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Video Flashbacks: Eric Massa Attacks Rush Limbaugh, Embraces Eliot Spitzer
He is not a useful idiot. He's just an idiot.
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As I mentioned this afternoon, Democrat Rep. Eric Massa owes much of his career and political success to anti-war nutball Gen. Wesley Clark.

Massa served under Clark and worked on Clark’s doomed presidential campaign. Clark provided the cash-strapped Massa critical PAC support, nutroots help, and funding for Massa’s congressional bid.

Gen. Clark, you may recall, was also the speech-stifling zealot who led the backdoor “Fairness Doctrine” drive to kick Rush Limbaugh off of Armed Forces Radio in 2007. The pretext for that censorship campaign was Harry Reid and the Left’s false claim that Rush had “smeared” American troops because he dared to mention the disturbing trend of phony, anti-war soldiers like the infamous Jesse MacBeth (see here and here for refresher courses on Winter Soldier Syndrome). You may remember that Rush turned the Democrats’ attack on its head and raised millions of dollars to benefit the Marine Corps Law Enforcement Foundation by auctioning off Reid’s bully letter.

Well, here’s another reminder that the relentlessly opportunistic Massa chimed in on the side of Clark, Reid, and the leftists providing cover for anti-war fraudsters like MacBeth and his ilk. In fact, he recorded a YouTube campaign spot attacking Rush that as of 11:40pm Eastern tonight, was still featured on his MassaforCongress channel:


MASSA 1:38:00 — “You’re a pompous coward and it’s about time that someone called you out on it. And that someone is me. My name is Eric Massa. I’ll go on your show any day. And I’ll say it to your face and I’ll say it anywhere. You did your best to dodge military service while hundreds of thousands of Americans wore the uniform to give you the privilege of misusing the radio waves and spread propagandistic lies that are wholly inaccurate about our military service members. I know them personally. Many of them are deep and dear friends of mine. And I daresay, Mr. Limbaugh, if you asked any of them today, they’d much rather stand with those of us who stood with each other rather than with you.

I’m tired of your tactics..You might have a lot of weight to throw around, but it doesn’t carry a lot of weight with me. Rush Limbaugh, I’ll go on your show any day. My name is Eric Massa and you know where to find me.

“Conservative hero” my foot.

“Crapweasel” is too kind a description for the desperate, bottom-feeding Massa. He is not a useful idiot. He’s just an idiot.

Leave him to the likes of Democrat creep Eliot Spitzer. Blech (and note that this ad ran just one day before Spitzer resigned as a result of Client Number Nine-gate. Birds of a feather:

Takeaway line delivered by Spitzer: “Together, we’re going to clean up waste, fraud, and abuse in government.”

Creep Factor: 10+


More from New York blogger/columnist Bob Lonsberry.

Paul Mirengoff at Power Line:

The Washington Post reports that “conservative activists [have] rallied to the side of” Rep. Eric Massa “after he charged that his party’s leaders had conspired to oust him over his opposition to President Obama’s health-care legislation.” I’m quite willing to believe the worst about Rahm Emmanuel and the Democratic leadership in the House. However, I’m not prepared on the current record to “rally to the side” of Rep. Massa.

My reluctance stems from the fact that Massa’s story doesn’t seem to add up. His claim, as I understand it, is that the charges of sexual harassment against him represent a conspiracy to force him to leave the House before it votes on health care legislation. Massa is a committed “no” vote.

Massa says he’s innocent of anything more than a few borderline comments at a party. But he has resigned in order, he says, to avoid an investigation that would injure his family and divide his staff.


But if Massa’s version of the facts is correct, then he has little to fear from an investigation. Moreover, any investigation would likely occur only after Massa cast his “no” vote. If he truly believed he was the victim of the vicious plot he alleges, Massa would likely stick around to cast his vote and then leave town. What better way to get back at Emmanuel and company?


Update from John McCormack at Weekly Standard: “Reliable sources on Capitol Hill say the House ethics report on Eric Massa will be damning.”

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