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A "Gingrich Surge?" Gag.
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Where’s my migraine headache medicine?

Matthew Continetti at the Weekly Standard sifts through CNN poll numbers and finds that Newt Gingrich has “surge[d] into the top tier of presidential prospects.”

I was amused to hear Gingrich ripping Barack Obama’s “secular, socialist machine” at the SRLC last week and condemning the “most radical administration in history.”

This from a man who had no qualms going on the road with the most radical administration in history’s Education Secretary and one of the nation’s most poisonous race-hustling demagogues, Al Sharpton, a few months ago to promote the illusion of school reform.

How many radical left-wingers does Newt Gingrich have to sit on a couch with before Republicans realize he is the past, not the future?

I’ll repeat what I said when the Newt for 2012 bandwagon started rolling last fall:

The conservative base is wising up and pushing back. And constantly invoking Reagan isn’t going to erase the damage Gingrich has done to his brand over the years by wavering on core issues and teaming up with some of the Left’s biggest clowns.

Picture the cabinet:

Al Sharpton as education secretary.

Scozzafava as labor secretary.

Al Gore as global warming czar.

Noooooo, thanks.


Related today from Doug Powers: Gingrich Defends Making Climate Change PSA with Climate Change Scammer Pelosi

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