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Texas Primary Open Thread Updated: Dem. Bill White, Repub. Rick Perry Win Gube Races
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Texas readers and commenters, let us know how you voted in the primary election today. Polls are open until 7pm Central.

Check into the Houston Chronicle politics website for all the latest. What’s at stake:

This is a big election year in Texas. Voters will cast ballots for all 32 U.S. representatives, governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general, comptroller, land commissioner, agriculture commissioner, railroad commissioner, three members of the Supreme Court, three members of the Court of Criminal Appeals, 16 state senators, all 150 state representatives, eight members of the State Board of Education, some Court of Appeals justices, district judges, family district judges, county judges, statutory county court judges and many county-level races.

Fourteen members of Congress face opponents.


And the Democrat gubernatorial candidate is…former Houston mayor Bill White.

10:38pm Eastern. Kay Bailey Hutchison concedes defeat to current GOP Gov. Rick Perry in Republican gubernatorial primary.

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