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The Latest on the Holder/DOJ National Security Cover-Up
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Conservative media outlets continue to chip away at the Holder stonewall on government-subsidized terror lawyers working at the DOJ.

Quin Hilyer at the Washington Times sums up the latest and asks the questions that need to be asked:

Over at The American Spectator, the mysterious Prowler breaks new ground not just on the identities of the Justice Department lawyers who may have done (perfectly legal) work for suspected-terrorist detainees, but on why DoJ has been so unwilling to release any information on the issue. In particular, this is news to me:

Ironically, say DOJ sources, while Holder and his staff continue to work hard to protect the identities of those attorneys who provided legal advice to suspected or convicted terrorists, several of the attorneys in question are believed to have been instrumental in the efforts of Human Rights Watch and CREW to leak to the media and Democrat supporters on Capitol Hill, the names of CIA interrogators of enemy combatants and suspected terrorists, as well as the locations of foreign-based U.S. secure holding facilities and various interrogation techniques used on terror suspects and enemy combatants.

Wow. And wow again. If these people are leaking the CIA names, they are clearly engaged in illegal activity, bordering on treasonous in the non-legal sense of the word. For that matter, where have all the lefties been who screamed bloody murder when Robert Novak and Richard Armitage innocently leaked the name of utterly desk-bound, high-profile, arguably not even covert Valerie Plame? Inadvertently leaking Plame’s name is far less of an offense than deliberately leaking the info about the CIA interrogators. Where are the calls for prosecutions? Where is the almighty Patrick Fitzgerald to put some more skins on the wall?

Cue the sound of chirping crikets…

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