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Next Target: Soft-On-Crime Dem Rep. William Delahunt
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Who gave her a bloody pass and why?

Entrenched, far Left Democrat Rep. William Delahunt of Massachusetts has been pondering his future out loud:

US Representative William Delahunt said yesterday that he is considering retiring from his congressional seat representing the South Shore and Cape Cod, although he portrayed his deliberations as routine and said they are not related to challenges from Republicans who are energized by Scott Brown’s upset victory in last month’s special Senate election.

“Every election cycle, I take my time, I think it through, and I think, not about whether I can win or lose, but: ‘Am I in a position to make a difference?’ ’’ Delahunt, a Quincy Dem ocrat, said in a telephone interview. “Can I achieve what I want to achieve outside of public life?’’

Delahunt, who has not faced a serious challenge since he was elected in 1996, has a campaign war chest of more than $600,000 but has not been aggressively raising money this year, according to federal records. He said he will announce in March whether he will seek reelection.

Sure, it’ll have noooothing to do with the Massachusetts miracle. Just like the comatose state of Demcare, the torpedoing of NLRD nominee Craig Becker, and the retirement of Evan Bayh and gobs of other Democrats have noooothing to do with current political atmospherics.

In any case, a horrible crime in Alabama may help make up Delahunt’s mind.

Amy Bishop, the deranged gunwoman accused of murdering three University of Alabama colleagues in cold blood after she was denied tenure, turns out to have been a beneficiary of Delahunt’s largesse when he was a district attorney and she was brought in for shooting her teenage brother in 1987:

The University of Alabama biology professor accused of opening fire and killing three colleagues at a faculty meeting Friday shot and killed her teenage brother more than two decades ago in Massachusetts, according to authorities.

But a local police chief and the district attorney’s office gave differing accounts today of the 1986 shooting, which occurred at the siblings’ home in Braintree, raising questions about the handling of that case.

According to the current Braintree police chief, Paul H. Frazier, Amy Bishop fatally shot her 18-year-old brother, Seth, on Dec. 6, 1986, but was set free the same day by Braintree Police under orders from then-Police Chief John Polio. In news accounts at the time, Polio called the death an accident that happened when Bishop was learning how to unload a shotgun.

Frazier challenged that account today, saying instead that Bishop shot her brother during an argument and fled on foot with the 12-gauge shotgun before being captured by police, who handcuffed her and took her to the station. The case file, including the report of the incident, disappeared shortly thereafter, he said.

‘‘I don’t want to use the word ‘coverup,’’’ Frazier said. ‘‘I don’t know what the thought process was of the police chief at the time.’’


…At his home in Braintree today, Polio, who is retired, disputed Frazier’s version. ‘‘That’s a joke. That’s got to be a joke. If anybody knows history, I never covered anything up,’’ he said. He said he thought that the Bishop family’s explanation of an accident was murky and that he wanted the district attorney to hold an inquiry.

But just one day after the shooting, Polio told the Globe, ‘‘every indication at this point in time leads us to believe it was an accidental shooting.’’

The district attorney at the time, current US Representative William D. Delahunt, is out of the country and could not be reached for comment.

Frazier said that the Bishop case file was missing from the records today and that he was told by an officer that it had been missing since at least 1988.

Seth Bishop was pronounced dead at a Quincy hospital 46 minutes after the shooting, from a gunshot wound to the abdomen, according to the Globe accounts.

“Oddball?” Try monster.

Much more from Rossyln Smith at The American Thinker and Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit, who notes that Bishop also robbed an auto dealership with a shotgun and was a suspect in an attempted bombing at Harvard.

Delahunt balked when a GOP opponent painted him as soft-on-crime during his last campaign. Not so out-of-bounds after all, eh?

Writing’s on the wall, Rep. Delahunt.

Exit fact: Dem Rep. Delahunt’s district went for GOP MA Sen. Scott Brown by 61 percent.

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