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9/11 Families Fight Sharia "Party Place" at Ground Zero
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Last night, a community board in Manhattan approved a mosque/sharia-compliant “party space” at Ground Zero, two blocks from where the 9/11 hijackers mass-murdered thousands and brought down the World Trade Center.

Enraged 9/11 families protested the move and spoke truth to power:

After four hours of public debate, members of Community Board 1 finally voted 29-1 in support of the project. Nine members abstained, arguing that they wanted to table the issue and vote at a later date.

The board has no official say over whether the estimated $100 million mosque and community center gets built. But the panel’s support, or lack of it, is considered important in influencing public opinion.

Holding up photos of loved ones killed in the Twin Towers and carrying signs such as, “Honor 3,000, 9/11 — No mosque!” opponents of the proposed Cordoba House on Park Place called the plan an insult to the terror-attack victims.

“That is a burial ground,” said retired FDNY Deputy Chief Al Santora, referring to the fact that victims’ remains were scattered for blocks.

Santora’s 23-year-old son, Christopher, was the youngest firefighter to die that day.

“I do have a problem with having a mosque on top of the site where [terrorists] can gloat about what they did,” said Santora, with his wife, Maureen, by his side.

About 150 people attended the emotional Greenwich Street meeting, were some shouted down others as they took their turns.

More background from Allahpundit.

The indefatigable Debra Burlingame exposed the man behind the mosque complex, Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, who deceptively calls his development a “fun house.” Read here and watch this:

Debra met with the Soho Properties partners, Sharif and Sammy El-Gamal, owners of the corporation that bought the property with $4.85 million in cash. They refused to disclose their investors “on the advice of our attorneys.” According to Debra: “They showed us a professional rendering of the plans. It’s not a 13-story building. It’s a 15-story building and the mosque, accommodating 2,000 congregants, will be on the TOP FLOOR, with a commanding view of the entire Ground Zero site. On the ground floor, clearly printed, were these words: “Elevator to mosque.”

How far they have come:


As Debra said last night: “I am actually, in a way, glad that this has happened, this controversy, because finally, maybe, Americans, New Yorkers will start asking questions. Top of the list: What is Shariah?”

Read Andrew McCarthy’s The Grand Jihad. It’s about sabotaging America from within.


Lan astaslem: Arabic for “I will not submit/surrender”

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