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Hanna Rosin, Supreme Arbiter of Feminist Role Models
I am right-wing woman. Hear me roar.
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If you’ve been reading this blog for the last year and a half, the participation and leadership of conservative women in the Tea Party movement is not news to you.

I’ve covered the phenomenon from the very inception of the grass-roots taxpayer revolt in the Age of Obama (see here, here, here, and here for refreshers).

Well, a year and a half after incessantly trashing the movement as racist/sexist/fascist/fill-in-the-blank-ist, it’s finally dawned on liberal journalists that politically engaged, Internet savvy conservative gals have fueled Tea Party activism.’s Hanna Rosin belatedly parachutes in for an anthropological account of the foreign specimens known as Tea Party moms — and in introducing her profile, she sees fit to take a swipe at yours truly:

In a different political season, Lou Ann Zelenik would be too much an outsider to run for a congressional seat in Tennessee. A single mother, she owned a heavy construction company until she retired in 2007. She likes to remind people that she’s a “licensed blaster,” which refers both to her technical skills and her Rosie the Riveter attitude. “She’s bucked every trend, and if there’s ever an obstacle put in her way she breaks right through it,” says her spokesman, Jay Heine. Zelenik only really broke through in electoral politics, however, when she got involved with the local Tea Party. She put together a rally in Murfreesboro, and 3,000 people showed up. She hooked into a network of activist local moms who agreed to volunteer on her campaign. “A lot of the tea party women are inspired by seeing a strong woman run for office,” adds Heine.

Is the Tea Party a women’s movement? More women than men belong—55 percent, according to the latest Quinnipiac poll. And while no movement that uses Michelle Malkin as a poster girl could fairly be described as feminist, the party has become an insta-network for ambitious women like Zelenik.

Well, which dinosaur feminists died and made Hanna Rosin the Supreme Arbiter of Female Role Models?

Rosin, whose biography boasts that she “won a number of competitions on the debate team” at her high school, doesn’t explain her gratuitous slap.

Do conservative political views disqualify one as an acceptable feminist role model in the 21st century?

Or perhaps Mizz Rosin shares the view of the MSNBC misogynists who believe that right-leaning pundits are nothing more than “mashed up bags of meat with lipstick?”

Or maybe Rosin subscribes to the view, embraced by so many of her cohorts on the Left, that minority female conservatives are incapable of independent thought because they are nothing more than puppets of color for their white overlords?

Rosin is a working mother, journalist, author, and blogger inside the Beltway.

I am a working mother, journalist, author of four best-sellers, and blogger outside the Beltway who started a web enterprise from scratch in 2004, launched another one in 2006, and sold it successfully this year in an era when newspapers and magazines are falling like flies.

Like the Tea Party moms she profiles, I multi-task from home — and have been doing so since I voluntarily left an MSM newsroom in 1999 for an independent, self-directed career tailored for my family.

I point this out not for the purpose of horn-tooting, but to once again expose what I dubbed the “Sisterhood of the Protected Female Liberal Journalists” last fall.

Conservative “poster girls” not welcome, of course.

(Republished from by permission of author or representative)
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