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The Blabbermouth Media Strikes Again
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(Image credit: PTG, 2006 NYT blabbermouths photoshop contest 2006)

Last week, it was the Washington Post spilling the beans on the nation’s post-9/11 top-secret infrastructure.

Today, it’s the NYTimes dutifully splashing vengeful Wikileaks’ massive document dump on our Afghanistan military strategy.

The Times tries not to break its collective arm patting itself on the back for its valiant struggle to publish the documents. As if it could resist.

Remember: From September 11, 2001 to the present, the terror-tipping blabbermouths of the New York Times have repeatedly undermined national security by disclosing sensitive/classified information about many key counterrorism programs. The paper has gone to court to force the government to release such information. The paper has shown reckless disregard for the consequences of disclosure.

The only time it has shown any restraint is when disclosure would endanger one of its own reporters.

The Fishwrap of Record: Our enemies’ favorite rag.

Commenter corkie quotes from the NYTimes’ disclaimer:

Information that is marked “secret” has been determined to be information or material that the unauthorized disclosure of which reasonably could be expected to cause “serious damage” to the national security.

So the New York Times is freely admitting that they don’t concern themselves with risking serious damage to national security.

The fact that this information wasn’t marked Top Secret allows the Times to pretend that they wouldn’t have published material that has been determined to cause “exceptionally grave damage” to the national security. It’s nice to see that they deny contributing to exceptionally grave damage while being complicit in contributing to serious damage.

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