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AZ-07: Ruth McClung for Congress, Standing Up to Open-Borders Extremism
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How would you like to be a voter in a district where your own congressman led an economic boycott against you and the rest of your state? If you had no choices at the ballot box, you might vote with your feet and move somewhere more hospitable. In Arizona’s 7th congressional district, represented by open-borders extremist Democrat Raul Grijalva — who spearheaded a punitive boycott against his own constituents over SB1070 — there is a choice.

Her name is Ruth McClung. She’s a young conservative Republican who is urging voters to boycott Grijalva, not Arizona. Her background: McClung is a physicist in the defense industry (she jokes that maybe Congress does need rocket scientists) who is a lifelong Westerner and grass-roots candidate:

Ruth McClung, a physicist who is currently working as a rocket scientist at a local engineering company, wants to use her knowledge to help the people of Southern Arizona, and the United States by serving in the U.S. Congress. Ruth’s educational and work background give her an advantage over most candidates. She understands the science behind some very important issues such as energy, the environment, technology, defense, and national security. With her scientific background, politicians using pseudo-science to push an agenda will not fool her. And since she has worked in the defense industry, she understands the need for defense and the types of technologies which are needed to make us safer. She also understands where potential waste in the defense industry might be.

Ruth has been interested in politics since she was teenager, when in Idaho her father served as a Republican County Chairman. She helped out in campaigns, volunteered in the Republican headquarters, helped in special county events, and was acquainted with many of the politicians. Her interest in serving her community through politics has grown through the years, and has led her to run for office.

Ruth has lived in the west her whole life. Besides living in Arizona, she has lived in California, New Mexico, and Idaho. She moved to Tucson, Arizona in 2000 to go to college. “I love living in the West.” explains Ruth, “I love the diverse mixture of cultures and the frontier spirit that seems to exist in all the people of the west.”


Ruth was raised in a family that stressed hard work and financial responsibility. This philosophy led her to choose Pima Community College for her first two years of school. She paid for college through a tennis scholarship, a job at Del Taco, and a job as a lab assistant in the Engineering and Physics departments, at Pima. After finishing her first year at Pima she was able to get a job at a local engineering company as an intern. She continued with that job through college and is currently working with the same company. After receiving her credits at Pima College, she transferred to the University of Arizona in August of 2002. In May of 2004, she received her Bachelor of Science in Physics from the University of Arizona.

The proud progressive Grijalva thinks he’s “safe” in his reliably Democratic district. But when his hometown paper condemns him as “irresponsible and beneath contempt” and protesters deride him as the “best congressman Mexico ever had,” he best not be measuring the re-election drapes. Four terms is enough for the entrenched, out-of-touch Grijalva.

Jim Geraghty at NRO noted last week that buzz about Ruth McClung’s insurgent candidacy is building. Now is the time to support citizen McClung’s campaign to restore accountability, common sense, and sovereignty to AZ-07.

Support her campaign here.


Look who Raul Grijalva’s raising money from.

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