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Obama Budget Exposes Nuclear Lie
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In his State of the Union Address, President Obama purported to reach across the aisle by endorsing a “new generation of safe, clean nuclear power plants”…before pushing cap and trade.

The nearly $4 trillion budget he released today exposes his nuclear lie.

It zeroes out funds for the besieged Yucca Mountain nuclear storage facility in Nevada — one of the few, prominent Obama campaign pledges that he looks like he’s actually fulfilling:

President Barack Obama will propose eliminating funding for the Yucca Mountain project in a new budget he will submit to Congress on Monday, according to Nevada lawmakers who were notified over the weekend.

The White House also said it will take steps “in the near future” to withdraw a pending license application to build the long-planned nuclear waste repository, which could be a decisive move in ending the government’s 23-year focus on developing the Nevada site for radioactive waste storage and disposal.

Coupled with the formation Friday of a blue ribbon commission to study nuclear waste management, officials said the budget will underscore Obama’s “commitment to pursuing a responsible, long-term strategy” for handling waste generated by nuclear utilities and government defense agencies.

The plan also would fulfill an Obama campaign promise to end the Yucca Mountain program, which has been unpopular with many Nevadans and the state’s top leaders.

“This is great news,” said Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nev., who has consulted with Obama on an exit strategy for Yucca Mountain.

“President Obama is keeping his word to Nevada and I thank him for working with me as we try to find a safer solution for dealing with the nation’s nuclear waste,” Reid said in a statement.

“This budget is a bulldozer that will help Nevada flatten Yucca Mountain into a permanent pile of rubble,” said Rep. Shelley Berkley, D-Nev.

Energy Secretary Steven Chu and eco-czar Carol Browner are also dancing on Yucca’s grave — and will oversee a toothless new panel to come up with something better. Paralysis by analysis. As Brian Sussman points out, we already had an alternative:

Following the State of the Union, in a conference call with reporters on the same day the nuclear financing plan was unveiled, Energy Secretary Steven Chu announced the creation of a special panel to find a solution for storing nuclear waste.

Problem is, we had a solution — Yucca Mountain. But it’s on the president’s no-fund list.

The Obama Fail blog draws parallels to the Gitmo debacle:

In his first week in office, President Obama signed an executive order promising to close Guantanamo Bay within one year. It hasn’t happened and there is no indication it will happen anytime soon. Here’s how it breaks down:

1. Make a bold announcement

2. Do nothing

3. Blame someone else when #1 fails to happen


This is exactly what is happening with nuclear energy. Americans are supposed to feel some sort of pride that “we can do better”…Furthermore, we will figure out exactly where to store spent nuclear material, even though there are no options presently on the table. But we are Americans so you just have to believe that it will be sorted out. And when it is all finally sorted out, then President Obama can get around to building all those new power plants.

Ain’t. Gonna. Happen.


The budget includes loan guarantees of more than $54 billion for nuclear energy firms — but the feds haven’t approved a new application for a reactor in more than two decades.

False hope, chump change.

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