inquiries occurred during 2008, the Tribune reported, as federal authorities prepared their bribery cases against Boender and former 29th Ward Ald. Isaac “Ike” Carothers.

The newly disclosed details, coupled with the revelation at Boender’s March trial that Gutierrez met with Daley on Boender’s behalf, undermine the congressman’s earlier assertions that his involvement was “extremely minimal.” The Tribune has previously reported that Boender loaned Gutierrez $200,000 months before the congressman began pushing Daley to support Boender’s venture.



Update: A fishy farewell gift.

Update: After less than two years, Emanuel holds his official goodbye press conference. He hailed Obama, paid tribute to his family, and shed a few tears. No Kleenex in sight, but perhaps a corner of the dead-fish wrapper will do.

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