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Christ the Lord Is Risen Today
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The Resurrection, El Greco

Happy Easter to all of my readers of the Christian faith — and Happy Passover to all of my readers of the Jewish faith.

Here is President Obama’s “holiday greeting.”

Many military families have extra reason to celebrate this weekend:

In Tennessee, troops from the 702nd Engineer Company returned in time for Easter.

In Alabama, more than 100 soldiers with the Huntsville-based 375th Engineer Company return home from a year’s deployment to Iraq in time for Easter weekend.

From the Daily Mail in London, a nurse’s story of Christian persecution:

Shirley Chaplin has worn a crucifix since the age of 16. And except for the time it was removed for a few hours when she had an operation, she has never taken it off in 38 years.

It is the core symbol of her faith and a treasured constant. It has helped comfort others and has frequently given succour to the 54-year-old nurse in her own moments of need.

…So the notion of taking it off, much less losing it, is unthinkable and leaves her feeling horribly dislocated. Worse still, being forced to take it off, ‘would violate my faith’.

That, though, is precisely what did happen to Mrs Chaplin, a ward sister who has devoted her life to her patients. Or at least that is what the bosses at the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital tried to do. They told her to hide or remove it because they classed it as jewellery, rather than an essential manifestation of her beliefs. She refused.

Last week, her claim that she has faced discrimination made headlines when it reached an employment tribunal in Exeter. The tribunal’s judgment is expected on Tuesday.

Nigeria has been wracked by the massacre of Christians by Muslim sects. There will be a rally in NYC next week in support of the country’s persecuted Christians:

In response to a series of recent attacks on Christian communities in Nigeria, the Institute on Religion and Democracy has joined with the editors of the journal First Things and other organizations to sponsor a rally of solidarity for Nigeria’s Christians.

On Wednesday, April 7, religious, civic and human rights leaders of many faiths and backgrounds will gather at Second Avenue and 44th Street in front of the Nigerian Consulate in New York City to raise their voices of conscience about the continuing massacres of Christians as well as the ongoing persecution of non-Muslim minorities by jihadists in Nigeria and elsewhere across the globe.

The event will feature a press conference from 4:30-5 p.m., immediately followed by the rally that will run until 7 p.m. For more information, please visit the web site for the rally:

La Shawn Barber celebrates: The bodily resurrection of Christ.

“Jesus Christ is Risen Today” performed by the Notre Dame Liturgical Choir:

And “Rejoice,” from Le choeur gospel de Paris:

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