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Harry Reid Pulls Out Race Card Again, Whacks Himself in the Head
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When Dingy Harry last opened his mouth to spout off about race, he was blabbing to left-leaning journalist/authors about Obama’s “light skin” and lack of a “Negro dialect.”

Masochistic minority Democrats rallied around Reid at a dog-and-pony rally, though at least one person spoke truth to power. Flashback:

“If he had any real black friends, they would tell him, ‘Hey, Harry, don’t say that kind of sh*t.’

Harry didn’t listen. His latest racially/ethnically divisive gaffe? Attacking Hispanic conservatives for straying off the liberal reservation. Via John McCormack at the Weekly Standard. Watch Reid sneer: “I don’t know how anyone of Hispanic heritage could be a Republican.”

Yes, God forbid a Hispanic small businesswoman with children exercise her free will to join the party that supports lower taxes, honors life, and respects the rule of law.

Reid’s odious comments remind me of Republican of Hispanic descent Rachel Campos Duffy’s excellent piece I cited last summer on the Left’s contempt for minority conservatives:

For conservative minorities, especially conservative minority women, Sonia Sotomayor’s nomination and the warnings from the left not to “bully” her are a reminder of the double standard with which we live out our social and political lives. The recognition that there are two separate rulebooks for minorities: one for liberals and one for conservatives. In the liberal rulebook, whites must be sensitive and considerate of a minority’s life story and the unique obstacles he or she faced and/or overcame. In the conservative rulebook, well, there really is no rulebook because there are no rules. It’s always open season on conservative minorities.

Where were the cries for respect and sensitivity to compelling personal stories when Clarence Thomas or Miguel Estrada were being skewered? Where were all of the glowing stories, Oprah appearances, and magazine covers for the always elegant, eloquent (did I mention fit?) ,Condoleezza Rice, America’s first female Black Secretary of State?

Last year, at the height of Palin bashing, Asian-American conservative Michelle Malkin said: “liberals have a tendency to infantilize, sexualize, demonize and dehumanize conservative women. It’s astounding how intolerant liberals are of jokes about liberal women, and yet they’ll say, or at least tolerate the most bawdy, degrading and patronizing things about conservative women.”

When conservative Linda Chavez accepted an invitation to speak at ASU, the race-based crowd turned out in full force. They protested, heckled, and held up signs that said “Ni Linda es la Chavez”. The demeaning signs and jeers Chavez graciously endured that evening at ASU was a warning for the young, conservative minority women in attendance – a harbinger of the double standard we would have to endure if we continued to speak up for what we believe. Fifteen years later, I refuse to be silenced by those who demand that my race should determine my views or political affiliation. I may be brown on the outside, but on the inside, I’m all American.

Take your ethnic plantation owner mentality, Harry, and shove it.

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