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The U.S. Department of Social Justice
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Team Obama’s open-borders crusaders are doubling down.

Not content to file one lawsuit (already piled on top of the ACLU/reconquista crowd’s lawsuit), Attorney General Eric Holder signaled this weekend that he’s prepared to file another complaint:

Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. said Sunday that if the federal government does not stop Arizona’s immigration law from taking effect, it might launch a second legal challenge to combat any racial profiling that occurs.

…On CBS’s “Face the Nation” on Sunday, Holder said that if the law takes effect, the Justice Department might have grounds for a second challenge.

The Justice Department might “look at the impact the law has had and whether or not — see whether or not there has been that racial profiling impact,” Holder said. “And if that was the case, we would have the tools and we would bring suit on that basis.”

Perhaps this is Holder’s way of admitting how foundationally weak and bogus his first lawsuit against Arizona is.

Now, pair that announcement with the revelation last week by DOJ whistleblower J. Christian Adams that the Obama DOJ decided not to prosecute certain voter fraud cases:

Mr. Adams leveled an even more explosive charge beyond the Panther case. He testified that last year Deputy Assistant Attorney General Julie Fernandes made a jaw-dropping announcement to attorneys in Justice’s Voting Rights section. She said she would not support any enforcement of a key section of the federal “Motor Voter” law — Section 8, which requires states to periodically purge their voter rolls of dead people, felons, illegal voters and those who have moved out of state.

According to Mr. Adams, Justice lawyers were told by Ms. Fernandes: “We’re not interested in those kind of cases. What do they have to do with helping increase minority access and turnout? We want to increase access to the ballot, not limit it.”

If true, Ms. Fernandes was endorsing a policy of ignoring federal law and encouraging potential voter fraud. Ms. Fernandes was unavailable for comment yesterday, but the Justice Department has issued a statement accusing Mr. Adams of “distorting facts” in general and having a political agenda.

But there is some evidence backing up Mr. Adams. Last year, Justice abandoned a case it had pursued for three years against Missouri for failing to clean up its rolls. When filed in 2005, one-third of Missouri counties had more registered voters than voting-age residents. What’s more, Missouri Secretary of State Robin Carnahan, a Democrat who this year is her party’s candidate for a vacant U.S. Senate seat, contended that her office had no obligation to ensure individual counties were complying with the federal law mandating a cleanup of their voter rolls.

Now, pair the Arizona announcement and the voter fraud-coddling revelation with Adams’ inside info on the DOJ’s double standard for white vs. black defendants .

Now, pair the Arizona announcement, the voter fraud-coddling revelation, and the racial double standard info with Adams’ testimony that Obama’s New Black Panther Party friends were allegedly pulling the same intimidation tactics against Hillary Clinton supporters:

….as the investigation unfolded, [Adams] said he discovered “indications” that the Black Panther Party was doing the “same thing” to supporters of former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton during the Democratic primary season in early 2008. He urged the commission to pursue testimony from other Justice officials to corroborate his story.

Now, pair the Arizona announcement, the voter fraud-coddling revelation, the racial double standard info, and Adams’ testimony that Obama’s New Black Panther Party friends were allegedly pulling the same intimidation tactics against Hillary Clinton supporters with my previous reporting on the DOJ giving corruptocrats Bill Richardson and Alan Mollohan passes

…and with the DOJ’s decision last October to meddle in a small southern town’s decision to do away with party affiliations in local elections (the DOJ claims it is racist)…


…and with my previous reporting on how the DOJ week denied the state of Georgia the ability to enact strict citizenship voter verification rules previously approved by two federal courts. As the Georgia secretary of state Karen Handel explained: “DOJ has thrown open the door for activist organizations such as ACORN to register non-citizens to vote in Georgia’s elections, and the state has no ability to verify an applicant’s citizenship status or whether the individual even exists…”

…and with Holder’s previous politicization of the legal review process involving the contentious issue of D.C. voting rights

…and with radical open-borders official Tom Perez heading up the civil rights division of the DOJ, which has seen its budget expanded to its highest level in its history…

…and with Holder’s blind eye to ACORN’s racketeering

….and with Holder’s continued push for civilian trials for Gitmo detainees represented and embraced by his former Covington and Burlington partners and other bleeding heart transnationalist lawyers…

Add it all up and you have a recipe not for a “Department of Justice” or even a “Department of Injustice,” but a Department of Social Justice and Selective Justice.

Alinsky’s avenging angels are living large and in charge.

(Republished from by permission of author or representative)