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Heads Up: Cap and Tax Showdown Is Coming
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Get ready. Here it comes. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid revealed today that he has a draft cap-and-tax monstrosity in the works. The Dems are gearing up for debate this month.

Or rather, “debate.” Remember what Democrat Max Baucus said about his own colleagues — they don’t know “what the heck” they are doing as they ram through “message” bills and amendments instead of actual legislation.

And remember: Just because Reid has a draft bill doesn’t mean we’ll ever get to read it before they try to shove it down our throats.

Via the Washington Post:

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid announced Tuesday he had assembled a “rough draft” of an energy bill and would aim to bring the legislation to the Senate floor the week of July 26.

Reid (D-Nev.) said the bill would include provisions aimed at cleaning up the Gulf of Mexico and preventing further offshore drilling disasters, along with alternative energy and conservation incentives. The package is part of a broader effort by Democrats to promote initiatives with job-creation potential, as members of Congress head out on the 2010 campaign trail.

Pay attention:

The Senate bill may target emissions from power plants, Reid said. “We’re looking at a way of making sure that when we talk about pollution, that we’re focused just on the utility section,” he told reporters Tuesday.

When pressed to specify whether the Senate would seek a “cap on utility carbon emissions,” Reid responded, “Those words are not in my vocabulary….we’re going to work on pollution.”

What does he mean by pollution? “It means there’s bad stuff in the air,” Reid responded, declining to provide further details.

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