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"Restore Our Border:" Arizona Ranchers to Rally Tomorrow; Citizen Border Clean-Up on 4/24
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The unsolved murder of veteran Arizona rancher Robert Krentz may no longer be in the MSM headlines, but his community and his colleagues won’t let local, state, or federal government officials just forget about the crime — and the continuing bloody consequences of open borders.

More than 1,200 people turned out over the weekend to honor Krentz at a Douglas-area memorial:

More than 1,200 friends, relatives and dignitaries crowded into the Douglas High School gym Saturday morning to remember and celebrate the life of a “good man,” Robert Krentz.

The Douglas-area rancher was found murdered March 27 on his ranch…

Krentz was a man whose actions spoke louder than words, and he fostered a reputation as a kind, compassionate man, said Gary Tuell. “You can tell that by the people who showed up and the reaction that they had,” he said.

Tuell knew Krentz when he was a child, and said he was amicable then. “He was a couple of years younger than I was, but he was always a friendly little cuss.”

On March 27, authorities believe, an illegal immigrant shot Krentz on his ranch.

How to help

Those wishing to honor slain Douglas-area rancher Robert Krentz’ life can do so by donating to the Rob Krentz Memorial Fund, The Cowbelles c/o Carol Riggs, 4466 N. Brooks Road, Douglas, AZ 85608; or the ACGA’s Litigation Fund c/o Patrick Brey, 1401 N. 24th St., No. 4, Phoenix, AZ 85008-4638. Donations may also be made to any Wells Fargo Bank in the name of Robert Krentz.

Tomorrow, ranching families will gather at the state Capitol to demand action. I received the following info from the Arizona Farm Bureau:

April 12, 2010, AZ – This weekend the ranching community gathered to celebrate the life of Robert Krentz, a husband, father and a friend to many. A senseless act took the life of a man, a humanitarian, who bore no ill will towards anyone. Rob loved his family instilling in them the importance of honesty, fair dealing and skill managing all aspects of a large 100-year-old ranching operation producing food to make our country strong and healthy.

On April 13, 2010 Arizona ranching families will gather at the state Capitol to demand action to secure our border, called Restore Our Border. For 18 months southern Arizona ranchers have been meeting with local officials to improve the conditions on the border. Thanks to the hard work of many individuals the Arizona Cattlemen’s Association has developed a plan of action to secure our border.

It’s clear that southern Arizona is a lawless area and the U.S./Mexico border is controlled by criminal forces. These unlawful cartels have no regards for the lives of American citizens and it is past time that our government takes action. Our fellow Arizonans and Americans should be able to sleep at night in the safety of their own homes. Arizona ranchers cannot stand for another tragedy like they have faced and will not rest until the border is secured.


The Arizona Cattlemen’s Association is working with the proper authorities to finalize the plan of action. On April 13, 2010 Restore Our Border (ROB) Plan will be released at 12:00PM at the capitol during a press conference. At 2:30PM Senator Russell Pearce has called a special committee hearing to discuss the criminal activities along the border. The committee will discuss the Restore Our Border plan and take testimony from southern Arizona Ranch Families.

Restore Our Border (ROB) Plan is a plan of action, not discussion points. For far too long these American Citizens have lived in fear for their lives and the lives of their family, we need to secure the border now!

More info on the protest and hearing here.

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Via Teri Christoph: Arizona’s Smart Girl Politics chapter is organizing a citizen border clean-up event in honor of Robert Krentz on 4/24 in Bisbee, AZ. More info on Facebook here.

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