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Clown Colbert's Democrat Enablers Make Mockery of Immigration Policy; Rep. Steve King Brings Reality to Hijacked Hearing; Update: FIASCO! Dems Fight Over Colbert
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Scroll for updates…Dems have shot themselves in the party foot

All aboard the clown car!

Today on Capitol Hill, left-wing comedian Stephen Colbert will appear “in character” before a House subcommittee on immigration.

No, he has no expertise.

But he has an agenda: To mock Americans who support strict enforcement of our laws by implying that they won’t take jobs that illegal aliens do:

Stephen Colbert will appear before a House subcommittee on immigration today. Colbert will appear, in character, with United Farm Workers President Arturo Rodriguez. The United Farm Workers has launched an awareness campaign “Take Our Jobs” which challenges Americans to take up agricultural jobs often filled by illegal immigrants such as packing corn or picking beans. Colbert took up that challenge last night on his program.

The entire premise of this stunt is false.

Law-abiding Americans and law-abiding immigrants have done and will do this work — just watch what happens when the feds do their jobs and enforce employer sanctions.

The Center for Immigration Studies further pierces the myth:

This analysis tests the often-made argument that immigrants only do jobs Americans don’t want. If the argument is correct, there should be occupations comprised entirely or almost entirely of immigrants. But Census Bureau data collected from 2005 to 2007, which allow for very detailed analysis, show that even before the recession there were only a tiny number of majority-immigrant occupations.

Among the findings:

* Of the 465 civilian occupations, only four are majority immigrant. These four occupations account for less than 1 percent of the total U.S. workforce. Moreover, native-born Americans comprise 47 percent of workers in these occupations.

* Many jobs often thought to be overwhelmingly immigrant are in fact majority native-born:

o Maids and housekeepers: 55 percent native-born

o Taxi drivers and chauffeurs: 58 percent native-born

o Butchers and meat processors: 63 percent native-born

o Grounds maintenance workers: 65 percent native-born

o Construction laborers: 65 percent native-born

o Porters, bellhops, and concierges: 71 percent native-born

o Janitors: 75 percent native-born

But clown Colbert’s Democrat enablers aren’t interested in serious debate. They’re interested in promoting illegal alien amnesty by any means necessary — even it means turning a House hearing into a Comedy Central stage.

Not that it took much to do so…


Update: GOP Rep. Steve King delivers a scathing rebuke to Dems/Colbert — defending American workers who do the dirty jobs the Dems/Colbert say they don’t do. Lambastes illegal immigration’s effects on depressed wages, displacement.

Update: Democrat John Conyers wants Colbert to submit written testimony and then leave because he attracted enough attention. Lofgren says no. Dan Lungren takes mic.

Update 10:41am Eastern: Stephen Colbert delivers his comedic routine, mocking law-abiding American workers, cracking jokes about submitting a colonoscopy. Ends his testimony with a derisive “USA #1!”

Conyers observes that Colbert’s written testimony differed considerably from the “testimony” he delivered.

Can’t watch this fiasco anymore.

Three parting words: Remember in November.

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