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Britain's New Anti-Terrorism Plan: Bribes for Bombers!
Mo' money.
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Brilllllliant. The U.K. believes that if only Muslim extremists had money to lift them out of poverty and gain access to higher education, they’d stop trying to commit mass murder in the name of Allah.

You know, like the wealthy Nigerian Christmas Day bomber enrolled at a London university. Or the wealthy, Western-educated KSM. Or bin Laden. Or countless, well-off terror doctors. For starters.

No matter. Here comes Cash for Jihadists! Bribes for Bombers! Jackpot for ‘Jackers:

Britain is ready to contribute millions of dollars to a fund to buy off Taliban gunmen who are fighting British troops in southern Afghanistan.

More than 60 delegations, from Colombia to Australia, will gather in Lancaster House Thursday Morning to draw up an exit strategy from Afghanistan. Much of it is based on reintegrating the Taliban rank and file, wooing the Taliban leadership and gradually handing security to the Afghan Army and police.

The conference is expected to agree a $500 million, five-year fund for President Karzai to “buy off” insurgents who are not ideologically committed to destroying the West.

Downing Street confirmed that Britain will make a contribution of a “few million.” Germany has agreed to $70 million over five years and the bulk of the money will come from the Japanese aid budget to Afghanistan, diplomats suggested.

The myth of the poor, oppressed terrorist lives on.

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