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Harry Reid Said What?!?!
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From the man who described millions of illegal alien border crossers and visa-overstayers and deportation fugitives as “undocumented Americans” comes a new set of open-borders nitwittery, via Las Vegas 8NewsNow reporter Nathan Baca. Watch Harry Reid claim that there are no illegal aliens working in the construction business in Nevada. Nada, says Dingy Harry:

“When you go to the unemployment office there’s many U.S. citizens who are unemployed construction workers and they don’t have jobs because right now, some of those construction companies find it easier to hire undocumented workers,” said Reporter Nathan Baca.

“I think that any information you have in that regard is absolutely without foundation,” responded Reid.

But a Pew Hispanic Center study shows 17-percent of all construction workers are in the United States illegally. Reid says not in Nevada. “That may be some place, but it’s not here in Nevada.”

But their latest 2009 numbers show Nevada is the state with the highest percentage of “unauthorized immigrants” in the labor force.

Reid goes on to defend his opposition to the federal E-Verify program with more open-border babbling about the need for “comprehensive immigration reform.” We can’t have “piecemeal” enforcement, he argues, until we have wholesale illegal alien amnesty!

Related: Here’s more on that Pew report Reid pretends doesn’t exist.

Related: The Las Vegas Review Journal slaps around President Obama, who was in town to raise money for Reid.

Related: Flashback…2007…from the DHS/ICE website

“llegal aliens arrested in connection with work at U.S. military installations; Worksite investigations in Nevada, Virginia and Georgia discover illegal workers at critical infrastructure sites”…

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) arrested dozens of illegal aliens in Nevada, Virginia and Georgia this week in connection with work being done by contractors at three military installations. Two men face federal charges of harboring illegal aliens. Several aliens face federal charges for possession of fraudulent identity documents and re-entering the country after deportation.

“These arrests reflect the federal government’s commitment to protecting our nation’s critical infrastructure sites and targeting those who promote illegal hiring schemes,” said Assistant Secretary for ICE Julie L. Myers. “Since its inception in 2003, ICE has launched numerous investigations that led to hundreds of arrests at military installations, power and chemical plants and other sensitive facilities.”

Thursday, ICE agents and Nellis Air Force Base security officers arrested two illegal aliens at Creech AFB in Indian Springs, Nev., who were employed by a masonry construction company to construct avionics buildings. One of those arrested, a Nicaragua national, is a member of MS-13, considered to be one of the most dangerous gangs operating in America. The worksite investigation into their hiring is ongoing.

Dear Nevada, please remove Harry Reid from Washington and banish him to Planet Clueless permanently.

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