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A Wind Power Cautionary Tale
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Here’s a “green jobs” tale gone awry from my Colorado Springs neighborhood. Beware of naked emperors peddling economic prosperity through environmental alternatives. They are not always what they seem:

Just days after a news conference announcing the arrival of Colorado Springs’ first wind energy company, the deal appears to have hit heavy turbulence.

The Colorado Springs Regional Economic Development Corp., which arranged the deal to bring Rocky Wind Power to the city, sent out a news release Monday raising questions about the company’s credibility and past performance.

Mike Kazmierski, EDC president, said that since Thursday’s announcement, several people had contacted him with complaints about Prevailing Power, the Iowa wind company owned by Rocky Wind owners Steve and Pam Stultz, including at least four consumer complaints filed with the Iowa Attorney General’s Office.

The Iowa Attorney General’s Office could not be reached on Monday.

Furthermore, Kazmierski said, questions had been raised about the technology the company planned to bring to Colorado Springs.

“At this point, he has some issues to resolve in Iowa,” Kazmierski said. “Whether that means he comes here at some point is his call.”

It’s a dramatic shift in tone from Thursday’s news conference announcing Rocky Wind’s decision to locate in Colorado Springs, when Kazmierski called Rocky Wind a “very strong, reputable company.”

Background on Rocky Wind’s shady parent company, Prevailing Wind, here.

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