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Endless "Time for Talk Is Over" Tour Hits Cleveland, Ohio on Monday; Update: More Signs of No-Mentum
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Calling all Tea Party activists: Make sure to make your voices heard in Cleveland, Ohio, on Monday when President Obama comes to town.

They’re piggy-backing Democrat fundraisers onto the Demcare salvation road show — just as they did in St. Louis, Missouri.

Will Dems flee from the Reverse Midas White House touch like they did yesterday?

At least one Democrat is taking the risk: Ohio Dem. Gov. Ted Strickland:

…in Ohio, Gov. Ted Strickland is making sure his schedule is cleared for next week’s visit by the president. Strickland, who is facing a tough challenge in his re-election bid from Republican John Kasich, will join Obama in northeast Ohio on Monday to promote his health care plan, a Strickland aide said.

The first-term Democrat, saddled with a difficult economy and a state jobless rate nearing 11 percent, led Kasich by five points in a mid-February poll by Quinnipiac University.

Strickland will get some political help from the administration on the same day as the president’s visit. Vice President Biden is headlining a fundraiser for the governor on Monday night in Cleveland.

With a tip of the hat to Doc Zero, who cracked on Twitter that “Democrats love Obama campaign visits like the citizens of Tokyo rush to have their pictures taken with Godzilla,” run for your lives!


Update: More signs of No-mentum…

More than two dozen Democrats are expected to vote against the healthcare reform bill that will hit the House floor in the coming weeks.

At least 25 House Democrats will reject the healthcare reform legislation, according to a survey by The Hill, a review of other media reports and interviews with lawmakers, aides and lobbyists. Dozens of House Democrats are undecided or won’t comment on their position on the measure.

And more:

A group of Hispanic lawmakers on Thursday will tell President Barack Obama that they may not vote for healthcare reform unless changes are made to the bill’s immigration provisions.

The scheduled meeting comes as Democratic leaders and the White House are struggling to craft a final bill that will attract 216 votes in the lower chamber.

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