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"Wake the F**k Up Michelle Malkin, You're Black;" Update: NAACP Grievance-Palooza! Tea Party Is "Threat to the Pursuit of Justice" for All; NAACP Shuts Off Webcast; Tea Party Resolution Passes
Plus: Scenes from the NAACP grievance-fest.
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Scroll for updates…NAACP cuts off webcast, lights out on Tea Party debate

Soooo…does this mean I can join the NAACP? Because I’d really like to bring some diversity of thought to the community of colored people:

What is it with all these progressives obsessed with my skin color?


Speaking of the NAACP, I’ve been monitoring the convention proceedings all morning. You can follow along on my Twitter (of Color!) account.

So far:

Earth-shattering civil rights resolutions have included:

*a resolution “supporting Native Americans” (which one member objected to because Native Americans were “slaveholders”);

*a resolution enshrining “DIVERSITY” as the NAACP’s top educational goal;

*a resolution banning the use of Tasers by police (which one member, a black female police officer, objected to because it would result in a blanket ban that takes away law enforcement alternatives…but whose objection was met with dead silence);


*a resolution opposing the closure of failing government schools (which one member pointed out was filled with grammatical errors).

Waiting for the resolution condemning Tea Party activists.

Much more on that to come.


5:51pm Eastern. The Tea Party-bashing fest has finally begun. The resolution calling on “all people of good will” to “repudiate” the “racism” of the Tea Party is now being debated. The resolution says the Tea Party movement is a “threat to the pursuit of justice” for all.

Member wants to qualify that only “some” are racist in the Tea Party movement instead of “all” because CNN criticized Obama for issuing blanket indictment of the Tea Party movement.

Another member objects to demand that Tea Party “expel racial instigators,” says it violates free speech principles.

6:00pm Eastern…NAACP member calls for officials to shut out press…webcast shut down.

6:21pm Eastern. NAACP = Keystone Cops. Read here.

In case you missed it, here’s the St. Louis Tea Party’s preemptive rebuttal to the the NAACP.

7:15pm Eastern Out of sight, but not out of mind. The anti-Tea Party resolution passes. No text available of the measure.

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