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Doing the Health Care Anecdote-Vetting the Left Won't Do
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Here is Larry Scary O’Donnell — who can usually be seen frothing at the mouth with bulging neck veins as he melts down on MSNBC — sloooowly reading a teleprompter as he chastises me, Rush Limbaugh, and Glenn Beck for “attacking” 11-year-old Marcelas Owens. Nice to see your Valium working, Larry:

As usual, he gets basic facts wrong — like accusing Rush and me of being “desperate to catch up” with Beck. Actually, he’s got the timeline upside-down, as the enraged Media Matters chronology correctly lays out here.

My syndicated column raising inconvenient questions about Owens’ case appeared was published on March 10 and my follow-up post on Harry Reid hiding behind Owens was published on March 12.

Rush addressed the Democrat exploitation of Owens on March 12.

Beck then discussed the case on March 15.

Also wrong: At 3:28, O’Donnell falsely claims I called the parents of S-CHIP poster child Graeme Frost “spoiled brats” — a misattribution which he also regurgitated from Media Matters.

Also moronic: At 6:45 in the video, O’Donnell says conservatives can’t find a single person on Medicaid or Medicare who is unhappy with his/her coverage. Ahem, meet NYTimes columnist Nick Kristof’s favorite health care poster boy, John Brodniak.

Facts, schmacts.

At 7:25 in the video, liberal columnist Chris Hayes of the Nation decries the tendency of conservative pundits to “raise questions and point out errors.” God forbid we do that. Doing the health care anecdote-vetting the Left won’t do? FASCISTS!!!

O’Donnell dubs our analyses of Owens and his left-wing activist grandmother’s claims “childish attacks.” But it’s immature demagogues like O’Donnell who refuse to grow up. I repeat what I said about the NYTimes’ shoddy, gullible, unquestioning coverage of the story four days ago:

The Times fails to mention that Owens’ grandmother and family have been longtime activists for the left-wing, single-payer advocates of the Washington Community Action Network or that the boy and his grandmother traveled to Washington with sponsorship from the Astroturf lobbyists of the Health Care for America Now outfit, which characterized Marcelas as an “insurance abuse survivor.”

Never mind that there is not a shred of evidence that any health insurer ever “abused” Marcelas. Never mind that the family has made no claim that Marcelas himself has survived without insurance (in Washington state, low-income children have been covered either through Medicaid, SCHIP, or the SCHIP expansion program Apple Health for Kids). Newsbusters is also covering the MSM’s soft-shoe coverage of the Democrats’ use of the Owens’ kiddie shield here, here, and here.

Not that gullible health care sob story coverage is anything new to the Times. See: Unbelievable update: The crappiest NYTimes column on Obamacare just got crappier; Update: Kristof’s disingenuous non-response.


The usual hyperventilating from the Left — horrible conservatives “targeting” poor, innocent kid! conservatives “assault” poor, innocent kid! — just proves my point. Despite President Obama’s repeated admonition that health care reform is a “complex issue that can’t be reduced to snippets,” it’s exactly what Reid, Murray, Schumer, and his Owens’ grandmother propped up young Marcelas to do. Anyone who questions the narrative and absolute moral authority of the kiddie human shield is a heartless, right-wing stalker who should be vilified, if not arrested.

As always, the current ruling majority is incapable of holding an adult discussion on the costs and consequences of its plans.




Attacks on Fox News for vetting President Obama’s Ohio poster patient, Natoma Canfield, in 3, 2, 1…

Natoma Canfield, the cancer-stricken woman who has become a centerpiece of President Obama’s push for health care reform, will not lose her home over her medical bills and will probably qualify for financial aid, a top official at the Cleveland medical center treating her told

Natoma Canfield’s battles with cancer and with insurance companies have become a centerpiece of President Obama’s campaign to pass a health care system overhaul.

Natoma Canfield, the cancer-stricken woman who has become a centerpiece of President Obama’s push for health care reform, will not lose her home over her medical bills and will probably qualify for financial aid, a top official at the Cleveland medical center treating her told

Though Canfield’s sister Connie Anderson said her sibling is afraid she’ll lose her house and Obama warned at an Ohio rally Monday that the patient is “racked with worry” about the cost of tests and treatment, she is already being screened for financial help.

Lyman Sornberger, executive director of patient financial services at the Cleveland Clinic, said “all indications” at the outset are that she will be considered for assistance.

“She may be eligible for state Medicaid … and/or she will be eligible for charity (care) of some form or type. … In my personal opinion, she will be eligible for something,” he said, adding that Canfield should not be worried about losing her home.

“Cleveland Clinic will not put a lien on her home,” he said.

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