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Eric "The Silent" Holder: Still Stonewalling on Sestak
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Since February, we advocates of full transparency have been raising questions about Pa. Democrat senatorial candidate Joe Sestak’s allegation that the White House attempted to bribe him out of his candidacy by offering him a job (see here, here, and here for background).

Tight-lipped Attorney General Eric Holder refuses to answer those questions, despite his ostentatious efforts to tout the DOJ’s commitment to full and open government.

GOP Rep. Darrell Issa confronted Holder once again last week. The stonewall of Eric The Silent still stands:

Mr. Holder said he would not discuss the specifics of the allegations because the matter could come before the Department of Justice. When asked by Mr. Issa to discuss the matter as a hypothetical situation, Mr. Holder also declined.

“If I offer you a job in the White House, let’s say Secretary of the Navy, in return for you doing something, such as dropping out of elected office to clear a primary, is that a serious crime?” said Mr. Issa. “Is that hypothetical a crime?”

“I don’t answer hypotheticals,” said Mr. Holder. He said the Public Integrity section of the Department of Justice would be the appropriate place for an investigation to take place, and he would defer to their judgment.

Neither the White House nor the Department of Justice responded to letters sent by Mr. Issa in March asking for an explanation and investigation of the claims made by Mr. Sestak.

The Pennsylvania Democratic Senate primary, with Sestak and White House-backed RINO-turned-DDIDOO (Desperate Democrat In Danger Of Obsolescence) Arlen Specter running neck and neck, is tomorrow.

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